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  • posted a message on what are the chances that Shadowborn Apostle is getting a reprint in the new Theros set?

    The reason i am asking this in this thread is that i am making a mono black Demon deck and would like to save some money if i can, and if shadowborn gets a reprint, then i can save myself 70$.
    Here's the deck in case anyone is wondering

    and, yes. i am aware that shadowborn was not a theros card. I was playing during this time. It just always seemed like a theros Card to me, plus it would work great if Devotion comes back.
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  • posted a message on Is this deck any good?
    The Problem with living death is that 1 its expensive (I dont Want to raise the price of this deck any more than i have to) and 2, its benefits my opponents. They might be able to end the game before i can hit a point where my two mass production lands can give me enough mana to begin my infinite combo.
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  • posted a message on Is this deck any good?
    So, yeah. This is my first non-Preconstructed Deck for commander.
    Looking for two things:
    Reduce the price:
    I already have:
    lands (duh)
    Rise of the Dark Realms
    Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
    Sanguine Bond
    K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth
    Staff of the Death Magus
    Diabolic tutor
    Gray Merchant of asphodel
    The Eldest Reborn
    Shadowborn apostle (X2)

    any cards that have Cheaper alternatives?

    The second thing is power. I'm not omniscient (I've been playing since Theros, so most cards before that have escaped my notice), so i probably missed some cards that are perfect for this type of deck.

    In case any of you are wondering. This deck wants to use the massive Mana Generated by shrine to Nyx, Cabal Stronghold, Magus of the coffers, and Blood Celebrant in a single turn to draw most of your deck with villis (from all the live you dumped into mana with blood celebrant) and then use Aetherflux Reservoir, staff of death, Demon Horn, and Bontu monument (plus the Extort Cards) to refill my life to continue the chain, Refilling my life even more, and you get the point. At that point i can use my massive lead to decimate my opponents, keeping Rise of the Dark Realms as insurance against board wipes.

    Thanks in advance!
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  • posted a message on Need info for Custom Game mode I am making
    Really? because in the last 20 Standard games I've played, all of them where my opponent had red in their deck had lava coil in those decks. The only other removal card I've seen is the aforementioned Chandra's Truimph. In commander though i can agree, i don't see it at all.

    I'm not going to nerf it though, since this is a multiplayer format. That was an error on my part.
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  • posted a message on Need info for Custom Game mode I am making
    The card itself isn't a problem, rather the fact that almost no one plays anything else right now. The only other card that I've seen is Chandra's Triumph in Decks running Chandra. The Card itself is perfectly fine.
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  • posted a message on Need info for Custom Game mode I am making
    Sorry, I need to kick the habit of thinking like its a 1v1. In a multiplayer format, yes, Lava coil is fine. I was just a bit sick of seeing it every single game.

    so yeah, 2 card will likely be more for cards that are oppressive.
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  • posted a message on Need info for Custom Game mode I am making
    The problem with that is that lava coil is an uncommon, which would warrant 3 copies, while Dreadhorde Invasion (An Amass necessity) is a rare, which would only warrant 2

    i will try to make the lists not to long, keeping most cards in the 4 of
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  • posted a message on Need info for Custom Game mode I am making
    I will keep Variance in mind when issuing the card Restrictions, an example is how i am going to nerf Lava coil to two copies since it does its job better than most over Removal cards.

    also, after looking over your comment i realized that 4 groups was confusing so i decided to simplify things
    group 1: 4 cards (90% of cards)
    group 2: 2 cards (cards that overshadow other cards)
    group 3: 1 card (Legendaries)

    does this make it better?
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  • posted a message on Need info for Custom Game mode I am making
    So, at the moment I am making a custom game mode(or format if you want to call it that) and I need a bit of info.
    The Format comes from my Deep-seated dislike of the fact that commander is a singleton.
    Now, i know that there are reasons for commander to be a singleton. Otherwise Combo decks would be running 4X demonic tutor with their combo Pieces.

    So, i came up with the Basic Premise of this mode.

