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  • posted a message on Volrath, the Shapestealer (Let's Brew!)
    Quote from cyberium_neo »
    Quote from hotschmalz »
    I'm not certain that soulbound works the way you want it to unfortunately as it's an etb trigger. When Volrath becomes the Wolfir I don't think you get to double up on the +4/+4. You do get 19 damage on the board minus the other advantages though.

    There's also demon of wailing agonies whis is ok i guess but loyal subordinate smacking the table for 6 is pretty nuts.

    I just notice that Volrath could technically trigger every effect at different phase by switching to different creatures. In your example, Volrath could turn into Loyal Subordinate prior to combat to trigger it, then change to Wailing Agonies right before combat damage, then something else before end step, etc.

    Not to be the fun police here but keep in mind that this assumes you're putting counters on all these creatures you intend to copy. And Volrath can't -1/-1 the zombie without killing it. With green you have more than enough ways to get counters on things, I think it's just a matter of balancing the counter cards with the fun copyable creatures.
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  • posted a message on [C19] Mothership Spoilers 8/05 - Volrath, Gift of doom and Vesuvan Shapeshifter reprint
    Quote from Kman »
    What am I missing about Gift of Doom....it doesn't seem good or rare quality at all.

    I don't think Maro should be a source on Lore characters. He has shown a number of times his ignorance of Vorthos related things so I dont know.

    That's not how rarity works for new cards in the commander precons. Mythics are the legends that fit the color identity, rares are the new cards that are only in one of the decks, uncommons are in multiple decks (usually each deck that has that card's color) and commons are in every deck. So a new morph card is definitely going to be "rare."

    edited to add: NEW VOLRATH IS SUPER COOL.
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  • posted a message on [C19] Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero and a new scarecrow.
    New Gerrard is cool. I like that it's a potential combo commander for Boros, and that he cares about artifacts.

    Seems really strong with Krark-Clan Ironworks and mana rocks. KCI, enough mana rocks that enter untapped, and an Ashnod's Altar or other sac outlet for Gerrard, and you can get tons of mana. Not quite infinite, but enough that you should be able to do whatever you want to win afterward. (Or anything that gives you a trigger when a creature or artifact enters or dies also kicks ass)
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  • posted a message on Prismatic Vista
    Quote from The Fluff »
    after about a month, this "fetchland" is still one of the most expensive cards in the set. Should have been printed at uncommon.

    Absolutely infuriating. Thankfully, no one I play EDH with cares if people use proxies (within reason). I will probably never play with a real copy of this card.
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  • posted a message on [RUMOR] The Commander 19 decks will be based on keywords
    I really don't even think I care about what the themes are all that much - but am quite satisfied we are not getting all tribal decks, there has been *too* much emphasis on tribal in my opinion lately. I think the keyword idea is at least interesting, and will make these decks all feel a bit more unique than what we've seen in the past. I have numerous commander decks and don't think I have any built around a single keyword, so that's kind of neat.

    What these decks REALLY need, and what every commander product needs from here on out:
    --Every two-or-three color deck includes the guild signets AND/OR talismans (now that we have ten) for each of its color combos. So a Bant deck should get a U/G signet or talisman, U/W, and W/G. Two-color decks should get the signet *and* talisman in their colors.
    --Monocolor decks should get the Mirage diamond in its color, and at least one other useful 2-mana fixer (thought vessel ideally, mind stone also acceptable)
    --Any 4 or 5 color deck should get at least three signets/talismans, as well as a useful rare 3-mana any color rock (chromatic lantern, coalition relic, or mana geode or darksteel ingot if the deck already has other valuable artifact reprints)
    --Similar rules for nonbasics - give two- and three-color decks dual land variants that come into play untapped, and give 4 and 5 color decks reprints of mana confluence and city of brass, to go along with all the weaker taplands the decks always get.
    --commander's sphere and command tower in every deck, of course. Even monocolor. Extra command towers are useful for everyone.

    There's actually some $ value in many of these cards. And they make all the decks function better. And players with tons of EDH decks can always use more of these, because everything I named is actually good. Give all the decks these, every time, and it would make beginners more competitive *and* make buying the full decks a better proposition for the more seasoned players who are only looking to these for key cards to take and make new decks out of.
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  • posted a message on Major changes to Magic announced at SDCC? (New booster variants and premium styles)
    The end of paper Magic tournaments is nigh. All the "pro" events and qualifiers will be through Arena starting in 2020. Profit margins are higher, and there's no need for judges or TOs, or to scrounge enough physical product on hand to supply players and have prize support.

    I would also not be surprised if the announcement stated that "Throne of Eldraine" will be the last paper Magic product.

    hahahah OPPOSITE! They're printing 10 new alternate art full art foil non foil showcase borderless versions of every card, available in one of 100 new booster pack variants!

