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  • posted a message on Are bounce / scry lands useful or useless in mono-color EDH?
    I'm getting back into the game as a whole (but especially EDH), and I'm trying to understand strategy and game mechanics better than when I started.

    Anyway, my deck is a mono-black commander with Ghoulcaller Gisa that focuses on getting big dudes, sac'ing some of them with Gisa to swarm the board with 2/2 zombies, and hitting hard with my zombies and demons. I've already improved my deck with a few zombie lords to increase synergy, but I'm trying to find more flaws to work on. I'm not sure if linking decklists is allowed here, but if it is I can.

    I started tackling my frequent issue of running low on mana (especially early game), but all I really have is Cabal Coffers and Jet Medallion. I also bumped my total land count to 38, but I was wondering how else to make it more reliable. Are dual-colored scry / bounce lands a stupid idea in a monocolor deck? They both seem like they could help, but I haven't been able to find any solid opinions online yet.

    Posted in: Commander (EDH)
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