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  • posted a message on Ideas for a Halloween EDH Deck based on Reaper King
    So, some of the cards I have planned for an EDH deck that I want to build for the Halloween season, and NOT spend a ton of money on stuff like Grim monolith or Mox's etc. Especially since I just spend 300+ on the deck already. These cards include of course reaper king and all hallow's eve. I also plan on all the scarecrows from shadowmoor and eventide that I can find and that other one from I think it was a later coreset. I have a storm crow and a crow of dark tidings along with some demons and [[vampire hexmage]] and [[vampire nocturnes]]. I feel like I should also run nevermore to keep up with the crow/raven theme part of the deck. But I don't know what I should do for COLORS or, anything really. I have an idea to do heavy on the Ressurrection stuff, but Since Reaper King is a five color commander I have no idea what to put in it that would still be at least somewhat halloween themed. I got a headless horseman to go with the all hallow's eve since the sorcery has the headless horseman's head in it and a headless horseman is TOTALLY Halloween flavored. Too bad he doesn't have horsemenship lol.

    Oh, finally I have a festival to put on a scepter maybe.

    Any ideas of what to put in it?
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