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  • posted a message on Major changes to Magic announced at SDCC? (New booster variants and premium styles)
    Camelot meets Grimm Fairy tales... so, Season 5 of Once Upon a Time?

    Ah, see, to the person who asked "how could this theme not resonate?" well, there's your answer Weird

    (I'm sure this will be better than that, though... especially if all the art is Seb's)
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  • posted a message on Building up Mono-White in Commander
    Thanks for the comments!

    A general note on white card draw, that I should have made in my initial post:
    White has always been about balancing and equalizing. In the past, it has often done things to hurt players who get out ahead of you in some way. It has also done things like let you tutor for more lands if a player controls more lands than you. I think allowing white to draw cards when it is catching up to an opponent is another way to achieve this flavorfully for white. (Imagine if, instead of tutoring for a land if an opponent has more lands, Land Tax let you just draw a card if they have more cards in hand.) Likewise, I think a group hug "everyone gets a card" can fit within white, and has in distant the past, even though I agree that it is traditionally and usually more appropriately blue.

    White has certainly done "blatantly nonwhite things" in order to equalize, including in the most recent commander set - Magus of the Balance. I think drawing a card is more in white's style than forcing discard (building up rather than tearing down), so I don't think conditional card draw (only if opponent has more cards in hand than you) on Archon's Tithe is too big a deal. The other abilities, land search and artifact return, are clearly white.

    Repentant Shinobi - yeah, you're probably right that this doesn't really fit in white, but I'm trying to capture a "this guy was about thieving and shady stuff and now tries to fight it" and taking back stolen things made sense. I tacked on the card draw to make the card actually somewhat powerful.

    I do not think Serra's Shrine is broken. Lake of the Dead exists and is a far easier cost to pay than sacrificing something you actually had to cast. I guess the leyline threat is real, in legacy or vintage. I don't take it seriously in commander. I'll tweak the card slightly so that you have to sacrifice a white enchantment.

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  • posted a message on Building up Mono-White in Commander
    So commander/EDH players all know that Boros and monowhite have troubles in the format. Mainly from lack of two of the most important things in commander - ramp and card draw. Here are some white cards intended to help a bit in this regard, while staying true to white's share of the color pie, either historic or current (maybe with a couple of bends or bleeds). A couple notes:
    1. Imagine these would be printed in one or more commander sets. Therefore they are not Modern or Standard legal, and aren't balanced as such. I didn't intend to make Legacy powerhouses either, but it is possible a couple could see Legacy play I guess.
    2. Not all are explicitly ramp or card draw but some try to help in this regard, others are just interesting ideas that I think would help white.
    3. Making new busted white commanders was not my goal, but here are a couple of legends in the mix.
    4. Some of these have heavy white requirements, and that's the point. I'm not trying to make cards that slot into x/w decks, but cards that monowhite can use. One exception is the ninja, which definitely wants to be in a Zedruu deck or something with blue/red permanent swapping (but would also be a great card against blue theft decks).
    5. A couple of these play into white's equalizing, balancing nature, so they let you do things to catch up to an opponent that is ahead of you. I view this as no more a color pie break than any of white's classic balancing cards.

    Collective Meditation 1WW
    Opponents can’t cast spells during your turn.
    At the beginning of your upkeep, each player draws a card.

    -a "rule setting" card (white's thing) along with group hug card draw. The card drawn should help you more, since your opponents are turned off during your turn. I think giving everyone a card is ok for white, even though historically it has been blue. If it's essentially colorless too, I think it works on one white enchantment like this.

    Archon’s Tithe WWW
    If an opponent has more cards in hand than you, draw two cards. Then if an opponent controls more lands than you, search your library for a land card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then if an opponent controls more artifacts than you, return an artifact card from your graveyard to your hand. Then shuffle your library if you searched it this way.

    -intended to catch you up in a variety of ways, potentially a 4-for-1.

    Arc of Justice 1WW
    Choose one - exile target creature or legendary permanent; or the owner of target creature or legendary permanent puts it on top of their library, then you draw a card.

    -white already has great removal, but this can hit lands (in a flavorful for white way, I believe) and can also be a white remand of sorts. This is definitely a color bleed, but I think it is fine for a one-off commander set.

    Kybir, Ally of the Meek 2WW
    Legendary Creature - Giant Ally
    Creatures you control with power 1 or less have indestructible.
    When Kybir enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a creature card with power 1 or less, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

    -an Eos commander, if you want, or just a creature with built-in card advantage that can get important creatures in your 99.

