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    Corridor monitor vs pestermite vs deceiver exarch vs village bell ringer

    A 1/4 body that also doubles untapping a monolith or time vault doesn't seem too bad
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    I didnt't get my numbers correct, you're right.

    I see from your second post that a 4 player impulse draft lets an individual player see 20+16+12+8= 56 cards per round times 9 is 504 individual cards. How did you draft your 540 size cube with 4 players?

    And how do you feel about the impact of burning three between players affects the viability of combo in your cube? To me it seems that by the time you get to pick 3, 6 cards have already been burned and it's quite easy to burn a combo piece or wincon. How are your experiences with that? My cube supports storm and kiki combo for example and it's seems all to easy to nerve the combo decks by burning kiki, brain freeze etc.

    As for mesmeric orb it gets used as an alternate wincon alongside oona queen of the fay, as a wincon for the ghostly prison/sphere of safety deck which I support as well as a main support card for all graveyard strategies, reanimator, loam, delve etc. I know it's quite niche but its a powerful build around card and with your move up to 720 I somehow thought you might be tempted to try it out.
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    Long time lurker and much respect for your cube, your articles and for sharing your insights In this thread.

    Two subjects I'd like to pick your brain on...

    1) glimpse drafting seems like a way to theoretically see a large percentage of the cube but because of the burning the actual number of cards an individual drafter sees is quite low. In my playgroup we use a method derived from Winchester draft.

    We make 36 packs of 10 cards and divide those boosters among the number of players (usually 4, incidentally 3 or 5). We draft closed and everyone takes one pick per pack. Once your own booster wheels you get to look at it but not pick again - the remaining cards are discarded.

    Curious on your thoughts on the method compared to glimpse drafting.

    2) Mesmeric Orb been a pet card of mine. Have you ever tried it, considered and what are your thoughts on it?

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