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  • posted a message on Magic Legends Gameplay Trailer
    I know this forum is super dead but they dropped the gameplay trailer for this


    Surprise it's a diablo clone.

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  • posted a message on Secret Lair - Year of the Rat
    LGS's are just gonna order a couple of these and mark em up $20-50 for all the latecomers.
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  • posted a message on Mothership 1/6 - a Archon the red and green demigods and how they chose what to put in

    Once again you've quoted two cards that are pretty clearly about creatures, a weird modern-only card they just made to be cute about storm, and a seven mana utility spell that's 3/4 creature options. That isn't exactly unyaro bee sting here.

    Even land ramping has lost a lot of lustre in the last decade or so. Elfball isn't a thing anymore.
    Elfball was a thing literally last format. Try again.

    Yeah you're right everyone was out there playing elves instead of merfolk, silly me.
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  • posted a message on Murder Vs. Return to hand
    If it helps, imagine the stack as literally stacking cards on top of each other, the card that's on the top of the stack goes first.
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  • posted a message on 1/13/20 Bannings
    That's just warping the meta though. If every viable deck has to include the same set of counters to one or two decktypes, you end up with matches that might as well just be two players flipping a coin since they play out the same way over and over.
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  • posted a message on 1/13/20 Bannings
    Quote from Xcric »
    i've got no real complaints with these bannings. especially over time its going to be more and common to see two card combos given the volume of cards designed. that said sometimes i wonder how much cards being new influences their decision making process, and it calls into question how well they can police their own formats. the posts here make it clear the majority feel urza is the real problem, but the set he's in is premium priced and relatively new compared to mox opal. banning opal doesn't really hurt sales of packs, banning urza may slow the sale of modern horizons packs despite it being 6 months old now. it could be a stretch to make that assumption, but if it isn't i'd wager that line of thought toward bannings will have more of a detrimental effect on the game than oops we printed oko ever could

    Yet they've now banned oko from almost every format, which will definitely hurt eldraine packs. I think past decision making has been pretty clear that they don't really mind combos or even just powerful cards too much, they prefer to try and ban around them to make them less consistent rather than ban the combo pieces themselves. Mycosynth lattice just happened to have a nasty habit of turning affinity decks to 11 even if they don't actually play artifacts. Urza affinity is a lot less menacing or consistent when you have to manually cast a whole mess of fragile cards before winning on the spot.
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  • posted a message on Theros: Beyond Death (flavor spoilers)
    Seems a lot more likely that Ashiok accidentally slips up and they lose their spark. Either way though I think we're not going to actually see phyrexians for another year or two. Right now the story line seems to mostly just be place setting for future events. Elspeth is out, maybe she wants to take on phyrexia so she looks for allies and bumps into the gatewatch after asking around and hearing who defeated the eldrazi. They fight, then team up. Calix is there too, questioning his destiny. Ashiok inadvertently communicates across planes through nightmares, indicating that the phyrexians captured them and are about to remove their spark. Bada bing bada boom the timetable gets rushed and the gatewatch + karn draws emrakul to eat the plane, karn giving up his life to do so. Seems pretty pat.
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  • posted a message on 1/13/20 Bannings
    Quote from Simto »
    "But they're a company are you saying they can't make money???? lol why are you so stupid??" Of course they can earn money, but you can earn money and still have a brain, some form of integrity and trustworthiness.
    This is ******* ridiculous.

    They do have integrity and trustworthiness! For their stockholders.
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  • posted a message on Taranika, Akroan Veteran(IGN UK Preview)
    Quote from ChrisBP7 »
    There is a big monowhite hole in Theros pantheon right now. If they don't fill it with Gideon, they are doing it wrong.

    I mean, seeing how theran apotheosis works, he wouldn't need to be resurrected or anything, people just have to believe in the idea of him and the god created this way will have features and characteristics of Gideon (or may even identify as him) without actually being the same person. It could happen, he just needs a big enough cult following him... this card indicates that something like this may already be starting.

    Also the whole "once you're a god you've always been a god" thing, so technically gideon has always been the white god. dot dot dot
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  • posted a message on Theros Beyond Death the rest of the cards and story
    Perhaps it's the Netflix show, the MMORPG, and all of the other resources that the brand is focusing on that's siphoning creative from the actual TCG. I've been playing MTG since pretty much the beginning and the lore was still fun back when it was vague and we had to fill in the gaps, yet through the decades WotC has ratcheted up the Vorthos component of MTG such that they have the capability for things such as an MMORPG and a Netflix series, so maybe this is just a natural progression. Who knows, we may get story lines and sets of cards that are based on the show or the video games if they are well received enough.

    I actually wouldn't be shocked if they're planning to get real brand integrate-y with either the mmo or the netflix show, where the story now has to match up to whatever's going on in those. Maybe what we're seeing now is more clearing house to get some characters up and ready for whatever's written for those. Garruk is back, liliana is kinda redeemed, elspeth is back. Beefing up the cast a lil.

    Also as a total aside, wild to watch tiro (of meletis) have gone from absolutely livid and irrationally angry about this set before it was previewed to raving about it in effortposts now the whole thing has dropped. There's a lesson there, but I'm not gonna be the one to figure out what it is.
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  • posted a message on [THB] Tokens — Mothership Article
    What is making gold in this set? Also, I thought gold was too good, which is why WotC made Treasure.

    The first iroan games

    I assume it's more for nostalgia/flavor's sake. This is the only card that makes one, and they were introduced in the original theros block with the midas guy.

    Quote from CatParty »
    What makes the wall token? I just scoured the full set and can't seem to find a reference...

    the birth of meletis
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  • posted a message on Theros Beyond Death the rest of the cards and story
    Quote from Crispen_Smith »
    A couple of times during spoiler season the team variously said (and I'm paraphrasing a little) "we f***ed up, wasted a bunch of time getting it wrong and then course corrected. The new set is gonna be, well, a set". (The Stygian mechanic, overly complicated cards that were caught late in the dev cycle and needed a quick fix).

    They weren't wrong about that. This is 264 new cards alright. There are things to live about this set and there are some really weird things that seem to be the result of getting it wrong.

    Building M:TG is a hard job, I'm glad it isn't mine. The R&D team put their heart and soul into it. This is going to be a fun set to play and there are cards I love at all rarities but there's those weird gaps.

    With the netflix thing upcoming and integrating arena and dealing with kelly digges leaving and both novels and uncharted realms getting canned, mtg is in a lot more flux than I think they're being upfront about right now.
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  • posted a message on Theros Beyond Death the rest of the cards and story
    Sweat Ashiok...

    Yeah, what a great idea to show up at the doorstep of Elesh Norn...

    Anyway, now I hope for some future in which we get Ashiok, Compleated!

    Makes me wonder if phyrexians dream or not. Maybe they just straight up won't notice them.

    Quote from login »

    My train of thought is that after the nightmares and new powers gained by Elspeth she is determined to go back and help what ever remains to save in new phyrexia.

    Brave she might be, I don't think she thinks she can succeed without some help. My bet is she ends up in zendikar looking for the folks who defeated the eldrazi.
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  • posted a message on Theros Beyond Death the rest of the cards and story
    Story wise this is gonna be wild whenever we get back to theros again. Threeros.
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  • posted a message on [TBD] AliasV preview - Shatter the sky
    Cavalcade hoser for white tbh. By T4 I sure hope cavalcade would have 3-4 creatures ready to swing for the win next turn.
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