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  • published the article Ravnica: The Living Guildpact

    Archive Trap returns to wrap up Ravnica's history this week, bringing us to present day. The fall of the guildpact was only the beginning of the city-plane's tale, and the sixty years since have brought us upon the brink of civil war. The new Ravnica trilogy is coming, and you need to know its history to understand where we're heading.

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  • published the article Ravnica: The Broken Guildpact

    Archive Trap returns this week, as Jay13x tackles one last plane: Ravnica. The City of Guilds will be this fall's major set, as well as the setting for the next two sets! The plane is filled with a rich history, and you'll want to make sure you're caught up for the coming Ravnica trilogy!

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  • published the article Time Spiral and the Mending
    Archive Trap is coming back this week for a very special edition, as Jay takes us through Time Spiral block. Dominaria will release in less than two months, and as one of the most anticipated sets we've ever seen, you should definitely brush up on its history and the story of what happened last time we were there.
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  • published the article Jaya Ballard Returns
    Who is Jaya Ballard? Where has she been all these years? Magic's original fire mage has resurfaced, and Jay explores her past and the possibilities surrounding her return.
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  • published the article The Mysteries of Ixalan
    What is the Immortal Sun? Where did it go? Who took it? Ixalan is rife with mysteries, and Jay examines everything we know to decipher the waters that remain uncharted.
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  • published the article A Reckoning on Kamigawa
    We return to Kamigawa this week, as @Jay13x continues the story of Toshiro Umezawa, Princess Michiko, and the ire of O-Kagachi.
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  • published the article The World of Kamigawa
    Explore the Magic world's dive into Japanese fantasy this week, as Jay13x guides us through the world of Kamigawa.
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  • published the article Who is the Raven Man?
    The Raven Man is an enigmatic figure tied to Liliana's past, present, and future. He has shaped her into who she is, and continues to influence her to this day. Who is this complicated man, whose presence is always obscured and intentions cloaked in mystery? Jay explores what we know of him, and delves deep into Magic's lore for the answers.
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  • published the article The World of Shandalar
    Explore the world of Shandalar this week, as Jay takes us on a journey through the lands, characters, and story of this often unknown plane. Although Shandalar has never had its own set, it has been visited many times, and is teaming with lore.
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  • published the article Magic Story: Alara to Amonkhet
    This week, Jay goes over the entire last decade of Magic's storyline. Beginning with the Post-Mending that followed Time Spiral, Jay takes us on a journey from the beginning of this new storyline until present day. This is the perfect chance for anyone to catch up, brush up, or start to delve into the wonders of Vorthos.
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  • published the article Commander 2017 Digest
    This year's Commander product is significantly different from past years, but is definitely still filled with goodies. Explore this latest Commander release with Jay, as he covers all of the new cards and high profile reprints.
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  • published the article The World of Amonkhet
    On a dead world, where all has turned to arid desert, there stands a single city: Naktamun. Explore the lore, hear the legends, and delve into the story of Amonkhet this week, as Jay takes us on a guided tour of our latest plane.
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  • published the article Theros: Elspeth's Tragedy
    This week, Jay brings us back to Theros to delve into its tragic story line. The tale of Elspeth is a tale of sorrow; for in the land of gods, even planeswalkers are but instruments for a divine will.
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  • published the article The World of Theros
    In this edition of Archive Trap, Jay tells us everything we want to know about the mythology-inspired world of Theros. Before a story can be written, the world around it must be well crafted and thoroughly designed. This week, we delve into such a detailed world.
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  • published the article Chandra, Gideon, and the Purifying Fire
    In this edition of Archive Trap, Jay delves into The Purifying Fire story line for the origins of Chandra and Gideon, and their intertwined fates. Where they came from, how they met, and how they first united to meet their destiny together.
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