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  • posted a message on [Budget] Mono Black Storm Deck
    I've got a similar build I've been tweaking.

    Haven't come up with a good sideboard yet. Thinking about adding Diabolic Intent as well. I'd probably take out plumb or some kind of split between songs of the damned and something else. I might only need 2 songs since it can be a dead card if you just don't draw the creatures.
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  • posted a message on Do you have to reveal Dungeon cards prior to the game starting?
    Do you have to reveal dungeon cards like you do companions? Or will it be more like the city's blessing or monarch that you have to reveal prior?
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  • posted a message on Grinning Ignus infinite combo?
    Grinning ingus and Birgi, god of storytelling goes infinite. It unfortunately doesn't net mana but is there anything in standard or historic that can abuse this?
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  • posted a message on Casual Commander Group Theme Ideas
    Hi all! I help with organizing a casual(~ish) commander group in a shop. As Covid seems to be (hopefully) winding down and seeing sanctioned events returning on the horizon I've wanted to bring back an old Commander concept we've played with in the past.

    The general idea is that every week the event will have some kind of special rule or theme that changes the deck that you will be using. Examples of which have been; commanders that should have partner but don't, Non-legendary commanders, non-creature commanders, planeswalker commanders, tiny leaders and legendary spells.

    A brief description of each. Commanders that should have partner but don't should be self explanatory. You get two legal commanders that flavor wise should have partner but don't. Some example decks that were brought was Gisela, the broken blade and Bruna, the fading light. Or someone brought a mono red with two Brothers yamazaki. The point is the be flavorful and while there are participation prizes the actual prize for winning is just the name on the board so hopefully people aren't tempted to just power-play two broken commanders and stretch the theme of flavor too far.

    Non legendary commanders are just that. Cards that seem like they should have been legendary that weren't. The 5 Nephilim cards were popular during this day.
    Non creature commanders are any permanent that isn't a creature that is legendary. Same with planeswalkers. And legendary spells was in the same vein as the other event but we separated the two since we felt it would be a bit too chaotic if we allowed all of those potential decks in a single night.

    I'm looking for other suggestions that fit the same energy as these previous nights. While I will undoubtable be reusing some of these themes I am looking to hopefully add more to the mix so I don't simply fall into a 4-5 week rotation of the same events. So if anyone has any other ideas please leave a suggestion!
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  • posted a message on Can you activate Chandra's Regulator multiple times?
    So if I activate an ability of a Chandra planeswalker and use the first ability of the Chandra's Regulator can I activate it multiple times? Or am I limited to just one copy?
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  • posted a message on God vs Demigod
    Quote from user_938036 »
    Only cards with the subtype chosen are affected by effects that check for subtypes. The demigod cycle you speak of are not “gods” they are “demigods” so they won’t be effected by anything that effects gods. They are complete different types the same as elf and goblin are different types.

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  • posted a message on God vs Demigod
    If you declare subtype god does that include the demigod cycle of theros beyond death? Or are they separate types all together. In the case of a card that said "all gods get X" would that include the demigods as an extension of the god subtype?
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  • posted a message on Dance of the Manse+Rhythm of the wild
    If I use Dance of the manse and return rhythm of the wild with X being enough to make them creatures will they get the riot trigger? So If I, for example, cast dance for x=6 and get 4 RofW I get 4 riot triggers? I could potentially swing with 4 7/7 haste creatures on that turn?
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