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  • posted a message on The Underworld Escapes from [Clan Mono-Black]
    Quote from Chiligyro
    So, I see there is a new clan contest, is it something we should participate in? I have a few ideas, but I have no way of knowing if they would turn out well.

    We certainly could if you have something you want to put forward for it. I'm not so much a fan of how lacking in structure this one is.
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  • posted a message on The Underworld Escapes from [Clan Mono-Black]
    Not sure I can ever support cutting Ravenous Rats from a deck. Wink

    Throat Slitter is good though.
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  • posted a message on The Underworld Escapes from [Clan Mono-Black]
    Quote from Chiligyro
    I have submitted our entry. I did not have time to make it that much more detailed than what I showed in the spoiler, due to having been busy with real life issues. My granddad passed away a few days ago, so I have been spending time with the family discussing funeral arrangements and such so didn't have time to write that much. It was expected that he would pass away soon since he had terminal cancer, but you can never really plan yourself out of it and it still seems unreal when it happen.

    That's fine, family is certainly the more important concern.

    I was in the same spot a few years ago (grandma on my dad's side). When the realization hits It will be rough. It will get better.
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  • posted a message on The Underworld Escapes from [Clan Mono-Black]
    Quote from Chiligyro
    I have been writing more of the introduction and I thought it would be a good idea to see if you have any input to add for further understanding of the plane. I still have a bit more I might to add, but since multiple brains think better than one (which is why humans got two I guess), I found it appropriate to ask for ideas. Also, I do not believe I have used any clichés, but if I have used any and you deem them inappropriate for this contest, I can try to rethink another wording and/or solution.
    A Planeswalker's Guide to Atermunos


    When first arriving on Atermunos, one will notice that there is no sun. The plane is heated by the seismic activity of the underground and light is almost non-existant.

    Yet in these hard conditions life is still present, however be careful when walking around, since predators lurk in the dark. The absense of light has made it so almost no living creature has eyes, so their other senses are sharpened to the extreme and even the smallest noise can lead to a premature end. The hostility of the wildlife has lead the plane to have no non-predatory animals, and the only organized inhabitants would be the angelic tribes in the sky, the demons of the deep and a tribe of fishlike creatures known as scaroths who prowls the few watery areas.
    This is a world endless darkness with no law or order, except for a few places in the sky where the angels roam. Though, the darkness has corrupted their sense of of judgment and they are on an endless crusade to purge all living and undead in the realm. A local saying goes: A flapping of wings brings an end to things.
    Deep in the underground, home of the Geshk geomancers have devoted themselves to keep the world running, protected by massive golems and fiery elementals, these geomancers spend their lives controlling the seismic activity of the planet. You do not have to go far away from the chambers of the Geshk to find the demonic tribes. Performing sacrificial rites, capturing, enslaving and feasting on hapless creatures, these demons seek to dominate the world. Aided by their shades, which roam freely in the darkness, you never know when the demon strikes.
    Despite the power of wildlife, no life without water, and drinking water is a dangerous task. The scaroths occupy the waters, the best can even feel slight disturbances from miles away and the scarots usually trap the ponds, so getting away is an immensely difficult task as well.
    In the late years the darkness has extended its reach, it is not the demons who has begun taking over. A foreign power has appeared and has twisted the fragile power balance. When it first arrived it was so weak that nobody noticed it, as it grew more powerful, residents of the realm could sometimes hear whispers woth promise of power in exchange for eternal servitude. The ones who take the offer give up their lifeforce and serves as powerful undead protectors of Nightwalker's domain. Guarded by the undead protectors the Nightwalker's power has reached unparalled powers in the plane and has set his machinations in motion and begun taking over the plane.

