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  • posted a message on Conspiracy boosters check.
    http://imgur.com/a/vjZ30ESg - photos
    I need your help with this Conspiracy boosters. Do you think they were opened/searched or is this just poor quality packing on WotC side? Beside this marks on the photos boosters are packed very tight.

    I've found article on Geek Insider with photo of two boosters and I think one of them has the same mark as my boosters: [https://geekinsider.com/monthly-magic-box-june-box-review/](https://geekinsider.com/monthly-magic-box-june-box-review/)

    I've got new box of conspiracy in may 2019, opened some boosters and left the rest to play but since my Group never gatherd I've decided to sell the rest of 24 packs. Person who bought this tells that they are repacked and I'm seeking confirmation if this is true.
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