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    Hey guys so last year I ended up buying a good bit of speculation "trash" from kaladesh & amonkhet mostly and was initially thinking about going ahead and offloading them while selling some cards to help with bills while I'm on leave from work. However with pioneer recieving so much praise I'm thinking about holding them to see where they go.

    Spire of Industry
    Whir of Invention
    Soul-scar mage
    Bomat courier
    Sram, Senior Edificer
    Inspiring Statuary
    Mirage Mirror
    Harsh Mentor
    Aether Hub
    Scrap Trawler
    Lifecrafter's bestiary

    Keep in mind when I say speculation I normally dont go over 40 unless I am certain or have backup from multiple people the card will spike short-term.

    I also have other smaller spec piles but those were the ones I hit around 40 on.

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