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  • posted a message on Satoru umezawa jank brew
    Managed to get a box-topper satoru in a draft I played, but at the power level he typically is, I wouldn't enjoy playing the deck or playing archenemy. What jank ideas do you guys have for a satoru brew?
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  • posted a message on Looking for theme / commander suggestions
    Hello all! Recently, i have been building a lot of decks, though most have seemed not to stick. I am having trouble finding a general that is to my liking. I enjoy strategies that are heavy in card precision, and resource management. Plus, my favoite games are the fast-paced games where i am playing a very "zero-to-sixty in one turn" deck. However, i have not been able to make such a deck while keeping it from getting repetitive or ridiculously expensive. some examples of strategies that have fit the bill for me previously have been storm, death by a thousand paper cuts, and proliferate. ( i love when i need a calculator) What would be your recommendations?
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  • posted a message on Sell me on your favorite commander you never see played
    Looking to build a new commander deck, and want suggestions for commanders that are off the beaten path. some things to know about me:
    -my favorite color to play is red
    -my playgroup is usually 6-8 in power level
    -i enjoy when i have to use a calculator for magic
    -i love chaos, thievery & politics
    -i prefer budget decks whenever possible
    some of the decks i've already built:
    -araumi self-mill
    -lovisa dumb aggro
    -sachi insanity
    -jodah chaos / big spells
    -xyris group hug/ politics

    excited to hear what suggestions you have!
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  • posted a message on Commander legends combo list
    After doing some looking through of the partners in commander legends, i have come up with a small list of partner combos that range from fragile combos, to cEDH level concepts. In addition, I would love to hear what other combos you have found that i may have missed! here it is:

    Dargo. the shipwrecker & tormod, the desecrator: cEDh level, infinite combo with a sac outlet. quite possibly might not even need to sacrifice tormod tokens, is unclear.*

    Toggo, goblin weaponsmith & Kodama of the East Tree: use the two triggers to dump all the land in your hand onto the field. likely too slow for competitive because of high cost on kodama, and limit because of limited number of lands in hand.

    dargo, the shipwrecker & Kodama of the East Tree: use kodama's trigger combined with dargo's cheapening effect and high cmc to dump high cost cards out onto the battlefield from your hand. might need token support, depending on ruling on Dargo*
    Ardenn, intrepid archaeologist & toggo, goblin weaponsmith: casual level, but can be powerful when putting rocks on creatures like valduk, khemba, or champion of the flame.
    malcolm, keen-eyed navigator, Dargo, the shipwrecker & lightning-rig crew kills everyone with a sac outlet for dargo. very hard to assemble, as its the only pirate with a tap damage trigger, and an untap ability. could theoretically do the same, replacing the crew with freed from the real and pirate ship or any pirate with an aura or equipment that lets them deal damage

    *unclear whether sacrificing dargo will count for his discount effect on his next casting. if it does, he goes infinite with just sac outlet and some setup.
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  • posted a message on Deckbuilder / Deckviewer Bugs / Feedback
    couple of issues that i have found with the deckbuilder, hopefully there's still someone watching this thread. first, there are multiple cards missing that i have noticed, including reprints of cards in commander 2019, along with the first and second radhas, which are, respectively, "radha, heir to keld" and "grand warlord radha" along with those two cards, there is a card that i have from a the mind and might duel decks called "snap" that is also not in the databases, these missing cards have prevented me from building a couple decks for my account. in addition to all this, the my decks tab for my account doesn't work, and just gives me a "not found" message. which is quite irritating, as the view on the "decks" tab contains more than just my decks, making it hard to keep track of decks. hopefully these issues will be seen and resolved quickly!
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  • posted a message on Signature Request
    might be useless replying to an old thread, but i'm new to mtgsalvation so i have some questions. where do i go to change my signature?
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  • posted a message on Which forum signature is better: Funny or harsh?
    i think many people would appreciate and enjoy seeing the funny quotes, as the harsh ones are really just pessimistic, and nothing else. alos, quick question: i can't figure out how to change my signature. all the posts where this question has been answered are old, and from what i can tell, the site has changed a lot since then. how do i do that?

