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  • posted a message on Kaldheim Spoiler Discussion
    Icehide Troll - Seems pretty good if you play with snow-covered lands. Icehide Troll seems to be fine on curve not really want you want to see against aggro, but really shines in the late game as a mana sink. Often with green you can generate mana quickly, but you quickly reach the point where you have more mana than you know what to do with so any decent mana sinks are welcome. Grim Draugr is similar in terms of being a mana sink. Still seems kind of awkward to turn your lands into the snow-covered versions for a few marginal cards. Arcum's Astrolabe seems fine. Frostwalla is basically a worse version of Icehide Troll. Iceberg Cancrix seems ok as well. Chilling Shade I guess. Chillerpillar is fine in midrange, but maybe a bit slow. Winter's Rest is actually good. And that's about it for cards that care about snow lands. And Skred. Oh and that one zombie from Ice Age Gangrenous Zombies. Basically going snow is still marginal except for Winter's Rest; and Icehide Troll is one of the the better of the lot.
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  • posted a message on Kaldheim Spoiler Discussion
    Bound in Gold - Better than Arrest. Not as good as Oblivion Ring because it's easier to drop an aura with Shelter, Ephemerate or something than it is to destroy an enchantment (since enchantment destruction is typically too narrow for most decks).

    Gods' Hall Guardian - Divvying up to cost of a 6 mana 3/6 vigilance is as good as plainscycling of Noble Templar or cycling 1 of Imposing Vantasaur. All the effects allow you to mitigate the holding a dead card in hand, while still allowing you to play a decent doorstop. I've played a bit of Noble Templar in particular and I'm convinced it's still a fine card, it just doesn't go in the same deck as Elite Vanguard.

    Augury Raven - Strictly better Phantom Monster seems fine. Still sits in Incinerate range, so maybe not so hot against rush.

    Behold the Multiverse - Lets you hold mana while getting card draw. Sometimes I need to remind myself that Dimir control is a thing.

    Littjara Kinseekers - If you can get the pay-off then a 4 mana 3/5 scry 1 is really good. Works well with token producers. Probably going to be played alongside soldiers which is the most ubiquitous creature type in white.

    Grim Draugr - Good with snow mana if that is made available.

    Koma's Faithful- Vizkopa Vampire with upside. Desert and Arc Lightning certainly makes 1 toughness creatures weak. Though you could find a way to leverage the mill.

    Withercrown - Cheap removal for control decks.

    Hagi Mob - Another strictly better than Fire Elemental.

    Tormentor's Helm - Red Leonin Scimitar with upside. It seems almost good, very nearly almost. Leonin Scimitar was fine but often would be the 24th card in a deck.

    Guardian Gladewalker - Worth keeping in mind as a generic tribal enabler. I'm not sure what Guardian Gladewalker enables however.

    Masked Vandal - Another 1/3 for 2, this time in green and with interesting abilities. I think it will shine when it is leveraged, but mostly will be lackluster.

    Sarulf's Packmate - Good piece of card advantage.

    Snakeskin Veil - More in line with Vines of the Vastwood than Ranger's Guile.

    And of course the cycle of lands and all good.

    The cards I'm seriously considering so far are Bound in Gold, Augury Raven (foretell could be better than it looks) Grim Draugr for the snow, Withercrown, Tormenter's Helm because it's almost good enough and Sarulf's Packmate.

    I'm enjoying the spoiler much more than Zendikar Rising because I found party a dud. Where as this is more generic good stuff with a slight mechanical twist.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    I think I'll keep all Ravinca Karoos in for the meantime.

    Magic Online commons are officially categorised as commons, though it is weird to play them since some of them never have received paper printings at common. I haven't included them so far, but I'm considering them now for the next order of cards.
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends 2020 Spoiler Discussion
    I like Exquisite Huntmaster. 4cmc 4/2 that leaves behind a 1/1 is so-so. Encore just pushes this over into playable territory.

    The diamonds are obviously good, although with signets and a few odds and ends 2cmc mana rocks it gets pretty cramped.

    Skaab Goliath is big, but 7cmc means it is too slow to impact.

    The cascade counterspell seems interesting. Flipping over a Mana Leak is a whiff off cascade. However counter into a 3 cmc non-counterspell card could be worth it. Obviously 4 cmc cards are worth it and 1 cmc cards aren't unless they are especially good like Lightning Bolt. Forceful Denial would obviously be strong at 4 mana, but the question is 5 mana too much, or just enough.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    Quote from Hourof »
    Hi, I've been a long time lurker and post very rarely. I wanted to reintroduce myself and say that I finally updated my pauper cube except for Zendikar Rising (which might be 0 cards anyway).

