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  • posted a message on Post-ban Hogaak deck idea?
    This is what made sense to me according to the rulings but I wasn't sure because technically vengvine would be in the graveyard as demon finishes resolving
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  • posted a message on Post-ban Hogaak deck idea?
    Hi I've built basically the deck you suggested here golgari zombies with demon of death's gate, I'd be happy to share my list, haven't even had the chancr to play it yet. I've been trying to figure out if this works though...

    Turn one play stitchers supplier mill 0 vengevines
    Turn 2 play lazotep reaver and amass 1
    Next on turn 2 cast demon of death's gate sacrificing supplier lazotep reaver and the token
    Second creature spell for turn is being cast and what if supplier mills a vengevine on its dies trigger I'm wondering does this vengvine see the demon and trigger to come back?
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