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  • posted a message on Type 2 Top 8 Decklists from the Philly Open 4 (173 players)
    Quote from xpolosp0rtx
    i wasn't playing.

    everyone in the top 8 was terrible except ron, rick, and chris. play mistakes all around. they were really really bad, and for the most part you can just ignore these lists. this event was less like a PTQ and more like a big FNM. the guy who won was REALLLLLY bad, i would know because he sometimes plays FNM at my store and can't even win there. he just got very lucky that day.

    i'm not trashing anyone, i'm simply stating the truth - they were mostly pretty bad players and just saying that you shouldn't really take stock in these lists.

    worlds just happened a couple of days ago, why aren't you paying attention to that?

    Love your logic. I played at your fnm 4-5 random times with different decks without knowing your meta and I split in the finals twice, neither time it was with you, do you just watch others play ?
    Now I win at my local FNM 95% of the time, does it make me a better player ? You're welcome to come to my store and prove you're such a pro...

    Anyways, it was a well ran tournament and my deck ran pretty well. Playing 5x jund, naya, jacerator, 2x bushwacker, 4c cascade, uw control. I lost 5th round to Jund, beating it later in the semis.
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  • posted a message on Post the most loaded pack you've ever seen? This one wins for me!
    last sealed event - 6 packs (3 alara, 3 reborn)

    My opponent has finest hour, 3 war monks, 2 oblivion rings.

    I think he's a cheat but its hard to prove ;).

    I still won b/c he played terribly.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] BG Elves
    I went 4-0 with my list. Played jund ramp, bw tokens, non cascading swans, and same b/w tokens in the top 4.

    Jund Ramp
    Game 1: i kept the pressure up with 2 leetches, he played colossus to stabilize, I played one of mine own and forced a trade. He managed to get dragon broodmother + broodmate dragon, but a well timed cloudthresher + 2 pulses and I was able to get in the damage to finish him off.
    Game 2: I get mana screw, took 5 turn to get 3rd land with civic in hand.
    Game 3: 2 Thoughtsieze really helped, he lavalanced to clear the board once, but after a while it was my collosus vs his, after trade, my top decks were just better.

    Both games he never stood a chance as he was mana screwed (either lack of black or too much ping)
    We play tested after that and I kept losing.

    Game 1: I managed to play all 3 thoughsieze and just played around counters, burn. I landed a collosus and he couldn't kill it.
    Game 2: Turn 2 thoughsieze showed me 2 swans + remove soul/broken ambition... I had the removal for both swans so I just removed broken and after 2 baits, landed a colossus which won me the game again.

    Top 4 - B/W (from before)
    Game 1, BB + glorious anthem gives him a good start. I hold out and get to 6 mana to flash in cloudthresher, but he had 2x persecution to keep his tokens alive and swing for the win.

    Game 2, He get 1 sculler early taking a profane, followed by spectral + redcap. I am mana flooded so his 2nd sculler sees a land. I top deck a pulse to get my profane back and he swings with his 2 tokens + redcap (he blocked with token before). His hideaways reveal anthem + finks and he goes to 9 life. I don't block hoping to draw a land which would give me enough to profane fear + damage to deal exactly 9.

    Game 3, once again somewhat of a mana flood, he gets early sculler to take my hammer (would have raped). I have no removal so I keep playing out my cards. I have thresher, finks and vanquisher. He has finks, redcap, bb + 1 token, 3 spectral tokens and 2 anthems, plus around 11 life. I am mana flooded and have around 10 mana (played 2 civics). I top deck a profane and attack with fear + 8direct, he can only block 2 and losses... maybe some luck for me but I did get pretty mana flooded.
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  • posted a message on Weekly Drafts - Staten Island - NY
    Hi Guys,

    Me a few friends try to set up a draft weekly for 10$ per person. We have 8-10 people usually, want to see if we can grow it bigger.

    If anybody is interested, please pm me for details.

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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] BG Elves

    Will be taking this deck tonight, any comments ? I decided to take the small guys out, slow it down a bit but I believe it has tons of 2-3 drops and it becomes more reliable. Plus all my guys are more resilient to 2dmg sweepers.
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  • posted a message on Prerelease Stories
    My pre-release experience was pretty fun. Godsire somehow turned out to be my MVP. I went undefeated and was able to play Godsire every other round.

    Highlight of the day: My opponent's deck included 2 oblivion rings, 3 warmonks (no foils), finest hour. (I still can't believe that's possible)

    So game 1 he resolves all 3 warmonks, takes out 2 of my 5/5s with O-rings, gets final hour in play.... But then manages to make a lot of mis-plays and is not aggresive enough that I get to stabilize with Godsire at 2 life...

    I won 19 packs (opened nothing above 5$)

    Then followed up with a draft (draft rares at the end). Pulled a Maelstrom Pulse (there were 2 all together). Lost first round, came 3rd and the next best rare was Thraximundar...
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  • posted a message on The viability of a Five Color Aggro deck
    I'll be playing my updated version at the next FNM

    Creatues include:
    4birds, 4nobles, 4 doran, 4 wiltleaf lieges, 4 war monks, 2-3 realm razors, 2-3 gaddock teeg, 2-3 naya charm, 4 wooly thoctar, 3 rafiq, 2-3 tidehollow sculler.

    Mana base is tough but it works pretty well, i can post later.

    edit manabase:
    3 karplusan forests
    4 ziggurat
    1 exotic orchard
    3 llanowar waste
    4x reflecting pools
    2 burshland
    2 caves of koilos
    2 forests
    1 vivid
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  • posted a message on Meddling Enchantments
    I am buildling a similar deck, using green/white (I believe green is great for accel and provides diff win con). Here is a glimpse of my deck (not all cards will make the cut). So far here are the cards I am considering. IMO I think this deck has a pretty decent match up vs a lot of decks. Plus its unexpected. Tokens would be very frustrating, still not sure how to beat them.

