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  • posted a message on Most fun casual competitive deck recommendations for me?
    My play group has anywhere from casual to casual-competitive decks(Depending on the night). We frown upon extra turns, going infinite and blowing up all lands. “Win the game” cards okay as a few players have them. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a deck build that is just a blast to play but still be able to fight in a competitive table. Im open to all colors but am partial to blue, black, green. Any play style works. I do not have a budget but less is better. I can’t justify $100+ cards(so i guess a budget). Combos and mana are fine as long as its not infinite.

    Just looking for a deck that is really run and interactive and will make players say “man, that is a sick deck...i wish i had it”

    I currently own a elsha, k’rrik, yarok, and ur dragon deck. Looking for my next suggestion, Thanks!
    Posted in: Commander (EDH)
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