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    What it comes down to is that Wizards uses Standard to thoroughly crush an expensive card. The problem is, a card can’t return to Standard unless it fits the rules of New World Order, which is the current design philosophy for sets on rotation. So about half of Modern is excluded from Standard reprints. They can’t use precons for meaningful reprints either, because the guaranteed presence kills reprint equity for Wizards, who depends on the gambling aspect of packs to pad the bottom line.

    The next problem is, New World Order didn’t start until Return to Ravnica. So only RTR onward has the card design to see a steady supply of reprints as is permutable in Standard. Standard has become Wizards new primary engine of reprinting. And so they needed the format to be entirely within the NWO to so as to provide the reprints.

    With the death of Masters and precons being the primary supply of “Eternal” staples, Wizards can go back to pushing Standard like they always wanted. Every given set has the chance to feed 2 competitive formats, which sells the latest set.

    And power creep is less likely, due to the inherently weaker card design in New World Order.

    Pioneer isn’t an eternal format. It’s a New World Order All-Stars format.
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