    4 Runed halos
    4 Sigil of the Empty Throne
    4 Oblivion Ring
    2-3 Prison Term
    2-3 Spirit Link
    2 Story Circle
    2 Idylic Turor
    4 Finks
    4 Steward of Valeron
    2 Oversoul
    2 Shield of the Oversoul
    4 Wrath of God
    2-3 Garruk
    3 Fertile Ground
    2-3 Yavimaya Enchantress

    Mana = 23 lands would be fine.

    Let me know what you guys think.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] BW Tokens
    I played this deck at 2 FNMs. So far it's undefeated...
    My version is similar to BlackLotus MD, was just missing a cave and used O-ring instead of wispmare, also packed 2 unmakes. I wanted to run Wispmare but I had 2 minutes to get ready and could not find it in time.

    Recent FNM Report - 24 people.

    1st round: Elfs 2-0
    Game 1: 1 Thoughtseize, 2 scullers, took out the good stuff and he drew too much mana to recover.
    Game 2: He made a big misplay and didnt realize my KoM is 4/4 and attacked with colossus after infesting the critters.

    2nd round: Elementals 2-1
    Game 1: He overwhelms me with big creatures
    Game 2: He keeps a hand with 2 fulminator mages + mana and I keep a 2 mana hand.... I manage to win it after he draws poorly.
    Game 3: I have a pretty good hand and beat him down easily

    3rd round: My friend with (blightning)
    Game 1: I have a pretty good hand and he does not..
    Game 2: I board out terror b/c they can only kill figures, he plays 2 figures (pumps) and they slowly kills me, used a pyroclasm once. I did play a forge tender but he had terrors + deathmarks, his version carried too much black removal so i sided out tenders and i think it worked out.
    Game 3: He kept a so-so hand with fulminator mages, but I had 4 mana to start... bb + anthem ....

    4th round: B/U/W Lark 2-1 (decided to play to help my friend with tiebreakers)
    Game 1: We both play 2 scullers but I play anthem and BB and beat him down, he played a Cryptic and lark but it only bought him a few turns.
    Game 2: I play 2 BB and Anthem, then I play a sculler and see 2 wrath and 2 cryptics. He proceeds to draw another cryptic and holds me off long enough while my BB kills me, he played 0 creatures!
    Game 3: I get a nice hand and am able to win easily.

    Top 8: 5CC - 2-1
    Game 1: I get raped game 1 -- by removal, broodmate dragons, cruel and anaji on my land.
    Game 2: Early Ajani/Elpeth do their magic and i am able to kill him after multiple removal spells.
    Game 3: Great start + draws.. i start with 3 antems and Kom, drew a biterblossom...
    3 anthems and bitterblossom = WIN... When he ran out of cards, I knew the game is over. His broodmate looked tiny.

    Top 4:
    The same as my 4th round (2-0)
    Played bitterblossom + Thoughtseize each game and dealt with his major threats very well

    Split for 1st...

    Overall the deck seems to have no bad match-ups which is pretty amazing.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Planeswalkers

    This is pretty much my list, sb varies weekly: Usually 1-2 firespouts, 1-2 condemns, jund charms, 1-2 cavalier.

    I have not tested it vs "good" players but at my local shop this deck is 12-0, but most of the good players were absent. Overall its a very fun deck to play.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Kithkin Aggro
    @Jabroni99 I am pretty sure I played you round 6. Your hands looked amazing. 2nd game I thought my hand was decent vs most kithkin match ups but I lost to mirrorweave on turn 5 I believe (target liege). Game 1 I think you mirrorweaved (cenn) using the hideaway on turn 4 with 4 creatures in play...
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  • posted a message on States: who's going, and what are you bringing?
    Quote from ratfinkp
    is anyone going to ny states

    I might go and I know another 2-3 people that are going.

    Does anybody know if they are strict about you being a state resident ? I live right next to NJ and I would rather play there because its actually closer and easier to get to than NY location.
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  • posted a message on Deathbringer Liege and his ability
    I want to confirm a rule.

    If my opponent has Deathbringer Liege out and plays a black/white spell and wants to destroy my creature.
    Can I respond to his playing of black/white spell and kill the Liege without the lieges ability going off ?

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  • posted a message on My incomplete elemental deck. (needs help)
    You can probably play 24 lands, if you have reflecting pools, a few of those would go well in the deck.

    Also I would not play more then 1 supreme exemplar or 1 Horde of Notions.
    Also I think you have too much removal, you dont need all the nameless inversions if you're running crib swaps, lash-outs, shiekmaws. So def cut down on 4-5 removal cards to start with. Also I am not sure you need rite of consumpion in this deck.

    That should be a good start, good luck.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Reveillark
    Quote from Magicb
    You do realize that you shouldn't have been able to play the body double once he played Extirpate due to the fact Extirpate has Split Second ... so the Teferi control player shouldn't have wasted the second spell (slaughter pact) on your body double Smile

    Well actually if I knew that, I wouldnt have done it.

    I am not an advanced player, but I do know about split second. The problem is, I always hear that because of teferi, spells are played at "sorcery speed". Now that I re-read the card, I see how the mis-interpretation could have occurred. So during the game because of my own teferi in play it was my understanding that he cant play spells at instant speed. There were multiple people watching the game and nobody questioned it, the teferi player was a lot more experienced then me. It was not a game defining moment but now it sux to know that I made such a mistake :mad:.
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