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    Commander 2019 Update

    Out: Sol Ring - It's just such a boring card, and is really only here for an occasional Turn 2 Krenko.

    In: Dockside Extortionist - This card is tutorable in this deck and way more fun. Better ramp for the late game come back, which this deck needs more than an occasional early start.
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  • posted a message on Magic Storyline Resources (The Stories and Lore Are Here)
    This is really neat. I'm in shock there are so few replies. I thought maybe Jayx dissapered but I see you are still active.

    This seems like a 'core resource' that would have been kept updates. Is there something up to date similar to this somewhere?

    Just to throw it out there I do want to get into the pre-mending very detailed storyline more. It makes all the fractures that come later feel very viseral.
    I'm actually a consultant for Wizards of the Coast, now. This did make me realized that I haven't added the War of the Spark novel, but the Story Site has become a useful resources again so anything new that isn't included here will be there.
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    Quote from 00Flour »
    Eldrazi Monument combined with Battle Squadron makes a great flyer. Mana Echos thrown in give this all the juice to win with a nice direct attack. The math on Mana Echos can set people off when you have a lot of Goblins out. People tried to get into the stack and interrupt it as well. Fun times
    I had Eldrazi Monument in early builds of the deck, but it turned me into a more apparent threat than I wanted people to realize at the time. If it works for your Meta, go for it.

    Quote from 00Flour »
    Every Friday I get together with an EDH group and one of the people plays Animar with a turn 5 wincon of some sort. Krenko has beaten him once or twice. I have Chaos Warp. Anything else to slow him down? I'm typically one turn away from winning.

    Aether Flash - would kill all the goblins- no go
    stranglehold - seems useable
    manabarbs - bad for krenko - or is it if you are using goblins for mana?
    Manabarbs is fine in Krenko, it only affects a player tapping for mana, and you'll probably have fewer lands and be tapping them less than other players.

    If you want to slow down an Animar player:
    • Damping Sphere increases the cost of comboing off.
    • Isolation Cell makes infinite combos more difficult by requiring life or a payment that Animar doesn't reduce.
    • Spellshock also hurts infinite combos and puts a clock on the game.
    • Torpor Orb pretty effectively shuts down Animar, and while it hurts Purphoros strategies you can always go aggro or combo.

    Hi Jay13x. With the new commander card, Dockside extortionist being a red ramp on its own (which red rarely gets, especially for krenko (since we can tutor for it using Goblin Matron or Goblin Recruiter), would you add it? What cards would you remove to slot it if ever?

    It might replace my Sol Ring but I'd need to do some playtesting.
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    July 8 Update: Commander Banlist

    IN: Blood Moon

    OUT: Paradox Engine

    It's time to say goodbye. I'm swapping Blood Moon back in for Paradox Engine until something more interesting comes along.
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    June 23 Update: Modern Horizons

    IN: Pashalik Mons, Tectonic Reformation

    OUT: Blood Moon, Cheering Fanatic

    You can see discussion for Pashalik Mons above this post. A second Boggart Shenanigans is very handy, and his second ability, while not incredibly useful in this deck, is a handy mana sink and goblin token source for those dead turns.

    Speaking of dead turns, Tectonic Reformation is an incredibly powerful card in a deck like this. After the fifth or six mountain, there's a significant amount of diminishing returns on future land drops. Having a way to cycle every land you don't need is very useful, and with the mana curve in this deck, at six lands you should be able to cast whatever you cycle for.

    Cheering Fanatic is out because, frankly, it's just not as useful as I thought it would be. Blood Moon makes me an early game target, and is frequently a budget cut from this deck anyway.
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    Quote from Hyrkh »
    Quote from 00Flour »
    What about putting in Eldrazi Monument to add the flying. While not as powerful as Coat of Arms, it does offer Flying and indestructable.

    From playing a Krenko deck myself, I've found that I'm not attacking that much and more combo-ing out or winning with Burn at the Stake. Whilst monument is a great card and indestructible is nothing to sneeze at, it's more suited in decks that favor going wide and attacking (with cards like Triumph of the Hordes). But by all means put in a Krenko deck and smack people with it, it's still a great card!
    Essentially this, if you're looking to go more aggro, it's an A+ card.
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    Quote from Hyrkh »
    What are your thoughts on this card in 99 for Krenko?
    He's 100% going to have a place in the deck, I just don't know where yet. A second Boggart Shenanigans that can hit creatures is too good to pass up. The second ability is just icing, a nice mana sink if needed.

    I'm not sure what he'll be replacing yet, though, but I will by the time the set comes out. Cheering Fanatic is a potential cut. It's less useful than it first appeared. I've been eyeing Blood Moon to be cut for a while, too. It doesn't do much but piss off the table even more and once in a blue moon make Mountainwalk more useful. Pashalik Mons is another potential win-con in the deck, which takes priority.
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    May 7 Update: War of the Spark Update

    I skipped over Ravnica Allegiance because there were no cards of note for this deck. WAR, however, brings up Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin! Krenko 2.0 doesn't disappoint, but he's not so exciting to replace the original as the leader of this deck.

