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  • posted a message on Metalwork Colossus
    With the format coming, do you think there might be a way to use a playable deck around the colossus?
    Posted in: Pioneer
  • posted a message on THB - Staggering Insight
    This will be a nice card engine and buffer from aggro in my Azorius Spirits.
    Posted in: The Rumor Mill
  • posted a message on Empyrean Eagle
    Now I can replace Favorable winds in my Spirit Deck
    Posted in: The Rumor Mill
  • posted a message on True Conviction?
    I run it in a Trostani Selesnya's Voice life gain and it works wonders. When I play it, either I win, a board wipe gets played, or it is destroyed. Besides, it is best used in either tokens or a deck that deals damage to itself.
    Posted in: Commander (EDH)
  • posted a message on Your top 20 black cards
    I know these won't be the most powerful or best, but these are my favorites.

    1. Dark Ritual
    2. Demonic Tutor
    3. Thoughtseize
    4. Hypnotic Specter
    5. Hymn To Tourach
    6. Royal Assassin
    7. Duress
    8. Reanimate
    9. Phyrexian Obliterator
    10. Animate Dead
    11. Hero's Downfall
    12. Drain Life
    13. Vampire Nighthawk
    14. Liliana, The Last Hope
    15. Dictate Of Erebos
    16. Grey, Merchant of Asphodel
    17. Geralf's Messanger
    18. Gravepact
    19. Damnation
    20. Vicious Rumors
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  • posted a message on Eldrazi Ramp Help?
    Looks good, I just have one card I think could help. Conduit Of Ruin It tutors for your finishers, makes your finishers cheaper, and is a decent body to have on the field. Besides that, your idea looks cool.
    Posted in: Casual & Multiplayer Formats
  • posted a message on Why do Magic player's defend the color pie so much?
    From my view point, your argument is one of those yes but no situations. My playgroup has pulled some nifty tricks when it comes to color pie issues. Red has situational enchantment removal with chaos warp. Black can answer artifacts with disposes. Green can beat storm by using weather the storm. My own blue decks has infinite reflections to answer anti blue cards. White also has ways to draw cards, my personal favorite being mentor of the meek. The color pie is a key concept for magic, but if you look hard enough, you can see where the color pie breaks down in some interesting ways.
    Posted in: Magic General
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