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  • posted a message on Zendikar Rising for Peasant Cube
    What do you thing about the uncommon doublefaced spell/lands? the green ones look cool

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  • posted a message on Critique my cube [360]
    The biggest issue with bounce lands is that you have to take off your turn two to play them. At least with gain lands you can play them on turn 1, which is a less valuable turn for most decks.

    Wow, that's actually a great reason, I feel kind of stupid right now and going to change the lands right now.
    First off Isochron Scepter is definitely not unbeatable, and neither is Sylvan Library. I can understand not including them, but it wouldn't be because they are too strong.

    I least in my experience Isochron Scepter it's the kind of card that makes a horrible experience for a player seeing all his/her creatures being killed each turn and I ended up taking it off the cube. In the other hand with sylvan library I had played with it in other formats and I think that, keeping in mind the spectrum talk you just gave to me, I think would be too strong in the slow spectrum that my cube exists right now.

    Some of the cards you just recommended were already in my wish list, I'll will improve my cube with some of those trying to speed it up a little bit to make it more balanced for not to make it just "card advantage wins".

    I am also not a big fan of having a lifegain theme in cube, because I think it just hoses aggressive strategies too hard. It's so hard to finish your oppponent off fast if they play three or four lifegain spells in a single game, and also the payoffs for lifegain just aren't really good enough in my opinion without playing multiples of cards like ajani's pridemate.

    I'm neither a fan of the gainlife theme, but I couln't think of annother "theme" for the combination, do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks for the critical advice and for the information too, I apreciate them a lot.

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  • posted a message on Critique my cube [360]
    Hey, thanks for the reply, I was starting to get nervous about the post because there was people viewing it but not responding, maybe there are more people with peasant list that people that are active in the forum Grin
    WHITE - Add more aggressive creatures and cut some medium power level spells.

    I think that you are talking about survival cache, nyx-fleece ram, war oracle, lone rider and war oracle and glimmerpoint stag, Im not a fan of some of those cards, but I put them there to help the wb theme, I don't know if there are better options to feed ajani's pridemate and active doing things with life to fit the theme.
    BLACK - I personally would recommend trying to get more aggressive in this color, but I'll admit that's probably my own bias and love of cards like Carnophage. I'd also agree with you that Buried Alive probably isn't good enough. Reanimation strategies, even in the most powerful of peasant lists, just aren't that great. Even if you just throw in another 1B removal spell, you'll probably be better off there.

    I had some of those creatures in the past but black has already the sacrifice, reanimation and "controlish" themes and I don't know I I could fit the aggro theme, but I think if is convenient I could try to do something about that.
    RED - Again, here I think your aggro could use some help. You have a lot of four drops, and not very many one or two drops. Red is notorious for being the most aggressive color, so this is probably the most important update I can recommend. Other than that, I think your selection of burn spells could be upgraded a little, but for the most part looks pretty good. If anything there, I'd recommend trying to move away from stuff like Inescapable Flames in favor of cards like Rolling Earthquake or Slice and Dice to give red more of a role in control decks.

    I think you are right, I have access right now to Ember hauler, goblin banneret and goblin motivator, I'll try jackal pup too, but when i built the cube most of my friends told me to take it out because i loses importance very quickly (for the drawback, mostly, I think I think it is a great card, but because of their background (primary commander players, including me -in my city is not that common to play lots of limited, you play the prereleases that you can pay and 1 draft every standard release, neither cube is popular, people just prefer to play the cards and decks they own and build with their hard work-) they don't can't see the true potential of the card. Would love to have Ire Shaman and War-Name Aspirant, I think I'll make a big post in facebook with the cards I'm looking :D.
    MULTI - Overall I would decrease the size of this section. Less gold cards is a good thing for your drafters is a good thing, especially given your restrictions on cards that are accessible to you. I would look to get this down to three per guild, or at least four per guild. Try to run gold cards that guide your drafters toward the archetypes you want to support in those color pairs. In Azorius, for example, I would probably cut the charm since it's less generically powerful than the Reflector Mage and doesn't necessarily support a UW Flyers deck the same way that Cloudblazer and Skyknight do.

    I really like multicolored cards :D. I hasn't been a problem yet but I've been thinking in cutting one of those an add an hybrid for each guild (effectively adding 4 cards to each color) but I wouln't like to reduce my multicolor selection.
    COLORLESS - Here I'd say you need more mana rocks, though I understand how those may not be accessible. I'd be looking for generic rocks, signets, talismen, etc. Any two casting cost mana rocks you can get your hands one would overall improve this section. I might also shy away from cards like Loxodon Warhammer in a cube that tends to be over all lower in power level. Warhammer can be a very powerful, often game winning card. Personally I run it and love it, but I'm also running Skullclamp and the like.