    IN: Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin

    OUT: Hordeling Outburst

    Finding a place to slot Krenko 2.0 in was a challenge, I'll admit. There are so few good 2 drops that I didn't want to replace one of them, and almost every card of 4cmc or higher wasn't something I could easily cut, which left replacing another 3 drop. In the end I picked Hordeling Outburst for a number of reasons. The sorcery is handy, but it's still only a sorcery, and an actual tutorable goblin was preferable to me. Add to that Krenko 2.0 creating three goblins in the worst case (and frequently MANY more), it was a pretty easy swap.
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    Quote from 00Flour »
    Any more updates? I did not see mention of Goblin Wizard and Goblin Goliath. Did you consider those for this deck? And then their is the new krenko commander who could come in as well.
    Goblin Wizard isn't necessary, as there is rarely a time when I can't afford to just cast a goblin in my hand, and Goblin Goliath is too expensive for what it does.

    Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin will be added once I actually get my hands on the card.
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  • posted a message on Storyline
    The only thing you missed is the background for Chronicle of Bolas, which takes place in the past but establishes a bunch of Elder Dragon lore. You can find it on the main magic website under 'story', or linked in my resources thread.
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    Quote from enzie »
    In another thread, people were referencing a story about Vraska and Isperia meeting up.. post-ixalan but pre-War of the Spark, as Vraska is the guild master. I don't know where they read this story. Can anyone point in the right direction? I read everything they post on the WOTC story page, but I don't recall this event, unless I somehow missed it.
    They're referring to what was shown in the Guilds of Ravnica story spotlights and what's discussed in the Ravnica Art Book.
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  • posted a message on Who came up with the Argivian Reckoning?
    In all seriousness, the origins of it are probably from The Dark. In The Eternal Ice, Jodah, who only remembers the Dark at the time, gives his birth date from both the birth of the brothers and the destruction of Argoth. It was probably common to count from that devastation on Terisiare, and it was formalized as "Argivian Reckoning" at some point before Time Streams, which was itself just a few centuries after the Ice Age.
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    Quote from Grammis »
    With the removal of Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker are you considering bringing back Arms Dealer for Lightning Crafter?

    I'm currently playing with Arms Dealer as a Lightning Crafter replacement but I was wondering if you consider Lightning Crafter to be the stronger of the two? If so I'd gladly hear your reasoning.
    To be honest I had forgotten Arms Dealer wasn't in the deck anymore. I'd have to play around and see, but Lightning Crafter benefits from all the untap engine stuff still in the deck while Arms Dealer doesn't.
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    Quote from darrenhabib »
    I'm can anybody tell me if the location in the background of Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle and Aven Sentry is some known location? Is it Halcyon?

    It's some floating city.
    Halcyon was destroyed 10,000 years ago. That's the floating bits of the new Church of Serra.
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    November 6 Update: Guilds of Ravnica update

    IN: Legion Warboss
    Legion Warboss is definitely the stand out goblin card of Guilds of Ravnica. A sort-of fixed Goblin Rabblemaster that only requires the token to attack, it provides token fuel for all the engines of the deck and is great with Krenko, but also helps fuel to cast Krenko and your bigger spells in the late game. Repeatable goblin token production can't be passed up, here. Remember: you can tap Krenko to count that little guy and sacrifice it all before it ever has to attack.

    Massive Raid
    Massive Raid is potentially a win con, but more than likely it'll just be more removal for this deck, which I found it needed.

    Hordeling Outburst
    I'm not sure why I was sleeping on this card, but three goblins for three mana is nothing to sneeze at. It can easily jump start any of the engines this deck sets up.

    OUT: Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker
    If you've been following the last few updates, I've been angling this way for a while. Kiki-Jiki pushes for play styles that didn't really line up for what I was going for with this deck. All the combos are still listed under 'Cut Combos' in the primer if you want to go that route, but I never found a situation where I really wanted to cast Kiki-Jiki except when I had all the other combo pieces in play. It's a lot of risk to bet so much on one card.

    Hammer of Purphoros
    I have enough haste enablers in this deck at this point that I found myself never really using the Hammer. I may re-evaluate in the future if I find myself struggling for haste enablers again. Also I got tired of carrying around the golem tokens just in case, lol.

    Helm of the Host
    A nine mana investment for something that other players will rarely allow just isn't worth it. I really wanted to like this card more (who doesn't want more Krenko?), but it just didn't do what I wanted it to. As part of my efforts to bring this deck back to basics, I get more value out of Hordeling Outburst than I would with this card.
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