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    Quote from Avatarof »
    It's hard even to think about 70 who else would you guys like to see?, just named these from the top of my head, this set has to cross most of those old "legends" that never got a card

    You are focusing a lot on dominaria, there are lot of character from other planes
    A lot of Ravnican characters: Simic, CIsarzim, Svogthir, Myczil, Zomac Hauj, Pivlic, Azor PW, ghost Agrus Kos or ghost Szadek.
    From Mirrodin there are some minor character like Bruenna or Malil. They can even try with Slobad planeswalker
    Kamigawa has Kyodai/Sisters of Flesh and Spirit
    Lorwyn has some characters too, most important Colfenor
    Alara has Crucius as a possible pw
    Innistrad has the fourth sister but also the siblings from Davriel's story
    Ixalan has the Grim Captain, queen Miralda and emperor Apatzec. Also the merfolk rier heralds
    Eldraine has the most important character of all, Syr Branigan. And "gingerbread lady".

    Yeah, you are right, it's just that most characters from old-lore are from Dominaria, we can't forget ravnica too, we have been there recently but there are some paruns without a card- Svogthir,Cisarzim,Mat'Selesnya
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    It's going to be a pain to wait over a year for commander legends Frown the only product I want in 2020
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