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  • posted a message on Traveler's Amulet over land
    Apologies if this thread is in the wrong place: my first post a new forum

    In the upcoming Theros Prerelease, I'm thinking about running basically every Traveler's Amulet I get in place of a land. My logic is that for two mana (over two turns if need be), it effectively trims land from the deck: a small price to pay for a lower chance of topdecking land late game. The two cost is potentially bad if I needed a land drop this turn, but I imagine that will be rather unlikely since amulets can be played from turn 1. Traveler's Amulet also provides early Escape fuel, potentially for things like the Elder Giants.

    Has anyone had a similar thought process? How did it turn out? Any glaring flaws I'm missing?
    Posted in: Limited (Sealed, Draft)
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