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  • posted a message on Banned and restricted announcement December 2nd
    Was Field really THAT bad? I have played a bunch of paper tournaments and no one was playing it. I have seen a ton of red based decks. Most were aggro but I have seen some Phoenix decks
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  • posted a message on [THB] Theros: Beyond Death Leaks
    Quote from Faruel »
    First she creates 3 soldiers, second she has a built in finisher with her ultimate at -7 and a good board wipe at -3. She was strong with every ability.

    We had standard iterations dominated by Planeswalkers that doesn't create any tokens. So nah. I don't think that a token generation need to be a minus ability.

    Giving Elspeth a + ability in conjunction with Oko's +1 ability is a 3/3 creature and a 1/1 every turn with no draw back. Everyone would just play both. WOTC was not going to do this after banning Field of the Dead
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