    Places of Interrest on Atermunos:


    Skyhenge is an oddity on Atermunos, located in the sky where the air is so cold that even a fire elemental would be freeze to the core, the largest angelic tribe resides. It is also one of the few places where there is light as the angels emit it. There is hardly any angels there except for the guards and the holy council as the angels spend all their time culling the life and unlife of the plane in the name of their master: Moriath. In Skyhenge there is only one place guarded better than the holy council. That place is the lifeforge, where souls of angels fallen in combat returns to and reincarnates.

    The Preying Grounds:

    Atermunos largest inhabitated surface area is known as The Preying Grounds. Located on top of a very large seismic active area, there is some sort of vegetation and the place houses the strongest and meanest predators of Atermunos. Even the angels never approach this place, unless their numbers are significant, but even then the casualities would be immense. It is rumored that there exists a predator who has lived on the plane since its creation, however noone has ever seen it and lived to tell the tale, so it is only speculation. It is the place where the mightiest predators of other places go to by need, when they have run out of prey where they come from and most of them are nothing compared to the average inhabitant of The Preying Grounds. So proceed with caution.

    The Underground:

    The set of tunnels and chambers in Atermunos is simply known as The Underground. In The Undergound you will find the Geshk and the demons. The top layers of the tunnels and chambers are usually housed by the Geshk. However, if you go further down the demons infest the tunnels and chambers. It has not always been like that, but since the Nightwalker's appearence the demons have been force out of the Heart of Darkness, which is a stronghold deepest down in the underground. The demons appearence in the tunnels have made the Geshk start using their golems again, which had been standing as motionless guardsmen for centuries.

    Heart of Darkness:

    Located deep in the underground, the Heart of Darkness is a stronghold carved out directly from the stone and decorated with bones of countless dead. Formerly the fortress of the demons, this place now serve as residence for the Nightwalker. The corridors are filled with undead abominiations and only the cruel art, decorations and sacrificial chambers reminds of the fact that there was once demonic overlords who ruled this place. The fortress itself have an impregnable defense, which is why nobody ever believed it would fall. The only entrace is known as the skeleton gate, not because of who guards it or what it is made from, but because of the huge pile of skeletons lying around outside it from the enemies who tried to break through it.

    The Fever Sea:

    Drinking water from The Fever Sea is not for the faint of heart or people with a weak stomache. It has gotten its name from the many bodies floating around in the water, the prey of the Scaroths. Somewhere in the deep underwater caverns the Scaroths live. The Scaroths however, is not the only ones who swim the sea, krakens and leviathans are common sightings as well and just like the rest of Atermunos, only the strongest of them survives. The waterbanks and sea are filled with clever traps engineered by the Scaroths to catch unaware prey or weaken the mighty predators so they become killable.

    The Nightwalker's Influence:

    Since the Nightwalker arrived the power balance has tilted. Necromancy was not an art practiced by any beings on Atermunos and the power to reanimate the mighty predators has destroyed the fickle power balance of the hunters and the hunted. It is said that the Nightwalker wants to absorb the lifeforce of all the beings on Atermunos to gain power to have his revenge on a being so powerful that almost destroyed him some time ago. His promises of power have lead many to follow him, he is even said to have a network of prominent figures in the different tribes who informs him about the progress of the plane and subdues creatures for him to feast on. They are the most powerful of his followers, who retained their life and free will, and willingly serve the Nightwalker in their lust for power.
    The recent occurence of unlife on the plane has also made the angel Moriath intensify the purging of the plane and ordered the angels to mutilate every enemy they face to prevent them from rising again. Though, even the angels are infested by spies of the Nightwalker and the increased purges might even be a part of his plan, since it is impossible to say how far his reach really has gone.

    I'm not much of a writer, but as a heads up the deadline is the 2nd. Is there anything you were wanting to finalize? I can design something as the 'prerelease promo' portion unless you had some actual card ideas in mind already.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Card Sleeves and Protectors Discussion
    Quote from holynorth
    Who all double sleeves?

    If you had to estimate, how much more volume does it add for 75 cards? Will a 75 still fit inside one of those ultra pro magnet boxes with the flip tops?

