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  • posted a message on I haven't played in 15 years. Building Orzhov and Gruul Dragons

    I haven't played in 15 years and I'm a bit lost with all the changes (plameswalkers, treasures, food, and thousands of new cards) and need a little help.

    1. Creatures for my Orzhov deck

    I rely on Enchantments for deterrence (No Mercy which destroys creatures that damage me, Grave Pact that forces other players to sacrifice a creature if one of mine die) and feel comfortable with my blend of enchantments and removal.

    What I'm struggling with are the blend of creatures.

    I bought some Rebels so I could get troops out quickly. If I'm running 30 creatures and have 15 rebels I didn't know if I should partner them with Mercenaries, Zombies, Eldrazi, or Angeles. I like all four ideas. Eldrazi might be two Mana expensive. I noticed there's also alot of sorceries that create 1/1 or 2/2 tokens that I could use as well. This seems smart as I can get multiple creatures out with one card. If I paired Rebels with the conspiracy card then I could tutor for other creatures as well. Any thoughts?

    2. A Red Green Dragon Deck

    I planned to use green for ramp, Elves for Mana and red for board clears, land destruction and Dragons. This deck I thought about pairing with Eldrazi with annilator if the mana is there.

    My main question here is how do I get Dragonstorm or Dragon Roost to work?

    Thank you
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