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  • posted a message on [Budget] Commander: Edric vs Grenzo, Dungeon Warden vs Meren vs Greven vs Selvala, Explorer Returned
    Hey guys,
    I´m looking for a long time for a budget Commander.My playgroup playes pretty expensive decks and i can´t keep up with the budget. Some of them play combo decks but we play casual. So non of the decks has just one combo with and the remaining cards are just removal, counter etc. We always play free for all with 4.
    My budget is around 50-75€. I watched many videos and checked resources like edhrec, Commander Quarters, reddit,.... But the experience from you players is important for me. I´m looking for a strong budget commander wich is fun to play. The funlevel and a unique playstyle is important for me. But also the deck must keep up with expensive decks. I find Edric, Grenzo the Dungeon Warden, Meren, Greven and Selvala, Explorer Returned pretty interesting. And was wondering wich commander you guys recommend the most on the 50-75€ budget? Feel free to suggestio some other commanders. Also if you have a link from a budget deck, feel free to post it. That would be perfect!

    Thanks for the help
    Habe a nice day!
    Posted in: Commander (EDH)
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