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  • posted a message on Premodern Grixis or Esper - Suggestions on how to make a decent deck
    Hello everyone! I would like to make an EDH-deck where every card is from the premodern-era. I loved the artwork on these cards as a teenager during the 90s, and it just sounds so awesome to have a nostalgia-deck to play with.

    My first thought was to make a Grixis deck with Nicol Bolas as the commander, but also have So'Kanar the Swamp King in the deck as a reserve. Here my first thought was some kind of reanimator-deck since I also have a weakspot for Sneak attack, and I like to play reanimator in general. My fear is that this might not work that well since the cardpool is kind of limited for awesome creatures to reanimate, but I could be wrong.

    My second thought was to make Esper because of Dakkon Blackblade and Chromium. Here the best commander is probaly Ertai, the Corrupted? I'm not sure what directions would be best suited for Esper, but I guess it must be some sort of control-shell. White also give access to better boardwipes, and I get to play Land Tax for the beautiful artwork.

    Since blue is in both Esper and Grixis, I plan on including many steal-effects such as Control Magic, Empress Galina and Treachery to play with my opponents card that have a higher power level.

    I realize that the deck will struggle against newer and better cards, but I still want to make one of these decks. My main concern is winconditions, and it probably needs to be a combo of some kind. I don't want the deck to rely solely on combo to win, but I guess it might be hard to achieve otherwise. I'm not sure what that combo might be, but maybe something like Palinchron + High Tide+ something else? Or maybe Power Artifact + Basalt Monolith. I have most of the artifactcards required for this combo, but I'm also interested in combos based on creatures that also will be ok to play on their own.

    I would love to hear your suggestions on how to make this deck, and what combos I can use to eventually win the game. If you have decklists to share for inspiration, that would also be highly appreciated.

    (Budget is not that big of a concern since I plan on making this a petdeck of mine. Once the deck is complete there will never be released a new card for the deck, so I guess that's nice)
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