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  • posted a message on Jeskai / Mardu Cycling
    I really like this list that, on paper, can be a good starting point for a Control deck R U:

    Lands 24
    We absolutely need to reach 6 mana with this deck up turn 8 at most, so 24 lands is the minimum.

    Other spells 36

    Creatures 8:
    4x Curator of Mysteries
    4x Yidaro, Wandering Monster

    Other spells 28:
    4x Ominous Seas closer number 1 in the deck: cheap and quite fast to be charged in this deck: even the regular draws helps to reach the required amount of charging counters.
    4x Sweltering Suns this is a very nice sweeper that cleans the board from middling creatures without protection from red. It is one of the best cards the R offers.
    4x Shredded Sails I think that this card can be in the main 60 as 4x because it allows to choose between 2 useful effects.
    4x Hampering Snare simply put, it is useful to gain one extra turn towards Aggro decks: the casting cost is low, but it can save our day even in the late game.
    3x Tectonic Reformation after you have 6 lands on the battlefield you don't really need them anymore and this card helps to use them wisely.
    3x Hieroglyphic Illumination only 3 because CC 4 to draw 2 cards is not-so-good, but we still need this card to use the following card...to win.
    3x New Perspectives only 3 because the CC is really high, but with this you can close the game with relative ease.
    3x Cyclonic Rift in order to have a cleaner for non-creature permanents; in late game is very strong, but if necessary, you can use it even from turn 2 onwards.
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  • posted a message on Enchantress
    I think that we should fix the mana curve through the addition of some cards with CC 2 in the decklists with W (without ways to accelerate) such as Nyx-Fleece Ram that is able to tank some attacks while regaining some hp while being in the battlefield.

    Vessel of Volatility+Wolfwillow Haven in the same deck are not bad.
    The former enchantement gives you up to +2 mana usable (even though specific) at turn 3, thus allowing you to cast a spell with casting cost 5 whereas the latter card gives you +1 mana, thus granting you the possibility to cast a cart with CC 4.

    Otherwise, we have Atarka's Command which can be used even to put onto the battlefield another land if we have another one on our hand. This requirement shouldn't be a problem considering the land count, but it is still something to keep in mind.
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  • posted a message on B/W cleric
    -4x Isolated Chapel
    -2x Godless Shrine
    -4x Caves of Koilos because they are not enough good for Legacy: there are better options.
    +4x Cavern of Souls a must have in -almost- every tribal because they prevent your creature from being countered.
    +2x Plains
    +2x Swamp in order to have some lands not affected by Blood Moon/Wasteland.
    +4x Scrubland the best dual land available for this deck.

    -3x Dark Supplicant
    -1x Scion of Darkness because this combo is slow and dies to a well-timed removal on cabal archon. I think there is something better.
    -1x Wrath of God because it detroys your entire board, so it doesn't make sense.

    +1x Transmutation
    +1x Lightning Greaves[/card]
    +1x daru spiritualist I think that the parts of the combo should go both 4x.
    +4x Swords to Plownshares a full set of removal is mandatory to deal properly with single threats.

    +4x Venerated Loxodon it is both a nice beater (genrally a 4/4 for 2 mana) and a nice power-up for some creatures, which are generally pretty weak alone
    -2x Doubtless One because it is a little too overcosted and incosistent when we conder power and toughness.
    -2x Weathered Wayfarer probably the weakest card of the deck, so i don't think that is a problem if you drop this creature into the bin.
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  • posted a message on Leyline Deck Wins
    Leyline of Combustion is a small update to this deck. Although at a first glance it seems that it doesn't fit in a deck alongside Leyline of Sanctity, this new Leyline allows to punish a little your opponent for using Wasteland and single removals towards your enchantement.
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  • posted a message on Dragon Tribal
    +1x Ruby Medallion
    +2x Urza's Incubator I think that this cards can bring your Dragon on the battlefield with more ease.
    -2x Fire Diamond

    +4x Thunderbreak Regent CC 4, it is a solid beater with a nice ability that allows to deal some dage to the opponent when he tries to destroy/remove it.
    -3x Atla Palani, Nest Tender slow (high casting cost and no haste unless you have Rhytm of the Wild in playyet) and frail with that 2 thoughness.
    -1x Dragonlord Dromoka high casting cost and totally offcolor. We have good Dragon keeping the deck almost RG.

