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  • posted a message on Gentlemen, Online MagicTG doesn't work and here is why.
    Quote from Kryptnyt »
    Listen, KupoKupo. some pretentious BS

    This guy probably feels like he's popular here. LOL. What an achievement.
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  • posted a message on Gentlemen, Online MagicTG doesn't work and here is why.
    As I see it, you have three options:

    1) Find an alternative
    2) Don't play mtg on the internet at all.
    3) Learn to enjoy Arena as it is.

    1.There is no alternative. All online card games is the same BS. As a matter of a fact, most MMO's now are the same way. Pay and win. It's simple and caters to "psycho whales" with inferiority complex or just sociopaths.
    2.That's what I said in my post. I stopped playing it, even tho I gave it, since it came out, a chance. Really thought they would try to make it work, but then I remembered that WoTC belongs to (((Hasbro))) and that kind of says it all. Do you want to play against the (((jedi))) mind tricks? Be their guest.
    3.Learn?? Very funny.
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  • posted a message on Gentlemen, Online MagicTG doesn't work and here is why.
    the ultimate truth is that magic =/= casual magic.

    Another lie from a WoTC agent of treachery. Magic was always casual. ALWAYS. All board games and card games are casual, even gambling card games(except for the fake on-line poker, which has been proven to be rigged, thus outlawed in the US). It's funny how all these WoTC agents are making completely ridiculous statement about Magic, as if Magic was meant as some competitive sport, while it's pure art form and casual game play. The art component allowed for really OP cards, because it's fantasy, but the casual gameplay set the rule for each match. There is no dount that an OP deck would win, so competitive gameplay in Magic is fundamentally impossible. But when WoTC went online, they suddenly needed to sell it to "psycho-whales", so that's how this problem came about.

    In MTGA casual player became a simple prey and "psycho-whale" is the predator. MTGA promotes degenerate behavior and it can't be enojoyed by people with a healthy perspective on life. I'm not arguing that "mad men" need their fix of wins. They do. I'm just saying that casual people are not going to be a part of this BS.

    You can milk your whales all you want WoTC. Not at my expense tho. Watch your whales lose their minds when they will be left to play each other and others just like them. When they are going to spend thousands and then still lose to another whale, because the shuffler said so.

    In the long run even the whales will leave MTGA for something more reliable in P2W terms. You will realize eventually that off-line magic is all you ever had. I mean.. we all understand that it's the jews in Hasbro who are pushing the online BS. They are so hungry for money, they just don't care, because they think they can adjust in the future or just fall back on the off-line mode.
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  • posted a message on Gentlemen, Online MagicTG doesn't work and here is why.
    Quote from arcane7828 »
    Actually there was a recent Vintage tournament done on twitch. While I don't think that fits what you want, but conceptually you could get your friends to connect via some online video conferencing app and play custom house rules game play there using video tech and paper magic.

    Here is the link to that:
    I can play with my friends online, but there is still no way to select what cards can't be used in a match. My point was not about not being able to play with a friend. And I'm not talking about playing with friends, I'm talking about how WoTC are forcing people to play the latest meta, which means spending around 50-100USD immediately.

    I'm saying MTGA failed as online Magic. Fundamentally. There can be no excuses for what this sh*t came down to. A fkn scam.
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  • posted a message on Gentlemen, Online MagicTG doesn't work and here is why.

    At no point has playing Magic been about who and what cards can be played, except around a kitchen table where it is a friendly gentleman's agreement about what can be brought.

    First of all, no, Magic was always a casual game and not a competitive one. The OP cards were always used at mutual consent. At least for 99% of people who played it in pre-online Era. Nobody ever wanted to face some insane whale who just spent $1000-5000 on OP cards at his local LGS, so he can own poor boys at the convention. You're talking about competitive playing, like tournament etc, which always attracted real psychos who would spend thousands to get the rare\OP cards, so they can pwnz at PVP and get uppity for a second there.

    Secondly, I wrote that MTGA failed because it didn't allow the player ANY control over who he plays with and what cards are to be allowed. I didn't really touch on what MTG is in general. And MTG in general is a casual table game, which yes.. you play at home with friend and not at the kitchen table.