    I put my cube in my signature.
    The archetypes are token swarm, token sacrifice, burn, ramp stompy, aggro, control, and a minor +1/+1 counter theme.

    I haven't been able to draft it in years, so it's hard to get feedback.
    To rectify this I made many many updates while constantly comparing it to the cubes of the most active members in this thread and the mtgo pauper cube.

    In my mind my cube kind of straddles the line between spikey and archetype johnnyness.

    Zendikar Rising has a few decent cards, it's just that the party mechanic is a solid pass for us which rules out a lot of the set.

    Akoum Hellhound is the most obviously good playable, considering people have been playing Steppe Lynx and this is essentially just that except red.
    Bubble Snare, 1 mana to shut down a creature is quite good. The kicked version is overcosted, but regardless is playable removal. Although really it's the cheapness that makes this fine since you can disable a creature and hold countermagic.
    Roil Eruption is better than Volcanic Hammer. The only real downside is with aggro you don't ever expect to make it to make it to 7 mana. It's about on par with Searing Spear for slower durdlier decks, which is to say quite good.

    Makindi Ox is boarderline playable. Mostly because there is very little competition for 5 mana white creatures. In saying that it does get pushed out by more tuned aggro.
    Likewise for Shepherd of Heroes. If warriors, wizards and rouges were more prevalent then this would certainly see play. Close, but not that close, mostly because sketchiness of party more than anything else.

    I had a look through your cube. It seems to be filled with a lot of borderline cards, which make it difficult to get focused decks because the second half of the packs will be full of the undesirables. Consider trimming size or just systematically going through the Everything reviewed and try swapping out cards for the cubeables there.
    Winston draft and sealed pools can be a great way to get a couple of games here and there when you're having difficulty rounding up players for a pod. Cards which are underperforming can become apparent from playing a few games even without doing a full draft. You do need to cut some slack for strategies which require a critical mass of some effect in order to be playable. But unless you know something is meant to play a specific roll, if a can isn't pulling its weight in a couple of games then it probably has to go.
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  • posted a message on Zendikar Returns Spoiler Discussion.
    Farsight Adept - Interesting symmetrical draw, though as a rule of thumb I don't like giving my opponent cards. Cathodion already gives white access to 3 mana 3/3.

    Grotag Bug-Catcher - Most of red is not going to party well. Neither particularly with white as mostly we have soldiers and knights.

    Might of Murasa - Expensive Giant Growth is ehh. 5 damage late game is quite good. Probably won't play this over the much cheaper Groundswell. Also it compares badly to Titanic Growth which doesn't see any play and Predator's Strike.

    Anticognition - Compares poorly to Essence Scatter and Miscalculation. If you somehow get it live, scry 2 and a hard counter is decent. Seems like it just gets outclassed. Threshold 8 seems a bit far off for most games to reliably come up.

    Makindi Ox - A big(ish) creature in white. Sort of ok, but not that great.

    Cleansing Wildfire - Good at taking out Simic Growth Chamber, Desert and friends. Most common lands don't require answers. The fact that this cantraps is nice.

    Nissa's Zendikon - I think that this is ok.

    Feed the Swarm - Black maindeck answer to Pestilence. Lifeloss gets to be a bit steep and there are enough of premium answers that this really wouldn't find a place in a full draft.

    Angelheart Protector - I'm not sure how the indestructible would play. Might be a bit too do nothing most games.
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  • posted a message on Double Masters Downshifts
    Quote from Marl Karx »
    I guess I understand why they changed Oubliette but it seems weird to me to randomly make the card into an instant Commander staple.

    The phase out template matches the original wording of the card more accurately than the exile wording. I want to see more phase out wording on white enchantments now; ignoring commander interactions, retriggering etbs feels bad.
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  • posted a message on Double Masters Downshifts
    Interesting downshifts.

    Abrade - Seems alright. It's probably the most maindeckable piece of red artifact destruction. Still, is having the option to destroy an artifact really better than being able to deal 3 damage to a player?
    Everflowing Chalice - My favourite manarock in other formats. I don't think this is any better than a signet here.
    Conclave Naturalists - Been waiting for a Indrik Stomphowler downshift for a while. Not particularly exciting, but when you gonna destroy stuff it will get the job done well.
    Bone Picker - Requires a little support, but it is cost efficient and the hard cast isn't unreasonable either. Generally something dying is one of the easiest conditions to meet.
    Cast Down - By far the best common of the set. It's the stapliest staple since legendary creatures aren't a thing at common.
    Heartless Pillage - It's a Mind Rot variant. Nothing remarkable.

