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  • posted a message on [M11] Previews For Wednesday, June 30 -- Pyretic Ritual, Phylactery Lich
    I just thought of how the ritual, while not the best card around, could be fun in Devastating Red. Mainly because Devastating Red makes my man-panties wet because I have loved the Sligh archetype for omgwtfzillion years. Its a nice little enabler to still rock the Devastating Summons/Goblin Bushwhacker on turn 3, even if your land drop comes into play tapped. Will give Kiln Fiend an extra little kick too. Drop T3 Teetering Peaks, then use the Ritual to cast Summons and Bushwacker, then you have Kiln Fiend swinging as a 10/2 on turn 3. If you got the T1 Goblin Guide, T2 Kiln Fiend, T3 Summons Bushwhacker god draws, thats swinging for 23 on turn 3.

    Except for when Kiln Fiend gets Doom Bladed and your opponent lulz. otherwise, the ritual is meh.
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  • posted a message on [M11] Previews For Wednesday, June 30 -- Pyretic Ritual, Phylactery Lich
    So I guess the "something borrowed" that MaRo mentioned was from the OMFGWTFTEHPURPLEMANAS? The purple permanents that were in the InQuest article had a ability/drawback called Anchoring, which was pretty much the same drawback as the Lich. If the permanent they were Anchored to went, so did they.

    That said, I do believe he is my favorite card in the set so far.
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  • posted a message on [M11] Opening a Booster Pack
    Quote from Kirblar
    This actually helps keep the costs of boosters down.

    What are you talking about!? IT IS THE END OF TEH MAGICS! SLAP INTEH FASE! Blurgleurgleurgleurgleblantantcashgrabomgz!!1

    Ok, now that that is cleared up. I couldn't care less about ads on T&T cards. I kinda liked the ads for upcoming sets at first. Now I'd just line my iguanas cage with them if I weren't afraid her dumb ass would try to eat them and choke or something. Also, if it keeps costs for boosters down, they can print ads for 1-800-HOT-CHUB for all I care.
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  • posted a message on [M11] New enemy colored duals?
    I'd just say "Hope so" but then I'd just see "FAP FAP FAP SPAM INFRACTION!" so I am adding other words to my post. If not "design space" for R&D, they at least add "creativity space" for the players.
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  • posted a message on [M11] Visual Spoiler - Necrotic Plague (Juggernaut new art)/Mystifying Maze Art
    Please please pleasepleasepleaseomgplease let Mystifying Maze be a quasi reprint of Maze of Ith.

    Juggernaut and the Abyss Jr. are cute and all, but meh.

    I'd really like foils of reprints having original art to be M11's "schtick". Been wanting that since 10th edition actually.
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  • posted a message on [ZEN] Vampire Lacerator
    Quote from Nicholas89
    Thats an interesting card, not sure if the 2/2 on turn one outrides the draw back.

    What, are you kidding me? Carnophage wants to stop in and say hi. This dude is dooooope.
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  • posted a message on what is controls future?
    I don't know about the future of control, only WOTC and THIS GUY can determine that!

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  • posted a message on Decks that won't rotate out soon?
    Regarding top decks right now, it seems to me that Blightning would remain somewhat close to what is now come October. On top of that, it's one of the cheaper decks to build right now. It will definitely lose some goodies in October, but what it gained in Alara block, and what might stick around in M10 should keep it viable.


    Lash Out
    Gutteral Response

    Maybe losing:

    Mogg Fanatic
    Ghitu Encampment

    Keep in mind though, that their will be new duals in M10 (along with a three month window to use them with 10th Edition), and quite possibly, duals in Zendikar as well to replace the current landbase.
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  • posted a message on Nulltread Gargantuan.
    Hmm. While you guys have been fussing about Mulldrifters and Elvish Visionaries going to the top, I've been putting Reveillarks there.

    Just sayin'...
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  • posted a message on {ALR} Suspension
    Quote from {mikeyG}


    Oh my

    Wait, you were kidding, right? The only content that wasn't drivel on this entire site were the spoiler threads polluted with asinine puzzles and spam?

    .... really?? Slant

    Ok, 1% might be pushing it then. I never cared for the silly puzzles, I just clicked the spoiler link in the navbar.
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  • posted a message on {ALR} Suspension
    Welp, I guess I can delete MTGSal from my bookmarks, since the 1% of content here that isn't pure drivel was those spoilers.

    Thanks for letting me know how crummy Shards and Conflux were in advance, Zesty! You saved me lots of money, and for that, I am grateful.

    Well...unless you were involved in the Lorwyn block spoilers...then you cost me lots of money since Lorwyn block was pretty dope...so I guess it evens out...
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  • posted a message on [M2010] 11th edition is Magic 2010...yearly core sets, more info.
    Sweet, new core sets will wipe up some of the giant runny turd that 6th edition left on the game.

    The flavor of the game is something I have definitely missed since say, Visions or so. Possibly even Ice Age/Alliances.

    No lousy 4th sets is nice too. Coldsnap and Un's, I won't miss ya.

    Black Knight returning is ace. Maybe Dark Ritual will follow... Grin /hopesanddreams
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  • posted a message on Scrye Magazine dead
    Quote from Ironhorse75
    Niche magazine publications are a dying breed.

    Most anime magazines have suffered a similar fate over the last few years.

    *cheers* Maybe the fans will be next!

    Quote from Cyan
    It's just just Scrye. Magazines are dead, period. The others just don't want to admit it yet.

    Well, sadly, I think theres always going to be a market for fake plastic crap like Cosmo, People, etc for sad pathetic souls to devour every last tidbit of whatever idiotic celebrity they're obsessed with. But thats just due to how stupid the masses of humanity are, thinking that some douchebag is special or more important than them because they were in a movie or something.

    You know, if Magic and other card games that were actually popular had gone back to putting varient or preview cards into the plastic wrap maybe we'd have incentive to buy.

    This is one of the many reasons I quit buying Wizard and InQuest. One of the others is that their articles were infantile and pedantic.

    Quote from GI_JOE_13207
    I know of a few stores that will be greatly affected since this was their only resource to base prices on.

    Were they Amish or Luddites? *boggle*

    Quote from Rothlor
    My Bathroom will never be the same again.:crying:

    How did you get the poop to stick to the glossy covers?

    It is kind of...bizarre...that they never opened up a website, unless the CCG market is really just that crappy outside of Magic (I can see that actually). There would have been more money in it for them, plus their readers could have been treated to a format similar to SCG, with new articles five days a week. Kinda silly. I may pick up an issue or two of that Goldmine magazine of theirs though since I collect records. I may have looked at it once or twice before though, since I recall picking up a record price guide, and listed prices being stupid.
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  • posted a message on Scrye Magazine dead
    Eh. Between SCG for articles and eBay for a price guide, who needed the handful of pages Scrye dedicated to Magic each issue anyway? I think the biggest surprise I ever got out of Scrye was a half page article about Legends of Norrath.

    I'd be willing to bet Wizard magazine is on the chopping block soon, for the same reason InQuest and Scrye crapped out. Who needs Wizard when theres iFanboy, and other similar comics news sites. Lots of niche magazines like that are going to start dropping off. I'm actually surprised at some of the ones I see still hanging on during my trips to the bookstore.
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  • posted a message on [CON] Too many reprints for its own good?
    Quote from mox
    i...and wouldn't it be cool if lightning helix got reprinted in this set...


    CON should have a Flametongue Kavu functional reprint too.

    Ok, really, I just want Planar Chaos 2.0
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