    Thruti, Master Benefactor 1WW
    Legendary Creature - Human Advisor
    Whenever an opponent draws a card, you gain 1 life.
    If an opponent would draw two or more cards, instead you and that player each draw a card.

    -white is about rule setting and equalizing, so a Alms Collector legend makes sense.

    Ivory Empyrion WW
    Creature - Archon
    Whenever an opponent draws a card, if it isn’t the first card drawn during that player’s draw step, put a +1/+1 counter on Ivory Empyrion and Ivory Empyrion gains protection from that player until end of turn.

    -this is another "benefit from opponent card drawing" design. No, it doesn't get you cards itself, but it can become a pretty big threat. If you can make opponents draw cards on your turn consistently, this is a dangerous threat.

    Repentant Shinobi 1W
    Creature - Human Ninja
    Ninjitsu 1W
    Whenever Repentant Shinobi deals combat damage to a player, draw a card for each permanent you own but do not control, then gain control of those permanents.

    -yes, a white ninja, but he's repentant, get it? Giving up his thieving ninja ways, so he joined your team and now he's helping you get your stuff back. It was pointed out that this is really out of color for white so I'm thinking of ways to rework it.

    Serra’s Shrine
    Legendary Land
    Tap: Add 1.
    Tap, Sacrifice a white enchantment: Add WWWW.

    -a white Lake of the Dead. Probably very powerful, but definitely requires building around too.

    Frostveil Plains
    Snow Land - Plains
    (Tap: Add W.)
    Frostveil Plains enters the battlefield tapped.
    Tap: Tap target creature. Use this ability only if you control two other snow permanents.

    -I think it would be cool if having utility lands with the plains land type became more of white's thing. Obvious throwback to Mistveil Plains. Tweaked it, originally it required you to tap a creature of your own as well but required less snow commitment.

    I hope you like some of these. Let me know what you think!
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  • posted a message on Retraining some cards from Legends
    These are cool, seem fairly balanced, and would be worthy additions to a commander set or a time spiral style set.

    My favorite is Ramirez - it's like he gives your pirates "treasure ninjitsu"!
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  • posted a message on New Phyrexia Dad Joke - one day late
    This is great, and deserves some (belated) love.

    Also, this seems pretty strong!
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  • posted a message on Paradox Engine
    If I can jump in here - the difference, to me, between prophet and PE is that prophet is a really, really, really, unfairly good card for fair games of commander. It isn't a pure cEDH card.

    PE, on the other hand, is a vicious combo enabler. It's a card you want in combo decks, and it wins.

    PoK "took over" what should have been 75% games of EDH. PE drives your deck into becoming 90-100% deck, just by virtue of being such a powerful (but "narrow") combo card.

    I'm not saying PE should or shouldn't be banned because of this, I'm just pointing out how I feel the two cards occupy different spaces in EDH. Prophet felt "fair" in some ways and slotted so easily into fair decks, but then was actually obscenely powerful and made it so any "fair" deck should just run prophet and warp itself around that card. PE will never be mistaken for a fair card, it will never just get slotted into a deck, but a deck that wants to go off will want it. It hits a very different deckbuilding sweet spot, that isn't occupied by as many EDH players. But within that band, it is immensely powerful, and does possess qualities of a bannable card.

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  • posted a message on Bag of Holding (Saving Throw Show Preview)
    Oh wow. This can do some fun things. My group hug deck only plays a couple of wheels but I think it still wants to at least try this.
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  • posted a message on Gargos, Vicious Warden and Cavalier of Squall (storms?)
    Quote from NGW »
    Gargos being monogreen is such a letdown and really makes little sense if they wanted to push him as the new face of hydra tribal decks, other than that though he is an impressive card. Big body with great abilities and undercosted to boot.

    Blue cavalier is arguably the best of that cycle as well. Natch.

    The hydra is part of a "iconic creature type" cycle - with the angel, the demon, the sphinx, and presumably a dragon that is yet to be spoiled.

    Also, there aren't any important red hydras. G/R is only a hydra thing because of Mosheen.
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  • posted a message on Vilis, Broker of Blood
    Quote from Werewolf_Rawr »
    I miss the days of super powerful demons requiring some sort of drawback to play or keep it.

    The flavor just felt so much more on point.

    These days they just feel like black angels. They’re all upside. Stronger cards for sure as this is another very powerful example.

    In fairness, this does require you to lose life to draw cards, which is a similar "drawback" to all classically powerful black card draws. But yeah, this is a very easy one and since there are already so many black things that require you to pay life for things, this can quickly become just free cards on top of whatever the life payment was getting you.

    This seems a good deal closer to Yawgmoth's Bargain or Griselbrand than it does to Razaketh. Wouldn't be shocked if this proves too strong and needs a ban.
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