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    Heres another question :

    Could delay be a good counter in this deck? I just figure rune snag can be useless at times when the guy has a heritage druid, birds or something else.
    I wasnt running rune snag at FNM yesterday but my Sage's dousing and my spell syphon (last minute addition mostly...) were basically useless when i faced an elf deck except for that card drawing that dousing provided. I still won thanks to cryptic, but my inability to counter his spells in a timely manner nearly cost me. Delay would give you time since it would slow your opponent for 3 turns. Just putting it out there...though, in most matchups, it would be useful, its just so happens that 2 of my opponents had some form of mana ability available to use in order to pay for the extra cost.

    Or maybe thats where the sb flashfreeze comes in? Though you can also sb your moat in as well.

    btw, this is my first post, just joined the forum a few days ago after a while of lurking
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