    Comparing casual play to some condescending "hey look at those kitchen table losers" is extremely uncool of you. You're the problem. Obviously, you're one of those who plays MTGA and uses OP cards to prey upon casual players.
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  • posted a message on Gentlemen, Online MagicTG doesn't work and here is why.
    While there is no doubt that magic in itself is a valuable collectible and extremely stable offline community, there is a catch, this value comes at at cost. You either sell your product(cards) and allow people to establish the rules or if you(as a producers of the product) try to control how people use your product, then inevitably you will fail. I'll explain why.

    I just uninstalled MTGA, after trying adjusting to that insanity. I thought maybe they will allow people to choose which cards they wouldn't like to see in the other player's hands. I thought they would allow for multiplayer rooms where people could tell others about their deck and card preferences. It would be useful to allow players to add certain cards to a black list and any player with any of those cards would be omitted from being placed as your opponent in the "auto-matchmaker". None of that was added. I'm not even talking about the shuffling algorithm or anything about the mechanics(even tho there is much to say about that as well, but believe it or not, it's not the biggest problem with online magic).

    The biggest problem is that online magic is simply unplayable and it doesn't matter how much Hasbro is trying to make it an e-sport platform.
    Magic from the start was a game or a collectible, depending solely on agreement between each two players who wanted to have a match or trade cards. There was never any kind of imposed rule that would allow some random players to use basically any "allowed" card without discussing it with the opponent first. That is logical and that's how offline magic is. If you want to play with somebody, first, you agree on the cards you can't use, there are not that many, really.

    But in online magic, there is no such option, even tho WoTC tries to give us some kind of a surrogate "standard" "historic" decks as if this means anything.

    With the introduction of Core Set 2020 and cards like Agent of Treachery and many other cards that basically canceled all your effort in 1 turn, online magic became very very toxic. You either had to play, that means BUYING(or weeks of grinding which is pointless since there will be another OP set in 3 months), the "new" over powered cards or you would simply lose, plus it wouldn't be some "fair" loss, but a completely ludicrous event, where all your strategy, all your effort to build a deck and actually play.. can be stopped.. by a combo of two cards. lol, right?

    Now WoTC squeezes outta their anus the Ikoria, another set of uber OP cards, which can destroy your position on the table in one\two turns.
    For instance this card Gemrazer. Or these cycling decks. Complete and utter BS.

    In other words, if the players are not going to be allowed to choose which cards they DON'T want to see on the table, then online magic is dead. It's not even competitive. Certain cards are so OP, that it becomes a race until who draws the first combo and insta-wins.

    FFS Now almost every match is playing against some retard who stacked up on new OP meta or using old OP meta and it's just annoying as hell. I uninstalled MTGA. I really wanted this to work out. I like that art and everything, but it just doesn't work if WoTC isn't going to allow the players to run the way we want to play it.

    If WoTC wants to force us to play this game the way they want it, without giving us a chance to control anything.. well.. 4CK THEM in that case.
    I'm tired of these (((jedi))) mind tricks and I will not be ok with this.
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  • posted a message on Ikoria...
    Now imagine if MagicTG cards were all hand printed by wood prints and there was an actual balance and lore behind it? How many of these sets could you sell? And how much it would cost? And most importantly, would a master create cheating cards?

    It could be possible to achieve such quality in gaming if gaming remained an art, like it was prior to online\mobile explosion. It's very ironic how card games, while initially requiring a lot of skills to play and handle, became so trivial. All other games too.. completely lost it's depth after going online. Online shooters became hectic pixel hunting, online RPGs became mindless grinding for ***** that is going to be nerfed in 3 months, PvP became an elitist club of who can pay more or get sponsored by some AAA developer to LARP as if their game requires skills to play. PvP as in comparison to real life fighting. Maybe not a good example but still.. everything turns to ***** online. Online is anti-Midas
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  • posted a message on Ikoria...
    That is why my MTGO play at this time (while I have MORE time to play online) is practically zero. Its try to beat the "randomizer", try to beat the paywall/pay to play algorithms with a strong budget deck, then try to compete with the most expensive decks in the format. No one plays the "for fun"rooms. Its toxic and I am wanting less part of it all the time.

