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  • posted a message on [UNF] Priority Boarding — StarCityGames preview
    I’m a bit confused about “when you roll a die”. Do you see the dice result before you make the choice in the same way a “when you draw a card” trigger let’s you see what is drawn?
    I think it would explicitly say if you had to cover the dice or something to obscure the result. The trigger goes on the stack when you roll the dice, or realistically after you roll the dice since you can't mid-air suspend the dice to process the trigger.
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  • posted a message on Blue is utter broken trash and should be full-scale removed from the game. Change my mind.
    I get mad when people counter my cool spells too.
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  • posted a message on [DMU] Mothership 8/18 — Braids, The World Spell , the Mechanics of Dominaria United and more
    Am I crazy or is impede momentum really good in limited (and maybe standard)? Stopping a creature for *three* turns for 2 mana, with a scry 1, just seems great. When you are tapping a creature for that long it becomes more than just a tempo play, it's almost removal (sometimes).

    I mean I think it's just about comparable to like charmed sleep or something like that. Little bit stronger. I think stun counters are almost certainly a plant for proliferate tho so maybe it gets even better.
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  • posted a message on [DMU] Mothership 8/24 — Rivaz, Tatyova, Jodah, Leyline Binding and more
    Quote from soramaro »
    Yeah ... I get what the artist was going for with portraying him as a negotiator and all, but why does his face look so weird? And then there's the flower things around his neck - makes him look like he just arrived in a cheap tourist trap in Hawaii or something.

    You can see the other uh merfolk? Mer-elves? Wearing them too. Which is what lei's mean! They are given as gifts to honor folks, including dignitaries from other polynesian islands. The 'tacky' stuff only came after the US conquered the island of Hawai'i and cowed its people and repackaged their entire culture as a tourist experience for wealthy mainlanders.
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  • posted a message on Warhammer 40k The Swarmlord leak
    Quote from Jh216 »
    So what's the thing about "Collector's Edition"?

    Those decks are completely in ‘Surge foil’.

    Nobody (yet) knows what ‘Surge Foil’ is though.

    It's only foil if you cast a spell earlier in the turn.
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  • posted a message on [DMU] Golden Argosy — Sean Plott preview
    Quote from Spaz350 »
    I mean, it's still only a crew 1, so you're really only flickering one creature unless you REALLY wanted to blink a few Ornithopters.

    you can tap as many creatures as you want to pay for crew, you just have to hit the minimum to actually crew the thing.
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  • posted a message on Dominaria United Release Notes Posted Early
    Excited for wall tribal in draft.
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  • posted a message on [DMC] Torsten, Founder of Benalia — cEDH Brasil preview
    seven letters each in torsten, founder and benalia. seven mana, seven cards, seven soldiers and a seven seven.

    That's 8 sevens. WotC really falling off.
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  • posted a message on Maro Teasers for Domnaria United
    Finally, a reprint of Liliana of the Dark Realms
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  • posted a message on Potential Domnaria United card leak. — Sheoldred, Insidious Conquerer
    Dang you mean wizards didn't print a 5 for 1 for five?? time to sell all my stock in black

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  • posted a message on Potential Domnaria United card leak. — Sheoldred, Insidious Conquerer
    Quote from HighHolder »
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Quote from HighHolder »
    Discard two may as well be hexproof. She is brutal. Better hope they print decent sacrifice spells

    not exactly they just need atleast 2 noncreature cards in hand.

    Thanks captain obvious. If you are using three cards to kill one creature then you fail hard at magic.

    >not playing blue and using a counterspell

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  • posted a message on OMG! Wild West Set may be coming SOON!!!
    Being a vaquero was like a very specific job, you were basically a cowherd in the same way a shepherd was a sheep herder. Also there were shepherds back in those days too. The gender neutral term is just "cowherd" or even more generically a "rancher" since you worked on ranches (and usually did a bit more than watch the cows).

    "Cowboy" as movies do them is like some kind of insane vigilante person with a gun and no ties to the locals, so if you're looking for like a movie vigilante lone ranger type, you'd probably have like "ranger" or "sheriff" or "wanderer" or something. Really "cowboy" is more like one of those meta terms that describes a vibe or a type of dress than a term that means a lot back in its day. I don't think clint eastwood ever actually played a cowboy in a movie, he was always some kind of bounty hunter or retired lawman or civil war vet.
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  • posted a message on More previews and info for Unfinity — blogato live (photos)
    I highly doubt any of these sticker cards will become eternal relevant, I think this is just for the sake of commander if you play at a table that gets weird about silver borders.
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  • posted a message on [DMU] A First Look at Dominaria United
    Quote from Mystic_X »
    snip'd a lot of stuff

    I mean look, the basics here are about a game making money and you don't make money by pissing people off. Like /you/ might be fine with anything, /you/ might not be offended, but I am here to make money and I am leaving it on the table if I go to people with money and say "haha you're stupid and your religion is weird, four bucks for a pack thanks."

    Until very recently it didn't really matter because the only people with money were white men, heads of the household and the "breadwinners" so you could totally make mad dosh just by flattering them and them alone. Nonwhites were savages, women were there to be big boobie prizes for men etc etc. The past 20-30 years or so what people call "woke" capital is just companies realizing that wait a second, women can get their own credit cards now. Minorities have money that they /could/ be spending with us. So you know, you at least make an effort at cleaning up your act.

    You can say it's cynical and hypocritical and all that and yeah it sure is, lotta the companies trying to clean up their image still have lily-white boardrooms with maybe a token woman up there, but it's not some big ideological crusade. At the end of the day the folks who run wizards are there because they're trying to make money so they can buy a second boat or something, not provide a socialist society with a fun diversion. It just so happens that you can make more money by appealing to more audiences. There are comedians who get this! Some comedians stick really hard to the "offend" thing because that's the brand they have and the audience they want to cultivate, but you know what, gilbert gottfried did not make that much money in life compared to, say, steve carrell.
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  • posted a message on Domnaria United Stream coming July 21st at 2:30 PT
    New Jasmine Boreal is a muraganda plant.
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