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  • posted a message on Recently came up with a fun MTG drinking game with my friends!
    Over the many years of drinking and playing magic we've experimented with a ton of different fun drinking rules. More just out of boredom than anything. But a while back I actually decided to post one on a website I help write for.


    We call it Magic The Slathering.

    This game works by spending your unused mana to get the opponent drunk. Each different type of mana can be used.

    White Mana - Spend 1 white mana to block the next drink that would be given to you until your next turn. Treat as a sorcery.

    Blue Mana - Spend 1 blue mana to counter any drinks given to you from a single source. Treat as an instant.

    Black Mana - Spend 1 black mana to make target opponent drink two times, you also drink once. Treat as a sorcery.

    Red Mana - Spend 1 red mana to make target opponent to drink once. Treat as an instant.

    Green Mana - Spend 1 green mana. Next time you or target opponent gives out a drink, give out 1 extra. Treat as a sorcery.

    More in depth rules and such can be found at the link above. I enjoyed this game because you can basically choose how much drinking you want to do by choosing your mana types. What do you guys think? Any rules you'd add or take away?
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