    Well, I still enjoy it when I find some guy who isn't OP and we can actually have an interesting match, instead of nuking with OP card combos.
    The problem is as you said.. not many people want to play "for fun" and enjoy the game. These games attract so many people with psychological problems who want to win, doesn't matter what it costs them. That's why online gaming took off in the first place and quickly drifted towards anal P2W schemes. If you remember, at first when gaming went online around 2002-3, immediately it was infested with people who looked for flaws in game design and code that could be used for an "unfair" advantage. The game producers noticed it and thought about a way how to monetize the demand for "cheating\hacks".

    Online gaming simply doesn't work on a mass scale because there are way too many butthurt losers who would do anything to win, cheat, hack, lie, etc.
    Of course gaming companies could fight cheaters, quite easily, but that would mean losing an opportunity to "milk" other people's insanity. Gaming cheaters are insane, therefore very easy to manipulate. Thus, we have all these pay-to-win games. There is no purpose in finding a cheat in a game, it's much easier to just pay-to-win. So that's what they do. Also, in some cases, gaming companies would sell cheats to their own games via seemingly unrelated(to them) companies, as in cases with World of Tanks\Warships, where you can actually buy cheating software for a monthly subscription of $20, which is a lot, considering that they have a stable player base in hundreds of thousands. Every online game I know has this problem - cheaters and cheating software.

    So.. no wonder MTGO is turning to selling cheat cards and *****ting out a new "OP" set every couple of months.
    All we can do is face this reality. Nothing we can do about it. Market rules. If cheating brings in the money, then that's what it will be.
    The age of interesting games died when we went online. Majority of people shouldn't even be allowed near a computer, but now they can all use it. Now all these people can reach you and poison your life.

    Also, as you can see WoTC are not creating any UI which would allow the players to at least remove players which use certain cards from being paired up with. This would be the most simplest way to solve this problem. You could just remove the cards that you don't want to play against and that's it. Then OP players would only be playing each other.. and getting very upset because they wouldn't be winning all the time.

    You see.. how "fair" gaming doesn't work in this model? This is because MTGO was built and intended for those who want to cheat, pay and win.
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  • posted a message on Ikoria...
    MTGO's shuffling dynamic

    I'm experimenting with 100-150 card B&W deck variations, and what I find very surprising is how often I would get same cards in a row or even in a dealt hand. What are the chances of pulling 3 same cards in a row or with 1 card of each other? It's not even the issue with mana draw, it's how the whole deck is shuffled. It seems the mechanics of the game makes certain preferences towards certain cards in your deck, which get shuffled on "top" of the deck. This is an easy way to control win rates. Sometimes you have very nice first draw or nice 1st mulligan draw, but then there are these times when you just see how the shuffler gives you ridiculous unplayable draws. I would get it if this happened rarely, but it literally happens at least 1 time out of three. Obviously during these bad draws the chances to win the match at very low. Then you add in the equation those people who play OP-cheat-combo decks and here is your answer why this happens.

    The shuffler itself acts as a paywall. You either invest money so you can build an OP deck(basically anything that has blue combos) or you will suffer from being gated by the shuffler. It was proven that even online poker shuffling algorithm is often tilted towards giving good initial draws to several people at the table, so everyone would buy in and be encouraged to raise bets, but then in the end the shuffler would produce a highly unlikely end result, when one player would win at very low odds. One may sit with a full house and another player would end up with a flush. The chances of that happening at one table, playing 1 52 card deck are very low, but that situation would happen in online pocket all the time, very often. Something like every 10-20 games you will see a similar situation in online poker. This is done so the players wouldn't lose interest and keep playing the game. So by default, it's not a fair game but a rigged simulation. I assume something similar is happening with MTGO.

    You see, the problem here is that when people pay online, they expect quick results. They want to pay and win now. But if the shuffler was truly random, then those who paid would have very high chance of being "luck screwed". Some guy with a simple combo deck may defeat a pay-to-win player and that would cause butthurt, resulting in p2w players quitting and switching to online games where p2w players are well cared for by the shuffler. WoTC may claim they use a fair shuffler, but practical evidence says otherwise.

    Having said that, I still have to admit that it's possible to get 50%+ win rate if one cares enough to work on his deck or just copy others. It's just the game is tilted towards caring after paying customers. The more you pay, the better you will have it. 100%. The same is true about any online game that uses F2P + micro-transactions model
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  • posted a message on Ikoria...
    Physical Media is dead whether we like it or not as we're being thrust into a Digital Media.

