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  • posted a message on Anyone wanna help with my Rakdos circus deck?
    I played against this deck a few times and it seemed really strong, but I have been way below 50% with it whether I'm playing against control aggro or midrange. Any suggestions are appreciated.

    //Creatures (26):

    1 Legion Warboss

    1 Runaway Steam-Kin

    4 Fireblade Artist

    4 Hackrobat

    4 Judith, the Scourge Diva

    4 Footlight Fiend

    4 Dreadhorde Butcher

    4 Fanatical Firebrand

    //Non-creature Spells (13):

    2 Shock

    1 Light Up the Stage

    2 Skewer the Critics

    3 Theater of Horrors

    1 Bedeck // Bedazzle

    4 Angrath's Rampage

    //Lands (21):

    3 Dragonskull Summit

    2 Swamp

    3 Mountain

    4 Swamp

    5 Mountain

    4 Rakdos Guildgate
    Posted in: Deck Creation (Standard)
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