    edit: nvm figured it out
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  • posted a message on binder deck ideas needed
    i have recently decided to take the challenge of building a commander deck purely from my collection during quaratninte, aside from the commander itself. i am looking for a commander who can be built from mostly bulk commons and uncommons. what ideas do you guys have?
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  • posted a message on zendikar tales needed
    I am playing a D&D setting in pre-eldrazi zendikar, and i am a bard with a specialty in heroic legends in the past. I cannot seem to find many tales of heroes in the past of zendikar, and i need some tales to tell. do any of you have ideas?
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  • posted a message on leyline
    just finished building an online version of havooc festival, most of the cards in it either boardwipe completely, or can target either creatures or players. most of the main deck is going to be holding off creatures, and doing minimal amounts of damage so my opponents die first. we actually have a person who build both sigil of the empty throne and fable of wolf and owl and they dominated the table before weverybody went home for quarantine. token generators seem to be up there for sure. however, i honestly think sandwurm convergence, as weird as this might sound, would be a bit slow for this format. the first effect helps, but it only counters specific decks, as flying doesn't matter much unless you're facing the two decks i mentioned before. the format is broken in a way ive never seen before, so that only the most degenerate decks see play, aside from t1 win decks.
    here's the link to the deck i built for havoc festival: https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/havoc-festival-leyline/?cb=1589208339
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  • posted a message on leyline
    Ah, i missed that point. i've been discussing things with the rest of my magic club, and it looks like weres till stress testing the format, which means building as many degenerate decks as you can. i appreceiate the insight to cadaverous. one that i noticed oyu hadn't gotten on the list is havoc festival it's hilarious, and in a burn deck, it could probably outpace most everyone but the t1 decks. Quick thing, your i think you typed in the wrong card in the heartless act entry. also, one of the club members posted about this format on reddit when we started it ,if you wanted to see, the thread is at https://www.reddit.com/r/magicTCG/comments/e2s1m8/introducingleyline/ thanks for putting so much time into this!
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  • posted a message on leyline
    i really like some of the leylines you pointed out, a lot of them, i hadn't thought of. However, there are two things. sagas, enchantment creatures, and the rest are not allowed. only straight up enchantments, unforutnately. also, passive ETBs do not trigger. they never entered, so they never happened. but i really like your suggestions. funnily enough, i built maelstrom nexus with slivers, and it was balanced compared to other players' decks, surprisingly. first time i've ever seen slivers be fair. thank you for spending so much time replying to my question! just went through your restricted section, and a fair bit of those cards are actually unrestricted in our group. i did build an eye of the storm deck, and people hated me for it, along with a possibility storm deck. i'm actually interested in why you put cadaverous bloom on your restricted list. it doesn't seem even close to game-breaking to me.
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  • posted a message on leyline
    there is a banlist, though we usually restrict enchanmtents, meaning they are not allowed to start he game on the battlefield. that list includes such things as barren glory and omniscience.
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  • posted a message on leyline
    leyline is a format that my playgroup came up with in the last couple months.
    you play with a 59-card singleton deck.
    you have one enchantment as your "commander". command zone and color identity rules apply.
    the one exception to the above is that you have the choice to start the game wiht your enchantment on the field. ETB effects don't activate.
    the format has so far proven to be high-power in a very broken sense. Oonly the most powerful decks stay around for long.
    what jank can you guys come up with?
    (P.S. eye of the storm, or anything else that takes a long time to resolve things, are highly discouraged)
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  • posted a message on Out-of-the-box ideas
    I've been delving into custom commanders recently, and really enjoy building EDH decks, if only temporarily. I've recently tun out of ideas, and can't think of much right now. So, I would love to hear your guys' ideas for really wacky and weird custom commanders!
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