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    We played both ways, special action and instant speed. We didn’t see much difference. And I hear what you are saying about diving the future, but we added that monstrosity of a rule so that people quitting wouldn’t be a meta game strategy. I really wish I could word it better, if you have any ideas I’d love to hear them. Thanks for the input
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    Created by Nick Antonelli, While goofing off after watching "The Mandalorian" we came up with this game, a super political format that can be added to any other game mode. hope you all enjoy

    Bounty Hunter Format, a casual multiplayer format of MTG

    All normal MTG rules and sub-rules apply when playing the Bounty Hunter format

    Bounty- An emblem that players can use to reward other players for helping them deal with specific cards or permanents. A bounty indicates that the controller of that bounty wants a card or permanent to change states or zones. The controller of a bounty may designate how that permanent or card is to change states or zones.(examples: counter that spell, destroy or exile, return to hand, shuffle into library) An unspecified bounty is a contract to nullify the threat that that card or permanent represents. Upon completion of a contract, the emblem changes control to the completer of the contract, that player draws a card, and may get treasure tokens.

    Bounties read- Pay "x": put x contract tokens on a chosen card or permanent. you may specify the terms of the contract. When another player who does not control the card or permanent fulfills the contract they gain control of this emblem and create "x" treasure tokens, and draw a card.

    x: (x may be 0)choose one:
    remove all contract tokens associated with this bounty from a card or permanent, cancel that contract
    Add “x“ contract tokens to the card or permanent associated with this bounty, you may change the terms of the contract.
    Activate this ability only at sorcery speed

    Contract- a quest issued by a controller of a bounty, stating that the target of the contract is to change game zones or states in either a specified or unspecified way.

    At the beginning of the game all players are given a number of personalized bounty emblems equal to the number of starting players minus 2. they may use these bounties to make contracts. (we use bounty emblems that we made ourselves, and put them in different colored sleeves for each player image is attached)

    Bounties can be placed at instant speed,

    Contracts can only be altered or removed at sorcery speed.

    If a card or permanent with a bounty changes zones in a way that does not fulfill the contract, then the contract is nullified and returned to its controller. (example: player 1 has a contract to destroy a creature, player 2 plays a Wrath of God, in response player 3 plays cloudshift, targeting the creature with the bounty. The stack is then left to resolve, cloudshift flickers the creature, removing the bounty, Wrath of God destroys the creature. The bounty is returned to its controller, player 1)

    Players may create contracts using any number of bounties they control (even ones that they earned from other players)

    Players cannot collect bounties placed on cards or permanents they control.
    Players cannot collect bounties they control.

    A player wins if they own at least one bounty from all living opponents.

    If a player Is eliminated from the game. The player that made them loose is awarded all bounties that player controlled, draw that many cards, but does not create any treasure tokens. Bounties on the losing player’s permanents and cards are returned to their controllers.

    If a player resigns from the game, all bounties they control are returned to their owners. Bounties on cards and permanents they control are returned to their controllers.

    In the event of a draw, the player with the most bounties that they do not own wins the game.
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