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  • posted a message on Happily Ever After
    Happily Ever After 2W
    Enchantment (R)
    When Happily Ever After enters the battlefield, each player gains 5 life and draws a card.

    At the beginning of your upkeep, if there are five colors among permanents you control, there are six or more card types among permanents you control and/or cards in your graveyard, and your life total is equal to or greater than your starting life total, you win the game.

    I feel this card warrants more attention.

    Sure, the card looks clunky and its sorcery-speed makes it look far more fair than a Coalition Victory on cursory examination.

    However if you manage to flash this in (Vedalken Orrery, Leyline of Anticipation, Vernal Equinox, etc, etc) at the end of an opponents turn that conveniently rolls over to your turn and your upkeep trigger happens, that nobody has an answer that is instant speed, it creates a win out of nowhere that nobody could respond to.

    And for those that say its more fragile, you may want to reexamine the card's type, enchantment. A card type that actually has fairly strong reanimation and recovery abilities through enchantress-centric decks.

    And for those saying you just destroy their board like with Coalition Victory before the trigger happens, that is not necessarily a fool proof way. As you need to also exile their graveyard as HEA, if still on the board, still counts the card types in it's controller's graveyard.

    And because the safest option is to spring this at the end of a turn that would go to yours, combat is out of the option unless an opponent suspects you of having HEA in hand.

    The other safe alternative is lock the other players in the game so they don't have mana or creatures to fight back. Which means some combination of stax and/or pillowfort which are also fairly enchantress-centric strategies and only opens itself really to sorcery speed removal if an opponent has a means to do so.

    Then there is the next part [life total greater than starting]. It doesn't state how much it needs to be, just that it is, which means 41+ life meets the requirements. Which is also 9 less life than Test of Endurance and Aetherflux Reservoir. 1 life more than Felidar Sovereign, but trades lifelink and body for a harder to remove card type and 2W less cost, which also makes it W cheaper than Test and Reservoir.

    The other requirement [five colors among permanents you control], well we do have Scuttlemutt, Scrapbasket, Planewide Celebration, Sphinx of the Guildpact, and Transguild Courier. It really becomes a question of which to run and how many of them just for that category. Plus since they are mostly artifacts, this benefits even an enchantress deck because a lot of their cards also interact with artifacts as well.

    Plus being artifact creatures ticks off 2/6 of the boxes required to fulfill the win condition. Yes, even Planewide Celebration ticks off 2/6 of the boxes, it creates a creature and is a sorcery in your graveyard which gets counted by HEA and even gains the controller 4 life per time chosen which neatly works back into the life requirement from earlier, and can even recover a HEA in your graveyard.

    EDIT: Also one more thing, the win-condition card is mono- white mana in its identity, which means it has more flexibility in its cost and less restriction to what deck it can go into which is a pretty powerful thing.

    SECOND EDIT: The reason I feel also warrants attention: Coalition Victory (sorcery) used things like Scrapbasket (artifact creature), lands of every type (Prismatic Omen (enchantment) or Gaea's Balance [sorcery]) and basic [lands], and maybe an instant. Which is 5-6 card types along with 5 colors.

    Coalition Victory and Happily Ever After are both sorcery-speed win conditions that desire to be flashed in when your opponents have already spent their mana and their sorcery speed answers can't touch it, leaving only instant-speed answers. That aside from the life requirement, HEA is 5 mana cheaper than Coalition.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] House of Candy
    And then you just flicker the land over and over to create food tokens, or recovering your instants/sorceries, etc.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Fires of Invention
    Quote from HighHolder »
    Two spells max is terrible
    No need for the extra restriction of your turn only too
    If it didn't have the spell limit and didn't have the speed limit, its as good as or better than Aluren, bonus is its also less color-intensive.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Fires of Invention
    I'll take four foils thank you, clearly best card of the set.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] 3 cards from shota yasooka
    While sound intrusion is uncommon, fatal push was also uncommon and was also hard to come by as it might as well have been a rare. And if this new black spell sees serious play, it could easily be in a printing slot that is rarer than other uncommons.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Faeburrow Elder
    Definitely has competitive potential, which means its going to be a very pricey card in the future.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Mothership spoilers 09/13
    Giant is neat. The gargoyle on the other hand is an interesting control finisher and enabler.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Folio of Fancies
    2U to mill 7 a turn isn't bad at all. Anything higher than 7 is just icing on the mill cake. Also as a group hug card, this can give you a friend who wants cards in the graveyard through self-mill.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Commanderin prodcast preview - dance of the manse
    Hmm lots of possibilities, like one example is it could resurrect a lot of cheap things (eggs) to have a board of 4/4s. Also might work well in some control shell. Obviously enchantress decks would have a field day with this.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Elite Head hunter
    I don't like this card; the creature typing and the colors and the abilities just don't mesh well to my mind.
    Quote from KingChewie »
    How a headhunter could be a Knight????
    It is the first flavor fail of this set from my point of view...

    A warrior would've made more sense. I understand that Knights are Mardu in this set, but a Rakdos Knight just seems like he'd be a violent thug with no honor.
    You mean like real world knights? Who acted as glorified thugs for the pope and other rulers? Who would burn down cities and ransack treasures in the name of their "holy crusade"? Even storied versions of them are filled with a mixed bag of both honorable and dishonorable. One may even call this knight a "blackguard" for he is indeed a scoundrel and resorts to underhanded tactics in his pursuits. If I had a penny for every evil or disreputable knight in fiction, I could afford every RL card.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Andrew Cuneo - Deafening silence
    Will be fun to use against burn as they run a pretty high amount of sorceries and others of that speed. Even staggering their spells is going to make Burn feel the burn as they can't just vomit their hand if you throw this out.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Fervent champion
    Would be fun to equip this with a Godsend, plus since Stoneforge Mystic is unbanned it even makes sense for the colors.
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  • posted a message on Mothership 9/11 - cards from rapunzel and more
    Very entertaining cards all around that just ooze with creativity.
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  • posted a message on Ayara, First of Locthwain
    Aside from artwork and subtypes, what an uninteresting legendary. And I say this mostly because it feels like the thousandth iteration on the same mechanical themes like she came off a conveyor belt.
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