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    After a long time, I've decided to return, to this beautiful game of magic, with a few other friends also coming back from scratch.

    I used to play from around the Tempest block and quit after the Kamigawa Block. Sold and gave away every single one of my cards.

    So... Now after doing a little bit of research, I can easily tell the game has changed a bit, since I last played and I need some of you guys' advice on how to get started again.

    Basicly I have 0 cards at my hands right now, same goes for my buddies and eventhough we know that it isn't money efficient to buy boosters/displays, we would all like to experience the good old feeling of opening some packs again, so for starters, we are going to all buy atleast one Display each. Im most likely going to end up buying 2-3 and maybe one of those lands packs ive seen (200 or 400 lands, cant recall)

    Then after that i'll form a homebrew of an attempt to make a deck, just to get the old feeling back and then decide on what I want to play, as im curently debating wether to play a Control or Burn/Weenie deck.

    However, after seeing the current prices, I don't think we will be heading straight into the whole P9 bulk and seeing that some formats has changed their names(atleast in my local shops calendar) perhaps some of you guys could tell me what the most popular bracket seems to be now? It used to be Type 2 back when I played the last time. Also keep in mind, that we dont have the ability to grab the entire P9 + Duals to get ourselves a functional top tier deck yet, so I assume that the Type 2, which I believe is called "Standard" nowadays? Correct? or maybe Modern, which I haven't got the whole grasp of yet, would be more suited for us.

    Anyways, this has turned into a long wall of text, which I apologies for, but if you made it this far through the thread, could you guys point me in a corection of what displays I should aim for? What holds values to trade/sell after somme time or where may I find more useful cards? Keep in mind the displays are the newer versions, so no vintage Legends displays or something like that.

    I'm looking forward to see your answers, thanks in advance.

    - Provo
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