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  • posted a message on MTG Gatherer Extractor v7.0 (Database & Pics Assistant)
    Hi, i made an investigation and I am not sure its intentional.. i explain...

    By looking at what happens when i download C21, I can see that 439 cards are found into Gather"er Extractor, even if at the end I have way less scans in the disk. Gatherer DO download these crazy scans.

    Problem is.. that in my settings, scans are to be saved with "card name". And all these alternate versions of cards, have the same name of the standard version... so the second variant overwrite the first scan in the disk.

    In fact I had a check on the disk while it was still downloading... and I could see the normal version of a card, while at the end of the processing, in the disk there was the "extended art" version. The first scan had been downloaded at the beginning, but it was overwritten by the second variant with the same name.

    I can see there are options to name scans differently, but none of them is related to the variant.

    I use thse scans with Forge, which uses every possible variant... and the very same name for jpgs... it would be sufficient to name the scans with name+variant.full.jpg, when there are variants of the scan.

    Like "Adrix and Nev, Twincasters1.full.jpg" and "Adrix and Nev, Twincasters2.full.jpg" for instance. If the software provided this option, that would be great!

    Anyway, thank you for the software even if you should decide that adding this option isnt worthy. Its awwesome!!!

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  • posted a message on MTG Gatherer Extractor v7.0 (Database & Pics Assistant)

    In the last times, WOTC got crazy into releasing new sets with borderless cards, extended art cards, alternate art cards, promos, buy a box, and so on. It seems Gatherer Extractor does not handle correctly all of these: it only downloads "standard" cards.

    For instance, I tried to download the full set of C21 by using your awesome software, but by choosing the box "C21" in the left menu,I get 329 scans and 26 tokens. The address https://scryfall.com/sets/c21 has 409 scans, and the C21 token page has 30 tokens.

    It seems that Gatherer Extractor misses the alternate cards when downloading the full set, and some other.

    C21 is just an example.

    Thank you for your awesome software!
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  • posted a message on MTG Gatherer Extractor v7.0 (Database & Pics Assistant)
    Hi, thank you for your awesome work!!

    Is there a way - in gatherer Extractor - to extract the png in 745x1040 format? I'd like to get the card images in png 745x1040, and named "*.full.png" ......

    It is the same image you download individually on each card page, from the web site of Scryfall...

    Like this one for example (card url and png url):


    By looking at the api, there should be an option to download that format too, with the API:


    Thank you for this awesome software!!!
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