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  • posted a message on I've made some 3d printed life counters!
    Friend of mine did something similar to those. You should play around with some other filament color combos with it. Makes them really stand out!

    I might have to try to come up with one of my own.
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  • posted a message on New Custom Ikoria Counters - What are you going to use?
    So with all the existing counters we already have to deal with (+1, -1, loyalty, and even token creatures to name a few), now we have to worry about ability counters. What is your plans to keep track of these?

    Here are our designs. Made out of acrylic and each one is precision laser cut. Highly visible and easy to distinguish from across a table. Indestructible and double strike will also be added to this.

    Let us know what you think and what your plan is for keeping track. This only complicates the tabletop game.

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