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  • posted a message on Bant Eldrazi
    Hey guys!
    Its nice to be an Eldrazi player again! I have been crushing at my lgs lately with UG emerge.

    4 hierach
    2 bop
    4 reshaper
    4 skyspawner
    4 tko
    4 smash
    4 elder deep fiend
    1 Decimator of the Provinces
    2 kitchen finks
    2 thragtusk
    1 walking ballista

    4 stirrings
    2 dismember

    Casting deepfiend or decimator almost allways results in victory. It feels like a combo deck with great threaths! Ill post complete decklist IF anybody is interessted!

    I only play paper so if anyone could play this on mtgo it would be realy interesting to see the results. Peace
    Posted in: Midrange
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