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  • posted a message on Obsolete rules tricks
    Quote from misterpid »
    Way back in the day when card sleeves were just starting to get used, you could force your opponent to play without sleeves. People would enter Type I (now called Vintage) tournaments and win games/matches by playing Soldier of Fortune because their opponents didn't want to keep shuffling their Power 9 decks.

    MaRo ruled around the time of Unglued (because of people stripping for Hurloon Wrangler) that the law supersedes the rules of Magic. Kinda wondering how many people got their asses kicked as a form of conceding to a troll shuffle deck. I think the minimum for that these days is a five-year ban from tournaments.

    Bury is an interesting one pre-Sixth. It generally meant either sacrifice or destroy without regenerating. In the former case, could it be responded to?
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  • posted a message on Obsolete rules tricks
    Quote from FortyTwo »
    Another thing was that exile didn't used to be a zone. It was just "Removed from game". One line was to burning wish or cunning wish for a second copy of the wish repeatedly for extra storm. Or to wish for a flashback spell to use it again. In Vintage, people would even wish for a card they just "lost" to Yawgmoth's Will such as Ancestral Recall, Time Walk, or even the Yawgmoth's Will itself.

    Not sure how I forgot about that one. I knew a guy who Death Wish'd a card back to his hand that got hit with Spelljack
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  • posted a message on The turn/game, end of
    So I have a few ideas for decks pertaining to ending the turn that I'd like to run by actual Judges, which these forums have. I think I know the answers but confirmation is nice.

    1. What happens if I activate a Sundial of the Infinite on the second turn of a Final Fortune?
    2. What happens when I cast an Angel's Grace on the second turn of a Final Fortune?
    3. If Stunning Reversal would trigger due to me losing the game EOT, do I get priority on my cleanup step?
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  • posted a message on Obsolete rules tricks
    Quote from from="FortyTwo »"[quote »

    Mana Burn had a lot of interactions too, Effects like Heartbeat of spring could damage players that only spend odd amounts of mana. Spectral Searchlight as a way to ping opponents that can't use extra mana at awkward times. In modern, you could pump your Death's Shadow even easier than now, kind of crazy that it wasn't a good deck then. In legacy, a common play was to wasteland their only untapped land in response to a spell, and then they either take 1 from mana burn or get Dazed. And it was always a favorite way to kill yourself instead of letting your opponent do it.

    Nice. I don't know how I forgot about mana burn as an advantage. Burning the absolute piss out of yourself with Transcendence and bounce spells was fun. Not competitive, but fun.

    Spectral Searchlight was printed as it was specifically for mana burn so good point. It was also of course why Mana Drain wasn't strictly better than Counterspell for a while.

    I just found out about how Time Vault got abused with Flame Fusillade in a way that was made possible only by power-level errata. That was pretty funny.
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  • posted a message on Tricking attractive people into playing magic
    Your experience with trying to find women into Magic is oddly similar to my trying to find women into sadomasochism. You shotgun approach potential matches on every other interest, try not to suck at social interactions in general, be a generous lover and pray to the deity of your choice that everything works out. Then you introduce your niche thing. Good luck. You're gonna need it.
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  • posted a message on Will The New Urza Ever Get Banded?
    1. You have to be playing either Vintage or Commander for someone to drop a Sol Ring, so rare and lucky turn ones happen.
    2. Stasis is allowed. The playing of removal is expected in these formats.
    3. Either of these formats can kill with an infinite combo and less luck by turn two.

    Urza isn't the problem. Your luck is.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] What's with all the creature creep?
    As a player exclusively of the Eternal formats, I've never had a problem with creature creep because I feel like Wizards is trying to rectify the facts that creatures have always been easy to sweep away and strategies that don't involve attacking have always been most of the meta due to being faster. Standard is in its own little two-year bubble of course, so power creep isn't too much of a bother there, but I'm not really going to worry until something better than Stifle/Dreadnought or reanimation comes up.
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  • posted a message on Obsolete rules tricks
    Post your favorite rules tricks that don't work any more here. Here's mine.

    Three-player game in high school. Someone casts Crush of Wurms and swings at me with all three. I use Unnatural Selection to make them all Legends, two die. Similarly, Artificial Evolution to change Unnatural Selection's Wall into something absurd like Ali From Cairo. It's now 1: target creature can't attack.

    Damage on the stack tricks are a bit too obvious, so let's not use too many of them. My most creative use of that was to change trample damage from Volrath's Shapeshifter into Phage.

    Edit: Clone to smoke legendary creatures after Kamigawa was definitely a thing.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Eons All-in Storm
    I had the same idea.

    Advantages: more color options for main deck and sideboard, new Legend Rule works in the Opal's favor, Pull from Eternity keeps the party going by interacting with Serum Powder, Chrome Mox and Gemstone Caverns well, you sometimes have the option to kill over the span of two turns because the untap step is useful to spin again.

    Weaknesses: not as consistent due to fewer tutors and cycling making mulligans both important and prohibitive, Thoughtseize is better than FoW here, Mox Diamond requires non-mana slots.

    I'm buying the hell out of Echo of Eons before anyone besides us figures out it needs to be banned in Legacy.
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