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  • posted a message on Enchantress
    i think meletis is underrated in this aggro heavy format.
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  • posted a message on Big Fat Green Slappers
    so i do fairly well so far against everything that isn't monoblack or heavy black control. dunno if i'm making too many changes before Theros... maybe arasta and that new spear in the board somehow

    4 llanowar elf
    4 elf mystic
    2 scavenging ooze
    4 jadelight ranger
    3 steel leaf champ
    3 love struck beast
    2 rhonas, the indomitable
    3 questing beast
    3 ripjaw raptor
    4 voracious hydra
    2 ghalta

    3 vivien, arkbow ranger
    2 nissa,who shakes the world

    2 nykthos
    2 castle garenbridge
    17 forest

    3 pithing needle
    3 grafdiggers cage
    3 return to nature
    3 shifting ceratops
    3 shapers' sanctuary (mvp)

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  • posted a message on Enchantress
    also you get cards like archon of sun's grace, arasta, destiny spinner, the birth of meletis... i think this is underrated as hell
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