    +2x Verix Bladewing CC 4 (so it has a lowish CC comparing to the rest of the deck) and it has a nice late game effect.
    +4x Mirrorwing Dragon CC 5 but the opponent can't really target him with a removal unless he wants to have his creatures gone from the battlefield.
    -2x Dragonspeaker Shaman depending on a creature if you want to accelerate is not really the best by any means because it is slow itself and frail. At least, the artifacts have a lower CC.
    -2x Skyline Despot CC 7 is really really high, too much in my opinion.
    -3x Dragon Egg unlickily, it is too slow and frail in Legacy; also, removals such as Swords to Plownshares/Path to Exile don't trigger its ability.
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  • posted a message on Legacy Fires of Yavimaya. An update?
    I think that Rhythm of the Wild is way stronger than Fires of Yavimaya unless you are playing token generator, but in this kind of deck you usually don't, so it shouldn't matter. Rhythm of the Wild allows you to avoid counters and Chalice of the Void and gives you the possibility to choose between a small permanent boost or Haste if you want to attack immediately. A token +1/+1 breaks immediately the simmetry with opposite Tarmogoyf[/card] (for example) so it isn't exactly forgettable.

    Also, you can play CoTV yourself because you effectively run Rhythm of the Wild: this can be a way to update further the deck.
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  • posted a message on Modern "Dirty Kitty" post release of DOM
    My tips for the "classic" storm version with Rites:

    * Guttersnipe is quite powerful because it turns a rite of mana/a token geenrator in extra damage to the opponent, thus reducing the opponent's pv considerably. Bad topdeck, but once you have in play

    * I think that Goblin Electromancer should be reconsidered. It doesn't only reduce the casting cost of the rites of mana, Empty the Warrens and many token generators making them way more efficient (as if it wasn't enough...) but makes Distant Melody a lot more useful than Fecundity because it refills your hand immediately, as you cast it. I think that splashing for U can be more convenient than using G.
    The U splash allows you to play spell such as Shimmer of Possibility, Truth or Tale or Treasure Hunt as additional tutors and drawers, which are more efficient than the G ones because you can find "virtually" any kind of card you need in the deck, without being limited to creatures or lands.
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  • posted a message on Fluctuator Combo Deck (For Semi-Competitive Play)
    Instead of creating a new post, I think that posting some news here is just fine because the core of the deck is still the same as usual and it is still a less reliant version of Dredge.

    I think that 4x Street Wraith is a must-include here because it is basically the best card with "Cycling" because it doesn't need mana to work so it is good even without Fluctuator.

    4x Archfiend of Ifnir is another creature with "Cycling", but with the added bonus of sweeping the opposing side of the field from some tokens, which is useful towards some combo deck. If necessary, you can even cast it with Songs of the Damned with relative ease.
    4x Hollow One I think that this is a nice card, when the opponent take away the single-creature removals because you can even cast it from your hand if you need a fest beater/blocker on your side of the field "for free" or at 1 at most.
    2-3x Shadow of the Grave is the card we needed to avoid being without cards in hand with cycle and the fact it "counters" some discards is always useful.

    * Drannith Stinger is another way to approach this deck because it is a cheap creature to consider and it allows us to deal some chip damage to the opponent when we are able to cycle a lot of cards together. Maybe is possible to buil a Red-Green version of this deck with Edge of Autumn?
    * Faith of the Devoted/Drake Haven they are mana intensive, but they can be used as a win condition under some circumstances. Most of the time it needs Fluctuator on your field to be effective unless you are able to chain 3-4 cycling cards in a row in the same turn.

    Ancient Tomb+City of Traitors seems to be too useful to avoid using them because they make us able to cast immediately Fluctuator.

    This deck is old and has the same issues than before, but some new entries can give it some lifeblood for the casual play.
    Any thughts? I think that there are some nice improvements for this deck!
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  • posted a message on Mono Black Stax
    I think that 4x Bitterblossom+ 2xBastion of Remembrance (as a win condidion with sinergy with the former enchantement) should be more than enough to feed 4x Contamination even without Mishra's Factory+Crucible of Worlds in play.

    The problem of Contamination is that, unlikely Blood Moon, you can't play it quickly because you need at least one creature on the board to feed this enchantement...still, I think that it can still worth using in order to stop the opponent on his tracks from turn 4 onwards.

    I think that Treacherous Blessing is really an underlooked card: it is a "draw 3" with minimal drawback in this deck because you run Smokestax.
    Problem is that this card con't be played with Chains of Mephistopheles already in play, so we have to choose one of the two enchantements.

    Any additional thoughts?
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  • posted a message on Soldier Stompy
    I think that Lavabrink Venturer is strong...but not in the classic decklist.
    It is a strong card because it can protect from many spells and can block even bigger creatures, but you can't simply replace Preeminent Captain because the latter creature has a lot more sinergy with the decklist.

    It is also not good with Militia Bugler around because you can't add it to your hand through its ability.
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