    Yeah I agree. We are literally being drafted as digital toy solders serving those who pay to be generals
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  • posted a message on Ikoria...
    Quote from mikeyG »

    Maybe you should get out of competitive play, then?

    I wasn't talking about competitiveness. I was talking about how WoTC are simply after the money and are creating completely retarded OP card and combos that actually make it impossible to even try to compete. Buying a victory is not a competition. If you're allowed to bring a gun to a knife fight.. isn't competetive.

    I'm just saying that WoTC is building a road to nowhere. Just like username Card Slinger said - they are just stacking up on cash before selling the company.
    I really like MTG, the art and casual play. I thought MTG-A would be a good game.. but it's very disappointing. I play black and white decks. I don't use OP cards on purpose. I don't like it. It kills the spirit of the game. Most OP cards of today should even exist. They kill the game. Each match with an OP decks on each side becomes fly or die situation, until who is going to be the first to get their OP combos out. It doesn't make any sense to play like that. It's not competitive. It's childish and simply boring.

    Even tho I really like when I whip another OP whale's ass with my basically basic B&W deck that has only 2 mythics in it. And zero OP cards. I just use combinations of cards to make myself last and heal out. I play defensively and I only have 4 creatures in my deck. My winning % is still over 50% and I hit platinum every time, but to reach mythic level I'd have to use OP cards, which I don't want to use.

    The ironic part is that even if I try playing unranked games, still OP retards would be there to get their pwnz victory.

    The problem is that by going online.. there was only one choice to make a lot of money - milk the degenerates with inferiority complex. And it works. Unfortunately at the cost of quality, good content and general player base toxicity, which in the past 10 years became total cancer.

    I'm kinda whining.. didn't mean to pass off as a crybaby.
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  • posted a message on Ikoria...
    WoTC are using the most vile *****tiest tactics in selling this game. They try to appeal to people with inferiority complex who then will spend the money to buy OP cards. This strategy basically kills the old style MTG, that was played IRL on a physical table. Now it's not about creating interesting decks and just socialising.. now it's a real life butthurt relief game, where anyone just pay a couple of hundren bucks, get their OP deck(of basically any color but mostly black and blue) and crush basically anyone who paid less or F2P. MTG Arena became a ******* joke. It's not a fan game anymore.. it's not made for fans anymore. It's made for people who are really butthurt IN REAL LIFE.. and now all these hordes of total mental cases, ******* whales with money, total degenerates who don't give a single flying **** about anything but their own butthurt egos. These losers are surfing the web for "pay-to-win" opportunities, join the game, pay and win, then move the **** on to the next game, where they turn the same trick. Each loser would feed 2-3 P2W games at the least, usually more. It becomes addictive.

    Online gaming became a stress relief for an office rat, who never even played any games before online gaming hit the market and allowed the office rat to play at his desk or from his laptop or mobile. Online gaming is not even gaming in it's true sense, because you don't see your opponent. You're basically playing with a screen. There is no people behind that screen. It's just code. You're just buying what would happen on the screen.

    Do you get it? They don't want to play the game with anyone. They just want to buy a certain guaranteed outcome. They want to pay an easy 100 and immediately get their fix. It's just like drugs.

    So.. here is your answer why they make all these idiotic sets. The previous blue deck meta with something like Agent of Treachery etc etc is total cancer. There are many cards like that. Completely retarded drain decks, completely retarded counter decks, completely retarded everything. Because this is what sells.

    Office rats will pay their 100 anal bucks and cheese their way to mythic. Everyone else is there just because they want to try. But they are not going to stay for long.. but who cares, there will always be a ton of newbies who will come and serve as cannon fodder for the butthurt whales to feed on.

    Online gaming killed gaming. Everything became pay to win. Even titles that used to be subscription based are changing to F2P format because it's so easy to milk the retarded whale with inferiority complex. The temptation to go online is impossible to fight. Just compare.. an offline game wouldn't make more then a couple of millions if it's really good and high quality. An online game of even *****ty quality will bring you millions by default, sometimes billions.

    This is why people are so upset with online gaming. Fanboys would say that people cry because they are not skilled enough to play, but the reality is that it's all plainly PAY TO WIN.

    They are just selling drugs to butthurt losers. Pay 100USD -> get your fix(victories). Don't want to pay?? Boo hoo hoo.
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