    I've seeking for everflowing chalice, hedron archive and thran dynamo and the one that is snwowy but I haven't gone to my LGS for quite some time (actually I retook the project because of social isolation). I had the signets in the past but i was problematic have all 10 because ramp and 4 drops was the best option, so I cut them out.
    Actually I've been thinking in the Loxodon warhammer for quite some time, I know that is a problematic card but i have drafted my cube quit 6-8 people only 2 times and I haven't see the problem yet. I've been testing the cube in sealed via untap.in and sometimes with my girlfriend (she is not that very compromised with mtg so i help her to build her deck) and, before social isolation, dafting it with a friend that lives close to home. I'm not sure if i need to act now or if I need to wait and be in contact with the problem empirically.
    LANDS - I prefer the gain lands to the Karoos that you're currently running if you want a full cycle. If that's a card access limitation, the Karoos are perfectly ok fixers.

    I had them until I got the bounce lands :D. Because of my playgroup I think that we value more the card advantage than the life gain, I think in some situations it may be better like be open to respond or running wasteland and strip mine but for the moment. But I'll take it into consideration.

    Hopefully this is helpful. I also run a 360 peasant list if you want to check it out. The link is in my signature. Thanks for posting! More peasant cubers is never a bad thing. Grin

    Thanks a lot for the ideas, I have been looking for your cube for quite some time and is and nice to meet you, I'll try to be active in the future for some newer members in the community.
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  • posted a message on Critique my cube [360]
    Hello everyone, I started building this cube a year ago and I need some feedback and recomendations. It's a small 360 cube with some powerful cards, but I wouldn't like to add the unbeatable ones like skullclamp, Isochron scepter, sylvan library etc. It's objective is to provide a interactive experience that feels balanced and powerful but fair.

    In my country it's a little bit complicated to get older stuff (like before lorwyn or time spiral) and there aren't services like TGCplayer or alike so I have built this mainly from friend's shoe boxes and random bulk piles in the LGS i used to go. So there are some cards like Cloudgoat ranger or Briarhorn that I have under my radar but haven't seen them yet to acquire them -and with the confinement it's even harder :c -.

    here are the archeotypes:

    uw - Fliers/Flicker

    wb - Lifegain/Disruption

    ub - Control/Reanimation

    ur - Spells/Draw matters

    rb - Sacrifice/go wide

    gb - Reanimator/graveyard matters

    rg - Beatdown

    wr - tokens/go wide

    gw - Go wide/+1 Counters

    ug - +1 Counters/big dudes

    Some problems I think it could have:

    white: lack of bombs, I know that Cloudgoat ranger and Sentinel of the Eternal Watch are common bombs but I would like to know about other options.

    blue: i think that is the best color, and I think that the problem may be that you don't need a lot of compromise with it to have access to great cards (in contraposition to other colors like black or green that need more colored requirements). and until yesterday that i was reviewing it in cube tutor it had A LOT of instants so it did't had a lot of room to play around it. I think that in this case the 'nerf' was necessary but more proactive than reactive, but i would prefer to buff the other colors.

    black: I feel very comfortable with black, maybe the problem that It needs another sacrifice outlet (i have a Viscera Seer in an incomplete Vona, EDH proyect) and I'm not very sure about buried alive and if the reanimation spells that I have are the best option (reanimate is out of the price range for the moment).

    red: I don't know if it has too much removal and which ones take out.

    green: I don't feel sure in green, i don't know it it needs more mana dorks or if the ramp spells that i pick are the best choices, I recently added cultivate and kodama's reach instead of explosive vegetation and civic wayfinder, but I'm not sure if I prefer the card advantage of of those or I should opt for 2 cmc spells or mana dorks or ramp on a stick like Springbloom Druid or Farhaven Elf to help the golgari and ramp strategies.

    Cards from Ikoria that I'm interested:

    Some additional notes:
    I already have in mind adding the cycle of legends of Eldraine and Theros, but I'm not sure if I'm going to fit them in the 360 and keep the cube small or expand the cube to 450. I'm a little methodical and I like to add the cycles by 5 cards for mono color or 10 cards for guilds, if I add the legends I should add at leas 5 combined or the whole 10. The same is true with hybrid cards, I would Like to add them in "full cycles" to make the cube feel symmetrical.

    Thanks for all for you comments and help. Sorry if I had a grammar or spelling error, I'm not a native English speaker, feel free to correct me or ask me if I wasn't clear.

    Cube tutor
    Cube cobra

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