    Honourable mention: Oubliette - While not technically a downshift it was printed as a common in Arabian Nights so not many people really know about it's existence nor own one for that matter. While more or less being worse than Murder, it can deal with equipments which is something Black can't typically do. Also, worth mentioning that the phasing out wording means Oubliette circumvents command zone nonsense for the people who play that format.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    Colossal Dreadmaw - Big stompy creature. Has the eternal problem of dying to hard removal. In general big creatures need an additional effect or to be extremely devastating (Ulamog's Crusher) to be worth it at +6 mana. Trample is a nice keyword to have, but overall Colossal Dreadmaw is going to be too slow or too vulnerable against most of the meta.

    Drowsing Tyrannodon - Slows down non-evasion creatures. Turns to attack fine. Too easily disrupted to be reliable. And requires more hoop jumping than necessary. I prefer Terrain Elemental. Green has already a good selection of 2cmc creatures and isn't in need of any Returned Phalanxes.

    Garruk's Gorehorn - 7 is a lot of power. 3 is not much toughness. Dies too easily to combat and red removal.

    Gnarled Sage - Bitterbow Archers comparison. I see this as primarily a Blue/Green creature. While I am hesitant at considering this, attacking as a vigilance 4/6 is certainly tempting. Could be worth giving a trial, although it could succumb to requiring too much deck building to be practical.

    Hunter's Edge - 4 mana removal is a lot for Green considering the relatively low cost of splashing a colour. I think the cost will be prohibitive more often than not.

    Life Goes On - Sideboard tech for burn. Might be worth it if your deck is built to stabilise. Ultimately, this is card disadvantage and is niche.

    Llanowar Visionary - Excellent padding between early to mid-game. Card draw is similar in strength to land searching. Being a mana-source as well enables playing out much quicker than Civic Wayfinder.

    Ornery Dilophosaur - Idk, deathtouchy. Dies to red removal. Deathtouch is much more efficient on smaller bodies. 4 mana starts competing against Imperiosaur.

    Portcullis Vine - It wall not that well. Mostly there aren't enough other defenders which you would want to mulch.

    Pridemalkin - Too small. Though trample is nice.

    Ranger's Guile - The effort of holding mana for something can be too much at times, especially because of the aforementioned rush decks and tempo decks. Even many of the midrange decks. Occasionally is a blowout. More often than not this is lacklustre.

    Return to Nature - Generally Naturalize with a creature body attached is wanted.

    Run Afoul - Anti-flying tech. Fine but niche. Sideboard cards tend to fall by the wayside unless they are a counter to an important threat.

    Sabertooth Mauler - Grows to be pretty fearsome. Mostly I would prefer creatures which start off big. Untapping is a nice. Costs the same as Festerhide Boar.

    Setessan Training - Too trivial. Maybe could do something with Ancestral Mask.

    Snarespinner - If cheap fliers are a threat, this is a solution. Otherwise far too weak.

    Titanic Growth - Occasional tricks. Mostly for quick kills. Groundswell is preferred over this.

    Track Down - Green Shimmer of Possibilities. Actually much better because of the scry. This is an interesting effect that we haven't had available before, so I'd looking forward to seeing how it will play.

    Trufflesnout - Anti-rush 3cmc creature. Fine at being maindeckable. Helps shore up Searing Blaze matches.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    Quote from Marl Karx »
    How is rarity officially assigned to the Mystery Booster playtest cards? Scryfall has them at rare.

    Gatherer has them listed as common which is the official definition of common. I assume it is that way as an elaborate scheme to break our format for anyone who runs Mystery Booster cards and Un-cards.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)

    Bone Pit Brute - Most red decks just want to Fireball when they get to 6 mana. This seems fine at being a game ender. Double red keeps it from being easily splashable.

    Burn Bright - Fine as a second copy of Dynacharge. The white versions of this effect are much stronger.

    Chandra's Magmutt - I think this is solid. Being able to tick away for 1 in a stall is exactly what red wants to do.

    Crash Through - Red decks tend not to be creature centric enough for this.

    Destructive Tampering - Seems fine as an anti-artifact sideboard card.

