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  • posted a message on The Brother's War - Modern Mechanics for a Retro Set?
    Remember how irregular of a set stryxhaven was? sometimes you'd get 2 rares per pack, and certain multicolor combos weren't present at all. i'd bet we'll see some new card types and/or mechanics that make this set feel pretty different, like playing in a lost age, with some nostalgia, some things we've never seen.
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  • posted a message on K- pop foxes and Yakuza Nezumi?
    i suppose technically k-pop is korean, not japanese. i sguess they'd be gravure foxes or something, i'm not a fashion expert on the differences.
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  • posted a message on K- pop foxes and Yakuza Nezumi?
    Well it's confirmed that we're going back to Kamigawa next year- sort of. Gone is the feudal era, replaced by something that looks like Neo-Tokoyo. Perhaps it will draw a wider audience, and some of the traditional Japanese lore was sort of inaccessible for the average westerner.

    Possible Mechanics?

    Legend Mechanic- something like grandeur seems possible. While the set will possibly have a lot of legends, it seems like something that needs support.

    Tribal- Kamigawa had several unique tribes and classes.
    Snakes could come back as G/U. perhaps they'd get a piece of the ninja pie. something more than more +1/+1 counters. Green is sort of suposed to be the master of combat tricks, anyway.

    Kitsune- I think they might have a k-pop theme this time. not sure about actual mechanics

    Nezumi- Probably back as Yakuza gangsters. Perhaps the Oni are the bosses.

    Samurai- Since it's not the feudal era anymore, they're probably gone.

    Shrines- Perhaps they could be tribal shrines, that care about thier tribes rather than other shrines for instance

    Ninja Dojo- 3B
    Enchantment- Shrine
    At the beginning of your upkeep, target opponent loses x life, where x is the number of ninjas you control
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  • posted a message on [MID] Brian Kibler -- Moonveil Regant
    the fact that it's a "may" trigger makes this seems really good to me.
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  • posted a message on Strixhaven Prerelease: a General guide
    So this is just a general basis for choosing your school, and helping build a sealed deck at the prerelease.

    Deckbuilding in Sealed Factions:
    With 6 boosters opened, sealed provides players with a wide card pool. most rares belong to 1/5 factions, and you'll get 1 guarunteed from your chosen faction. statistically, you'll get 1 extra rare for your chosen faction, making it most likely to be used. That is, unless you get one of the bombs discussed below, where you might decide to change factions.

    Prismari bring the best of two worlds- the powerful fractals of green, with more subtle elements of blue. ramping is also available in this faction.
    Notable Bombs (Consider taking this faction if you open any of the above)
    Kasmina, Enigma Sage She needs some protection before casting usually, but she's going to be helping your draw and giving you a creature or two, all for 3 mana. You may or may not benefit much from her -8 in limited.
    Tanazir Quandrix Possibly the scariest Quandrix card, make sure to have plenty of fractals in any deck he runs.
    Jazdi, Oracle of Arcavios Ok, Let's just talk about this side of the card. The other half is self explanatory. but if you get this, make sure you have the instants/soreries to make it work.

    Notable uncommons/commons
    Eureka moment this card's good. you'll almost always get mileage out of this if you want to ramp up to something turn 5.
    Quandrix Apprentice Another good ramp.
    Leyline invocation With all the ramp, you'll want some way to benefit. this is one. It'll trigger your magecraft, too.

    Honestly I'm not sure if this faction is that great in limited. The rares in both white and black tend to be more useful in constructed. Most are either board wipes or single target removal.
    Notable Bombs (consider playing this faction if you get one)
    Extus, Oriq Overlord Yeah, he can also run in Mardu. And i would consider trying it, if you get him. Though awakening the blood avatar isn't that great, so decide if it works well otherwise.
    Shadix Silverquill Scariest Silverquill. You'll usually want +1/+1 counters, usually giving thema a2/1 inkilinm=g===
    Notable Commons/Uncommons
    Killian, Ink Duelist Possibly the best silverquill Uncommon, almost a rare. your kill spells got cheaper, so did your buffs.
    Shadewing Luarate There's a lot of flying in this faction. He only will help a little, but with all the other +1/+1 counters going around, it's not a bad thing.

    While their theme may be new, most of their mechanics aren't. if you want to play some big crazy huge blue./red instant/sorcery, here you go. they tend to still mostly copy their card draw/damage thing fora big effect.
    Notable Bombs (consider playing this faction if you get one)
    Galazeth Prismari A Cool card, giving you mox opals out of every treasure.
    Rowan, Scholar of Sparks Both sides are solid.
    Magma Opus Really scary things can happen if this goes off some times.

    Notable commons/Uncommons
    Creative Outburst This is like a better, more expensive, Ral's Outburst
    Prismari apprentice unblockable, and it gets bigger, for 2 mana? you better be casting every turn.
    spectacle mage prismari ramp, and evasion.

    As close to a tribal faction as it gets, they also have access to recursion. Fairly new mechanic and theme wise, one of my more popular factions.
    Notable Bombs (consider playing this faction if you get one)
    Velomachus Lorehold As crazy as his name sounds, he's pretty straightforward. attack, cast, hopefully win.
    Hofri Ghostforge This thing's like a [card]luminous broodmoth/card] except he gives trample, +1/+1, and haste.
    Lukka, Wayward Bonder He's going be giving you a wild guess every turn, and his -2 can be good.
    Notable Uncommons/commons
    blood age general your spirit lord for 2 mana.
    Quintorius, Field Historian your spirit lord for 5.
    Returned Pastcaller A spirit flyer with recursion.

