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  • posted a message on Your own MTG market stand - a delver lens tool
    many new updates and features available.
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  • posted a message on Your own MTG market stand - a delver lens tool
    Hi! I delevoped a free tool for all delver lens users. Maybe there are some delver lens users out there that find it useful. (Of course you can use it even without delver lens (by adding cards with the bulk add feature manually) but one of the main features is the delver lens collection import.)

    The Story behind it: I was always annoyed by updating card prices. I always thought there should be a better solution than spending hours over hours every month to update prices and to be competitive. In the worst case you even sold cards on a mtg market platform for a price that was substantially below the card value. A lot of trouble - a lot of work …

    So I did some research but I could not find any solution. Furthermore another annoying fact was that I had an outstanding collection overview via delver lens (that manage my collection without any hassle), but on the other hand I had to manually bulk add or manually update single cards every time my mtg collection changed on different mtg card markets. A lot of trouble - a lot of work …

    So what I wanted in addition of all the features that are still out there:

    Scanning cards with delver lens, upload them, put them on sale in seconds and let them stay there for a price that is always automatically updated based on the current market value. In addition it would be nice to add or substract a specific amount of the basic card value automatically and to have a collection manager that has a real-time inline editing. And the whole thing should be 100% free - no fees, no sales comissions.

    The answer was: No chance to find this out there.

    The solution: ~700 hours of coding and 11 months later: www.MTGstand.com
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