    Furor of the Bitten - Fine in angry rush. The downside of removal tends to be too much however.

    Goblin Arsonist - Alright fodder. Not good at all otherwise.

    Goblin Wizardry - Seems like a fine addition to Delver of Secrets builds.

    Hobblefiend - Sacrifice outlet in red. I'm not that keen on this, but other people seem to think it's fine.

    Igneous Cur - I prefer Weaselback Redcap. Comparable to Immolating Souleater. Often I'd rather spend the mana for something else most of the time.

    Onakke Ogre - Functional reprint of something. Worse than Brazen Wolves.

    Pitchburn Devils - These can block well. 5 mana is too much.

    Scorching Dragonfire - Searing Spear is better most of the time.

    Shock - Galvanic Blast is strictly better. Generally it's worth spending the extra 1 mana for a Incinerate for better reach.

    Spellgorger Weird - Fine with spells. Grows well and comes out early enough in the game to see some action. Typically draws removal.

    Sure Strike - You want Lightning Strike instead of this.

    Thrill of Possibility - Filters well and plays nicely with instant speed things (namely countermagic).

    Turn to Slag - If equipment were more problematic we'd play this.

    Turret Ogre - Ok 4 drop. Finding enough 4 power or greater creatures can be problematic, especially when they keep dying to removal. The extra effort mostly isn't that worth it unless 4 power or greater gets pushed quite a bit.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)

    Alchemist's Gift - A little too weak. Better than Coat in Venom. I prefer Grotesque Mutation if I'm looking for a black lifelink instant.

    Blood Glutton - 3 toughness puts this in target range for most red removal.

    Caged Zombie - The ability is too costly.

    Crypt Lurker - Could be useful. Mostly I think there will be a lack of adequate fodder. Good sideboard tech against Pacifism. Discarding creatures might be negligible with Font of Return, Wander in Death and Death Denied.

    Deathbloom Thallid - A body in a pinch.

    Duress - Still sees play.

    Fetid Imp - From a lineage of nothing imps.

    Finishing Blow - Overcosted Murder because planeswalkers don't exist at common (excluding Mystery Booster nonsense).

    Gloom Sower - That's a big common. Could be used with Morgue Burst? Probably too susceptible to removal despite being immune to Doom Blade and too slow for rush.

    Grasp of Darkness - Reprint. Double pips make this a sad card. Still alright, though cards such as Victim of Night are much better.

    Infernal Scarring - Err... Kind of weak.

    Liliana's Steward - Interesting take on Raven's Crime. Good with Ghoulcaller's Chant. Probably could find a home in a cube built around taking advantage of this. Otherwise not.

    Masked Blackguard - This is no Ambush Viper.

    Mind Rot - Plenty of better cards than this.

    Rise Again - Not much worth reanimating outside for the aforementioned Spined Megalodon.

    Sanguine Indulgence - Getting the cost reduction is a little difficult. Much too overcosted otherwise.

    Skeleton Archer - More of a sideboard card. Good in some match ups (ones with plenty of targets), Hill Giant in others.

    Village Rites - Cheap and playable.

    Walking Corpse - Definitely not. Need more brains.

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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    Core Set 2020 Blue.

    Cancel - There are few strictly betters than this. Dissolve and Counterspell to name a few.

    Capture Sphere - Blue isn't that in need of on-colour removal to warrant this.

    Frantic Inventory - Basically nothing in singleton. Is a bit more interesting when you consider running multiples. Sort of a functional reprint of Accumulated Knowledge. Sort of.

    Frost Breath - Ok, tempo card. Frosty tapping a couple of creatures can be functionally Ashes to Ashes in a streamlined rush deck. Of course the game has to end soon or else tempo is lost.

    Keen Glidemaster - Turns into a fine mana-sink. Mostly is just a forgettable creature.

    Library Larcenist - You have to put in a lot of effort to work. Mostly the body is too small to go to combat.

    Lofty Denial - Much worse than Miscalculate. The catch is going to catch you out more often than not.

    Mistral Singer - Looks like a fine 3 mana flier for when you want one. Stormbound Geist can't block when you want it to, which is why I typically don't consider it outside of comparisons. Likewise with Cloud Spirit. Blocking is kind of an important feature of most creatures. Strictly better than Niblis of Dusk.

    Opt - It's fine. I play Opt. Nothing special. Preordain and friends are much stronger.

