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    I was reading a old post by scg on misprints etc. http://www.starcitygames.com/articles/25176_Misprints.html In this post they specifically mention color errors, the example they use is a Force of Will (FoW) that has a slightly different color than the normal one. When looking at the this different I noticed that my FoW had the same color as the misprint, although I don't think that this color difference is worthy of such a price tag (as stated by scg), I am interested in what actual misprint collectors etc. think of such cards, is a slightly off colour FoW really that expensive?? Also if I were to describe the color difference the Fow i have is a lighter almost turquoise blue, the dark areas on the FoW are more purple than the orginal dark blue. Check the link for the scg post as well as a picture of the claimed misprint.
    I'd be glad to have any information as I myself am pretty naive when it comes to this area of mtg.
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