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  • posted a message on Masterbase up to Core Set 2021 + 6.8 GB Full pics [V2.3]
    You actually can. In pics folder you can download the pics_patch with only newest pics (related to the latest masterbase version) or the full_pics, which include all pics. I wrote that in the tutorial above.

    Quote from GopZ »
    Being able to choose pictures from only the newest set would be cool rather than downloading ALL the pics each time...
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  • posted a message on MTG Gatherer Extractor v6.6 (Database & Pics Assistant)
    Thanks to your software, I was able to compile a funtional masterbase for Magic Workstation. Thank you so much.

    For anyone interested, Its here: https://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/magic-fundamentals/other-magic-products/third-party-products/817234-mws-functional-masterbase-up-to-ikoria-6-8-gb
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  • posted a message on Masterbase up to Core Set 2021 + 6.8 GB Full pics [V2.3]
    [Updated to V2.3] - Jun/2020

    Hi guys,

    My quarantine project was to revive the Magic Workstation and compile a functional masterbase with all the game's sets.

    The only masterbase I found up to date on the Internet was from GoblinHero, which, for some reason, always made my Magic Workstation crash.
    So I took all the spoilers (.txt) from all the available collections and compiled a new masterbase that I intend to always update.
    To avoid problems with the Magic Workstation, this masterbase does not contain the "flavor text" of the cards. That way, it is lighter and more stable.

    This was only possible thanks to the work of Chaudakh, who created the MTG Gatherer Extractor and also to the Scryfall website, which maintains a repository of images and collections.


    All needed files are in this folder (Replace the * with . and paste in the browser): drive***google***com/open?id=1_s6jnaPXtJUjElcFCDqedIBMq1xRgX4U

    1) Install Magic Workstation 0.94f together with the Theme using EasyInstallv2.0.1 (MWS-0.94f&FixedB1).exe from 1 - Setup folder. This convenient installation is courtesy of blog.mtg.br
        Note: It must be installed in a folder that you have read / write privileges. For example: C:\Magic Workstation. Do not use the recommended folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Magic Workstation) by the setup.
        Note2: During the setup, when selecting the components, uncheck the box "Todos os Jogos" ("All games"). Important.
        Note3: The program will also install Microsoft C ++ 2018. Accept.
        Note4: At the end of the installation, uncheck the box that says "Open Magic Workstation now". Important.

    2) Install the Magic Workstation 0.97Beta update using mws097update4.exe from 1 - Setup folder.
        Note: It will automatically recognize the directory you selected earlier and update the program.

    3) Download the updated masterbase along with its configuration files (Masterbase_Arcanis_V2.3 [M21].zip file from 2 - Masterbase folder) and unzip it in the program folder. For example: C:\Magic Workstation. In doing so, Winrar will ask you to confirm the replacement of files. Confirm.
        Note: If Winrar does not ask you to confirm the replacement of files, you are unzipping the files in the wrong folder. Important.

    4) Download the images of all collections (file Pics_Full.rar from folder 3 - Pictures) and unzip them in the Pics folder, inside the program folder (for example, C:\Magic Workstation\Pics). The Pics_Full.rar file is always updated with the latest Masterbase modifications for convenient installation (useful if it is your first installation).
    Alternatively, you download the Pics_Patch files for each version of the masterbase and unzip them all in the Pics folder.

    This masterbase/Pics certainly contains errors. I would be grateful for the feedback so that I can correct it.
    To play online (MWSPlay), use mwsgames**net server.

    Masterbase V1.0
    - 255 sets added
    - All set abbreviations have only 3 identifying letters
    - Set abbreviations follow Scryfall most of the time
    - Sets that had 4-letter abbreviations now have 3-letter abbreviations (to maintain compatibility with the Magic Workstation)
    - Dual cards were manually corrected

    Masterbase V1.1
    - Fixed the bug with the Kaladesh (KLD) and Kaladesh Inventions (KLP) collections
    - Added the Magic Premiere Shop (MPS) set

    Masterbase V1.2
    - Fixed the bug in the DD Merfolk vs Goblin (DDT) set. Both the masterbase and the Pics have been modified.
    - All lands in all collections were checked. Both the masterbase and the Pics have been modified.
    - All cards with "Æther" in the name have been changed to "Aether" to follow the new Wizards standard. Both the masterbase and the Pics have been modified.
    - The Pics_Full file and patches will no longer contain Pics "crops" from V1.2 on. A total of 17,989 Pics crops have beed removed (Residue of files I already had on my computer). I recommend deleting the entire Pics folder and downloading the "Pics_Full.rar" file for anyone who also wants to remove Pics crops. Otherwise, just use the latest Pics patch.

    Masterbase V1.3
    - Fixed the bug in the cards with "Aether" in the name that prevented them from being saved on decks. Change in the masterbase only.
    - Added several missing cards to the "Secret Lair Drop" (SLD) set. Change only in Pics_Patch.

    Masterbase V1.4
    - All the cards have been checked (because quarantine). All entries in the masterbase are matched to an "image.full" now. Both the masterbase and the Pics have been modified.
    - Added the Tokens folder (TK) in the Pics folder (used by MWSPlay).
    - Fixed T2 filter in "Complex Card Filter". The collections currently in Standard are now correctly selected.

    Masterbase V1.5
    - All cards that have different versions (previously assign with #1, #2 ...) are now correctly assign internally (they now appear as (1), (2)...) and are presented correctly on MWSPlay.
    - Added the missing cards "Fire/Ice" and "Life/Death" double cards in the DDJ set (Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari)
    - All versions of basic land were added in sets M19, ELD and DOM
    - Added the two versions of the Guildgates in the RNA and GRN sets

    Masterbase V1.6
    - Added several missing basic lands in AKH, C17, C18, C19, CM2, CMA, DDR, DDS, DDU, DVD, GN2, GNT, GPX, HOU, JVC, KLD, M20, SLD, SOI, THB, TPR, WAR and XLN sets

    Masterbase V1.7
    - Fixed a bug that prevented the number of dual-cards from being changed when the MWS is in the deck editor mode. Change in masterbase only.

    Masterbase V1.8
    - Added missing cards from AKH, HOU, PLC and C16
    - Fixed P/T of all adventure cards from ELD

    Masterbase V1.9
    - Added new cards to Secret Lair Drop Set (SLD) from (1) Secret Lair Drop Full Sleeves: The Tattoo Pack; (2) Secret Lair Drop Can You Feel with a Heart of Steel!; (3) Secret Lair Drop Mountain, Go; (4) Secret Lair Drop The Path Not Travelled and (5) Secret Lair Drop Ornithological Studies

    Masterbase V2.0
    - Added HQ full scan cards to IKO and IKP sets
    - Added missing "Godzilla-variations" cards to IKO set

    Masterbase V2.1
    - Added HQ full scan cards to C20 set and some IKP cards
    - Added Signature Spellbook: Chandra set (SS3)
    - Added Secret Lair Ultimate set (SLU)

    Masterbase V2.2
    - Added Core Set 2021 set (M21)

    Masterbase V2.3
    - Added Jumpstart set (JMP)
    - Added HQ full scan cards to IKP Set

    This is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.”
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