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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Quote from FunkyDragon »
    I'm just getting sick of your trite "anything that magic players hate is good for the game" line.... But you've proven again and again that you just want to be contrarian, make inflammatory statements, and then play the victim - "Oh, I got banned for having an opinion."

    Just about the day this exchange happened, I had my own with this guy. This is eerily similar to what I said, down to calling it "trite", repetitive, and saying he "plays the victim".


    Never mind the fact that you can't make a cube that fits his standard of "everything magic players hate is good". He is, presumably, a magic player. So only cards he doesnt want to put in a cube should be cards he wants to put into his cube. Unless of course he's the only magic player who knows better.

    On top of that, different players hate different things. If he's going to defend One with nothing, should he defend coin flip cards? Dexterity cards? Voltaic key into time vault? Un cards? Tibalt? Winston draft? Combat damage on the stack? Where in that oft repeated line is anything actionable that anyone else can work with?
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Quote from from="SaltMaster 5000 »" url="/forums/the-game/the-cube-forum/pauper-peasant-discussion/193990-the-peasant-cube-discussion-thread-c-u?comment=14715 »
    So instead of getting banned again for daring to have an opinion

    You seriously need to reassess the reason why you got banned.

    Phitt's definition of parasitic makes sense to me. If something is unplayable outside of the normal aggro-to-control schemes, that's parasitic.
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  • posted a message on Is ___________ good in Peasant?

    Rapacious One
    By then, a 5/4 trample is too slow. We have Charging monstrosaur now.

    Magma Burst
    This card saw some play temporarily around here. But I misread the card really badly; I didn't realize you needed to split the damage. Probably too clunky.

    Brimstone Mage
    Personal favorite, but the investment takes too long if everyone has an efficient machine going.

    3 mana for a conditional zombify of your favorite dead creature is not a good rate.

    Not worth a card usually to do this. Especially since you will have creatures that don't get anything out of it.

    Fade Away
    Too much variance.

    Stronghold Biologist
    Turning lands into remove souls is a great idea. But I would imagine that it is built too fairly. Incredibly slow vs even a midrange deck with good pressure, and obviously it telegraphs your intentions.

    War Tax
    Paying a ton of mana to ask your opponent to pay mana sounds like losing. I guess, however, it could lock a game out in super ramp.

    drawing 2 cards every 5 turns, that are only lands... no good.

    Cloud of Faeries
    A 1/1 flier for 1 is well known to be not a good card, and this one even misses the opportunity to attack on turn 2. It tries to make up for it by having cycling, but that's not enough.

    Disruptive Student!
    But it disrupts you by costing you a card. On the draw, your opponent doesn't start caring about this until their turn 5. Oof.

    Coral Barrier
    If the token was straight unblockable, it's still not good enough. 1 damage just isn't where you want to be for 3 mana.

    Thassa's Ire
    Icy manipulator.

    Spore Frog
    Unless you're recurring this 7 times, it's gotta be bad, right?

    Ice Floe
    Taking a stone rain to "kill a creature that attacked you this turn"... might not be the worst idea I've heard all day? If you play it in the middle of your board development, it's more like playing a 0 mana Melancholy on a creature that attacked you. Test this one.

    Kabira Vindicator
    Slower than..... me coming up with a PC joke for this card review.
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  • posted a message on c19 - aka what kind of busted treats are we getting this time?
    Jesus Christ, managing 4.5 cubes at once is so difficult with all these releases.

    But this is a good card, with a fair play pattern.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Btw salt, just to add on to your previous post, cards like lightning helix and terminate are part of an ideological divide that we've had for years.

    Some people recognize that they are going to put in the color appropriate decks 100% of the time and think that fits their criteria. Other people, like myself, want their gold cards to offer as much uniqueness as possible while subtracting as little raw power as possible.

    Like, if I only get 2 or 3 slots, I wouldnt want to miss out on something really interesting because mortify or terminate exists.
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  • posted a message on Why Pauper/Peasant?
    Well, in my BadCardsCube I still run wrath effects, they just cost 6 or 7. I'm sure that our format could handle something like Fated Retribution if it can handle sulfurous blast.
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  • posted a message on Why Pauper/Peasant?
    [quote from="n00b1n8R »" url="/forums/the-game/the-cube-forum/pauper-peasant-discussion/812501-why-pauper-peasant?comment=26"]

    It's not really about rarity, it's about power level.

