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    Sorry if this is not the correct forum to post this. It's my first day on this site and I find it very confusing.

    Anyways...I need some help on deciding on how to go about building a deck. I only recently got into edh and previously played standard/pauper. All of my cards are from old standard and pauper decks I had. (Standard decks are from eldritch moon to amonkhet, so mostly newer cards). And most of the cards I have are more controllish, lots of blue and white stuff.

    I don't have many big creatures or ramp cards or cards that puke out millions of 15/15 tokens, but everyone at my LGS does.

    So naturally I've been building combo decks because that's the only way I can even compete. But pretty much everyone I play gets annoyed when I combo off. This makes it no fun for anybody at the table.

    So, what can I do about this? Every time I build a fair or creature based deck it just gets stomped out early every game. And every time I make a control/combo deck people just get pissy that I'm "not playing magic". How do I make a deck that can survive this extra big creature meta when I don't have creatures that can stand up to my opponents? I am on an extreme budget (can spend less than 5 dollars a week on cards).

    Not so much looking for specific cards to play, but just ideas on a direction I can take for a new deck.

    Commanders I have access to are:
    Niv mizzet parun
    Anafenza the foremost (although i have very few green cards)
    Merieke ri beret
    Etrata the silencer
    Tymaret the murder king
    Adeliz the cinder wind
    And Dromoka the eternal
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