    An older theme, but new mechanics make this faction feel enjoyable for both new and old players. The lifegain mechanic is a major one, associated with pests. it's a swarm type faction.
    Notable Bombs (consider playing this faction if you get one)
    Beledros Witherbloom A flying verdant force, not bad.
    Professor Onyx Not Necessarily a witherbloom card, but she works fine in faction, and her life gain is appreciated.
    Blex, Vexing Pest Both his search and Himself are useful.

    Notable Uncommons/Commons
    Daemogoth Woe-Eater A 7/6 for 4? ok, even when you sac himself, something good happens? feels like almost a rare.
    Infuse with Vitality A great instant, especially at common.
    Tend the Pests you notice how these 3 cards work together?

    So that does it, good luck!

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  • posted a message on (Leak) strixhaven house names and color combos
    how much do you want to bet we're going to see mdf cards with one color sorcery/instant on one side, and one on the other?
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Ban Coming? (Hint: Tibalt's Trickery is Lame)
    this card wasn't really supposed to be a big part of the set. if a certain god card was breaking things, i'd be worried if wotc was doing their job.

    i'm fairly certain this was supposed to be a card like mayhem devils or risk factor....they never checked countering their own thing.
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Ban Coming? (Hint: Tibalt's Trickery is Lame)
    the standard version uses uin's conjurant for 0 then gets a turn 2 ulamog. i think i's time to ban
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  • posted a message on Kaldheim teaser trailer (not the offical one that’s one January 7th)
    i wish there were you know...dialougue.

    i wish they would make tibalt more like a demonic shakespeare...hed roams the multiverse in search of inspiration for his next act.
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  • posted a message on how powerful do you think 7 dwarves will be, come the next set?
    well it seems dwarves will most likely crewing vehicles to be tapping out a dragon, i really want a professional pilot drwaf for it, but i'd still run 7 dwarves as more of a "tempo gamble" in addtion to these other things, since most of the expensive slots will most likely be dragons
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  • posted a message on how powerful do you think 7 dwarves will be, come the next set?
    so think is just a speculation for players that want to play r/w in kaldheim. what other engineers think that 7 dwarves might be a pretty solid deck this time around? and for that matter, dwarves in general?
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Dragonkin Berserker (Leak)
    this is a first strike bear with a "make a 5/5 flyer every turn" ability. seems almost over strong
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Toski, Bearer of Secrets— @wizards_magic Christmas Eve preview
    anyone else think its nuts he's not in the squirrel secret lair?
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  • posted a message on [2XM] Unofficial spoiler - Darksteel forge
    well it IS called double masters...
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  • posted a message on Would you like to see a return to mirrodin?
    So I've been thinking...it's been a while since we've heard anything about New Phyrexia/Mirrodin, or had and artifact set.

    The story:

    Mirrodin Reforged

    Mirrodin is all but completely controlled by the preators. The triumvirate of Elesh Norn, Jin Gitaxis and Sheoldred now turn their attention to the invasion of other planes. They enlist Tezzeret to build a new interplanar portal to advance their plans.

    However, resistance remains. striking from hidden places, they await the return of their plane's creator, karn.

    The Factions

    Orthodoxy: WU B Led by Elesh Norn, this represents mainstream Phyrexia. they prefer a slow, attrition based style of combat, having acess to vast resources.
    Phy mana: . there'e still a lot of room for this idea to get expanded on. some things might even have abilities that trigger upon paying life.

    Infect: this could come back too, but without proliferate to make it so fast. poison is an iconic Phyrexian mechanic, and it'd be cool to see it in, punch out -1/-1 and poison counters are included, similar to ikoria.

    Proflierate: we saw it too recently for a return.

    Rebels RWU: these folks are artifact masteers. they have access to a lot of tools, but can't fight an all out war with Phyrexia, instead relying on subterfuge and surveillance.


    Power up( a new mechanic): when you power up, choose one: equip an equipment, or crew a vehicle.

    Improvise: these folks are really good with artifacts.

    Rogue Phyrexians RG: These two Praetors don't care about the way Phyrexia went, and are somewhat sympathetic to the rebels.

    artifact sacrifice
    +1/+1 counters


    A fully Pheyrexianized Tezzeret. he has a +1 that gives a poison counter. has a -3 to return an infect creature to play. has no ultimate, but a passive- whenever you pay life, put a loyalty counter on him.

    Karn, Creator of Mirrodin: back as a mythic rare. he has solid, artifact based abilites.

    Melira, Mirran Healer: sort of an anti tezzeret. has a +1 that removes counter from a permanent/player, and a -3 that returns a card (like eternal witness). ultimate-double your life total.

    other mythic rares:

    Praetors: These are all colored artifact creatures this time around, with phy mana in their costs. Think of them sort of like the Mirrodin version of Gods. they have the following characteristics:

    phy mana: all have at least 2 phy mana in their cost.
    etb ability and a passive ability
    upon death or exile, return to hand.

    swords cycle: a few more of the allied swords are present at mythic rare.

    well that's all the musing for now, would you like to see this set come to compleation? (sic.)

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