    I have been interested in a sort of... perfectly balanced cube, where every card is as close as possible in power level. Clearly this is impractical with preexisting magic cards for numerous reasons (including the fact that I'd be excluding even interesting designs that make playing the game memorable), but you could probably set up a "worst card" and "best card" standard for your cube and stick cards of every rarity in between.

    So like... Cloudgoat ranger could be the upper bound of power and something like... coldsteel heart or ... blood ogre could be your lower bound. Honestly, this should open you up to a more diverse cardpool which helps more niche archetypes, balances aggro and control, etc.
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  • posted a message on Evaluate Everything
    Take your time. The cards will always be there.
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  • posted a message on Why Pauper/Peasant?
    Let's even grant the premise that the move to hexproof was a misstep. Good for you, a point in your favor.

    Meanwhile, there is all this other stuff to talk about. Ignoring the hyperbolic tangent around banding and splice that you went on.

    Let's start with the claim that you're a troll. No, I dont think you're a troll. I think trolls aren't genuine when they talk, and I think you are. Which is probably worse.

    Why worse? Because when you say things like this...:
    "I didn't derail the thread, I pointed out why I thought that people stuck with Pauper rarity for their cubes"

    ...after basically leading with this unforced error...:
    "Anything that Magic players hate is good for the game, so that's partly why I play them."

    ...and then later have these things to say before anyone addresses you...:
    "After playing Magic for a year, I've learned that Magic players are incapable of nuance."
    "I've been accused of trolling because I disagreed with The Council's decision on The One True 360."

    ...it means you don't notice that you're being a provacatour. Without responding to anyone in particular, without keeping on topic, and without anyone else talking about you, you made this thread about *you*. And then you feel capable of being the victim here, even though you dragged in all this baggage that nobody asked for.

    I've gotten into some extremely heated discussions with the pauper people through the years. To the point where I have very little love for that side of the forum. So when even I am siding with them, consider that evidence that it's unlikely to be entirely a problem on their end.
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  • posted a message on Why Pauper/Peasant?
    Oh my
    Havent seen one of these in a while...

    "I'd argue that anyone that likes Arena actively does want the game to die, btw."

    "Lab Rats is not far off in power level from Sprout Swarm"

    "I've never seen people that want a balanced game"

    " It's probably the majority of Magic players.
    At the very least it's the majority of the forum goers in the general thread."

    and the coup de grace

    "listening to what they say and doing the exact opposite that's the correct move. …. That's all you need to know about Magic players. Anything that Magic players hate is good for the game."

    all before this:

    "Can you see why people hate me? Because I have an opinion."

    it's not because you have *an* opinion.


    Nice derailment, though.

    "and then (someone) threw a fit so now there isn't any discussion happening in the thread at all."

    Somehow I can sense some commonality incoming. Somehow
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  • posted a message on Why Pauper/Peasant?
    1) Power level
    Like you said, you could just try and shave off the nonsense from a traditional cube. But by dropping into peasant you get a prepackaged format with a community that already has done that work, and now you have other people to talk to in this predefined space.
    Fwiw, there really are very few true uncommons that breach the power level concerns. Mostly mistake artifacts like Sol ring or skullclamp.

    2) Price
    Self explanatory.

    3) Novel experience
    Peasant has a much more "magic" feel than the other formats, imo. The power level is a lot like a casual deck, and you get to play with nostalgic or memorable cards that dont make sense in other formats, like curse of predation. Some people even call them "aggro cubes" or "combat cubes".

    Ive had mine for over 10 years. Highly recommended
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] Biggest Busts
    If hes able to activate it more than one or two times per game on average (never mind even 5 times), I think there's likely an issue with the drafters or the cube. Games probably shouldn't go on for *that* long, even without a large win condition.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Define similar?
    The average 360 cube should be in aggregate the most similar for people. By definition.

    If you want to compare to, say, my cube, I think you just need the cubetutor ID number for the cubes in question, which is that number at the end of the URL. My peasant number would be 274, for example. And my orzhov cube is 96360.

    Unless I dont understand your question
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Cubetutor has a normal function that lists the average cubes for each major cube type, and by size. It's not a premium feature.

    Also, band together probably just hasn't been updated on enough lists.

    Besides, there are probably a ton of zombie accounts now that are dragging the average cube lists into the past. slowing the avg list algorithm even more
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  • posted a message on Peasant Core 2020 Thread
    I dont know if the vanguard is consistent enough without help. I dont have a good way to calculate how frequently you can get those tokens through to accumulate a few. I would want an average of 1.5 or 1.6 to make the card worth it, I think.
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