    Maybe 30%? Possibly less after they settle down.

    75 double-sleeved will fit in the magnet boxes with room for a maybe 3-4 token cards and that's it. It's how I normally carry my tournament decks.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Card Sleeves and Protectors Discussion
    Quote from holynorth
    Is there any problem with the height of the Hyper Mattes? I am purchasing my first legacy deck and would like to get some new sleeves for them. I like the idea of the textured back, but I'm worried about my new cards getting chipped. I'm not exactly fond of the extra width of the deck from double sleeving.

    I've had no problems with them so far, but they are a touch shorter than I like.
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  • posted a message on Clan Contest: Blockbusters Redux — [Redacted] Wins!
    [CMB] is in.
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  • posted a message on The Underworld Escapes from [Clan Mono-Black]
    In other news, next contest is up!

    This one looks pretty interesting.
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.
    Quote from ropebreezy
    Thanks! Gonna sneak one more in:

    Rout or Martial Coup

    Has to be Rout. I like Martial Coup quite a bit, but it really isn't good before 7 mana and that's not a good spot for a sweeper you may need to stabilise.
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  • posted a message on Most awkward game you've ever played?
    Quote from DokuDokuH
    Was playing my Damia prison/stax EDH deck in a 4 player game at my LGS.
    I get a soft lock with torpor orb/damping matrix/portcullis, but each other player has a small board up. One of the players is playing jund, and he keeps ramping up mana. Four turns later, I drop a Mana Vortex, and the jund player (who is actually a judge and works for the store) looks at me, and starts yelling "why the **** i play a deck that doesnt let him do anything ever". The other players point out that removing my three artifacts is an option, and I point out that I like saying "no." He looks at me and screams "FINE, IM OUT A-HOLE." Scoops, then goes to the other judge in the store and spends the next half hour complaining about my deck. The rest of us finish the game in peace once we're sure that hes gone.

    Sometimes, I hate timmies.

    Torpor Orb stops the trigger of Portcullis.
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  • posted a message on Card Æsthetics Evaluation Thread
    I'd say M14 foil is way better than the promo.
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  • posted a message on Who Needs Blood Scrivener When You Have [Clan Mono-Black]?
    Quote from Darth Bunny
    On the other hand, all of our rares look like limited bombs. Well except nighthowler...watch me open like 3 of them this Saturday Frown

    Why would you be disappointed with Nighthowler?
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  • posted a message on [Official] Altered/Pimp Cube Cards Thread
    Quote from Piccio
    @therestless if you still play Terror inside your Cube go for beta or FNM!!

    It's probably not actually getting used with Theros coming out shortly. I do prefer FBB German to most promos though.
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  • posted a message on [Official] Altered/Pimp Cube Cards Thread
    Some things new. Some things old.
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  • posted a message on [Offtopic] Community Thread
    Quote from Antknee42
    I was only there on Saturday, and I traded until about round 5 then Cubed for the rest of the time. Didn't know how to contact you to get you in on it!

    How'd you do?


    I took a few passes by the side event tables and didn't see anything that looked like cubing, but there was a bit going on over there.

    I got strung on a bit playing T2 anyway. Out of the 10 round event, it was round 9 where I got my third loss. :p

    Did much worse on the legacy side. On one hand, I can chalk that up to bad matchups. On the other, I willfully chose a deck whose matchups are very polar. Still, my first round of legacy was awesome.

    My Smallpox v RUG Delver. It's a very good matchup for me but he does win game 2. Game 3, he hits Cursed Scroll and Mishra's Factory with Surgical Extraction, leaving me with zero cards left that can deal damage and excising 5 cards from my library. However, I destroyed every land in his deck that could produce colored mana. At game's end, I have a Liliana with over 20 counters, there are no cards in either library, and I win the match because he was on the draw and drew as many extra cards as he had removed from my library.
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