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  • posted a message on Ixidron

    Is this effect the same as manifest so that the creatures can be returned to face up status by paying mana cost? Additionally if a commander is turned face down is it still a commander? (IE still valid target for "target commander" and/or deals "commander damage"

    Card name fixed for tags to work. It's Ixidron. I'm also changing the thread title so it's searchable by other people looking for answers about the card. -MadMage
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  • posted a message on Bronzehide lion with mimic vat
    Just trying to see if I have this correct. Bronzehide Lion dies and I have mimic Vat in play.
    1) assume I have the option of trigger order and can either send lion back to battlefield as enchantment or turn him over to mimic vat
    2) assuming it goes to mimic vat and I create a token end of turn it is exiled and would not trigger but if I should sac it or otherwise get it killed and the token having the command on it of "when it dies, return it to the battlefield. It's an aura enchantment with....." then returns for as many enchantments as I want. tokens hit the graveyard and the trigger takes place like tokens do so would it be returned before the state based effect removes it?
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