    • You have up to three "Commanders" (same rules as in EDH, elaborated on further)(1 supreme commander and two lesser. Lesser commanders have to be in the color identity of the Supreme Commander)(i'm going to make a list of legal Commanders, With both Legendary Creatures and Plansewalkers)
    • Each Commander has a "Fortress" That serves as their Command Zone. When you cast the commander, you get the fortress as well. (examples would be Bolas's Citadel for Bolas, Planar Bridge for Tezzeret)(Commander tax would be raised to 3 mana or more due to this)
    • 80 cards instead of 100
    • you attack your opponents Fortress's instead of your opponent. Each Fortress has 15 health. Knocking out all three of your opponents fortress's and then hitting them eliminates them. (If you gain or lose life that would be specifically targeted at you in other format's is instead dealt to a fortress of your choice. Your opponents can only attack your Fortress's if the Corresponding Commander is not on the Field.
    • I would look at all Legal cards (More on that later) and Sort them into 4 Groups. Each of these Groups represents how many Cards with that name you can have in your deck. This would allow Decks that rely of Specific Irreplaceable cards (Like DreadHorde Invasion for amass) to function, while allowing me to keep Combo Decks in check. All legendary Cards would all be in the 1 card only section, as well as any tutors.
    So what does this have to do with the info i need? well, I've Decided to make only the Bolas Arc Legal for this game mode. This narrows down the Options Considerably without Strangling Diversity (I hope). So what I am asking is if anyone see's any cards that should be placed in the lower Allowed amounts, or banned altogether. I will be excluding core 2019 from the list since most of its legends are from the past, and therefor wouldn't have any card's to serve as Fortress's
    For reference the Sets in the bolas saga are:
    1. Kaladesh
    2. Ather Revolt
    3. Amonkhet
    4. Hour of Devastation
    5. Ixalan
    6. Rivals of Ixalan
    7. Dominaria
    8. Guilds of Ravnica
    9. Ravnica Allegiance
    10. War of the spark
    Any Innate problems with the format can also be addressed in this post.
    Thank you in advance.
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  • posted a message on goblin electromancer + Bolas's Citadel
    ok, thanks

    Geuss I'm not adding That to my Grixsis deck
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  • posted a message on goblin electromancer + Bolas's Citadel
    Does Goblin electromancer decrease the life cost for spells cast with Bolas's Citadel?

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  • posted a message on Grixsis Amass Control
    Never actually seen that deck before, made this deck on my own.

    also, the only thing "control" i see about that u/b deck are the thought erasure type cards
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  • posted a message on Grixsis Amass Control
    the problem with Crush Dissent is that its another counterspell, which my deck already has. I also can't use it on command like i can with Relentless Advance. I'm thinking of Herald of the Dreadhorde

    I changed the Lands so that there is more chance of my getting some Black mana, which will help with Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God as well.

    Thanks for the advice on Fry
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  • posted a message on Grixsis Amass Control

    Looking for Feedback on this deck.

    For reference the Win condition of this deck is to get Bolas or Niv-Mizzet (Or both) on the field and begin Chaining Spells (Niv) or Outlasting them (Bolas)
    You'll want to get Dreadhorde Invasion out, and then use Relentless Advance and Enter the God-Eternals to build up an army. Lava Coil is For Removal, and Discovery // Dispersal is for Early game Draws and late game Combo's.

    Sideboard wise, Commence the Endgame is for when you are struggling to close out the game after getting out Niv-Mizzet or Bolas, exploiting the hand-Filling Nature of those cards. goblin electromancer is for if you are struggling to get Relentless Advance and Enter the God-Eternals off due to Aggressive decks (I.E: you need them Earlier than turn 4/5) this will replace your Dreadhorde Invasion as your 2 drop. Negate is for if the enemy is disrupting your plans with some spells catch you at a time when Ionize wont cut it (Thinking of replacing this, maybe with Bolas's Citadel, suggestions always appreciated). Thought Erasure is if you need to lean more on the Control side of things, I.E: the enemy is getting the Drop on you with big 4 drops and you need to be able to plan ahead with the info this will give you. Invade the City is your Card if you are lacking the accessible Firepower to take down Late Game threats.

    And yes, this deck sucks against Teferi. Trying to figure out how to make that not so.

    Suggestions Are Appreciated.
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  • posted a message on Nicol Bolas the Deceiver question
    wait, then what was his Alara Card?
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