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    A piece of fan art for Magic The Gathering. One of my favourite cards in the history of MTG was the “Royal Assassin”. I had great fun playing with that card against my Dad and the original artwork by Mark Zug was burned into my brain ever since! I thought it would be awesome to honour that and create this update to the “Royal Assassin” as if I was working on a new MTG set. I loved every minute of working on this piece of my childhood.

    I hope you all like it ! Smile MTG has been so inspiring to me over the years so I hope you can take this some what as a small token of my appreciation to you for keeping the motivation alive! It’s been a dream of mine for the longest time to work on Magic: The Gathering as an Illustrator and Concept Artist, hopefully one day that will come true. I would love to work alongside all of those artist's that I have the upmost respect for. Thankyou. Smile -Samu

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