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    I have been obsessed with creating a Stasis deck so I was inspired by a thread on this site from 2007. The key combo for a deck centered around locking down the board is 4 stasis, 4 forbidden city and a few howling mines to ensure you can keep the stasis going. Then depending on if your opponent has a lot of creatures , play Ensnare once they have all their big creatures out and then drop stasis to lock up the board and their creatures. If you’re worried about discard decks, also load up on Counters, Daze and Thwart (last two can. Asicay be played for free as can be Ensnare).

    I combined this with a Merfolk deck so once the opponents creatures are tapped, I could swoop in with my Merfolk. The key is to have adequate Merfolk that can pump the others as well as Merfolka that can make the others unblockable or can tap more permanents. This is good insurance in case your opponent is playing a burn deck with lots of cheap creatures. The key cards would be Merrow Comnerce, that untaps all the Merfolk, Merfolk Sovereign to make the Merfolk unockable and Fires of Enchantment, that continuously allow me to play creatures without mana.
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