    Rain of Revelation - Fine 4 mana draw spell. Holding mana for countermagic is important for many of Blue's play patterns.

    Read the Tides - 6 mana is too much.

    Rewind - Speaking of holding up mana. The upfront 4 mana is often too expensive, although this sees some play.

    Roaming Ghostlight - 5 mana is getting a bit expensive for Mist Raven. Probably would see niche play.

    Rookie Mistake - Tricky. Not sure quite how to evaluate. My intuition says it would be a dead card more often than not.

    Rousing Read - A Cartouche of Knowledge with slightly more filter for an extra mana. Probably fine at being efficient in terms of card-slots. Essential will play as a draw spell that impacts the board. Still is vulnerable to instant-speed removal.

    Spined Megalodon - Big control finisher. More game-ending than Benthic Giant, though less damming than Giant either. Hexproof gets around most decks' solutions to problems. Could be overkill, in which case Striped Riverwinder is better for the early trade-in. Seems like Spined Mealodon will spend time in sideboards. There will be games that you'll never see 7 mana before the game is essentially concluded.

    Teferi's Protege - The looting costs mana. The body isn't that desirable either.

    Tome Anima - Phantom Monster is better in most cases. The hoops make Tome Anima too conditional.

    Vodalian Arcanist - With signets and Mind Stone available, quality mana acceleration isn't too hard to come by. The 1/3 body is nice, but I don't think it outweighs the conditional nature of the mana generated. In any case, this is no Werebear and Blue has much stronger 2 mana plays. Maybe this is playable in the hands of a skilled player, though I foresee Vodalian Arcanist being draft chaff.

    Wall of Runes - It wall. More of a sideboard card, though can be really annoying in some match-ups.

    Wishcoin Crab - Pretty nothing as far as Pauper is concerned.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    A review of all Commons from Core Set 2020.

    Alpine Watchdog - A functional reprint of something forgettable. Strictly worse than Topan Freeblade and not up to the standard to current white 2cmc creatures.

    Anointed Chorister - I think that this is probably good enough in the right cube considering Healer's Hawk sees play. The activated ability synergies really well with lifelink and makes this relevant in the mid-to-late-game. As a 1/1 for 1, it's not going to impact the board really at all, although your opponent will have to deal with it at some stage.

    Basri's Acolyte - This is the kind of card we were missing when support was a keyword mechanic. It works well in going wide strategies and lifelink makes for decent races. I suspect where this will be weakest is against removal heavy builds which don't care a whole lot about life leads and tend to keep the board to manageable levels. Still Basri's Acolyte could be comparable to Seraph of Dawn and that's ubiquitously considered a decent card.

    Celestial Enforcer - Overcosted Goldmeadow Harrier with hoops to jump though. 2/3s for 3 are typically too small, although I can see why Wizard's keeps settling for those numbers.

    Concordia Pegasus - Not really worth considering at all unless you need a specific counter to Tattered Haunter (I'm sure there are better options there as well).

    Daybreak Charger - Staple. Basically the best card in the set. Reminds me of Porcelain Legionnaire.

    Defiant Strike - A reprint of the prowess trigger we don't use.

    Dub - Being an Aura makes this very susceptible to single target removal, which there is a lot of in Pauper.

    Faith's Fetters - One of the best white cards. It can deal with almost any problematic permanent and importantly gains you a healthy amount of life. Pretty much all you could want in enchantment based removal.

    Feat of Resistance - This is my second favourite protection spell after Cho-Manno's Blessing. The +1/+1 counter has historically been worth it for me for the 1-mana premium over Gods Willing and Apostle's Blessing.

    Gale Swooper - Seems ok if you are lacking stronger cards.

    Legion's Judgment - 4 power of greater removal clauses tend not to be terribly relevant because most decks are filled with weenies and Pacifism already deals with large creatures.

    Makeshift Battalion - 2 toughness makes this easy to pick off for most decks. The base stats make it on the small side when you aren't able to trigger the ability. I don't imagine that this will get more that one counter in most games.

    Rambunctious Mutt - A decent Disenchant of a stick. Obviously much better with sideboards. It's difficult to tell if this is better or worse than Kor Sanctifiers which is the current Disenchanting creature of choice for White at the moment. With sideboards including both Mutt and Sanctifiers might be correct.

    Revitalize - No, thank you.

    Secure the Scene - There isn't really any reason to justify the cost.

    Staunch Shieldmate - Basically an anti-rush guy. I see this as another sideboard card because there are plenty of matchups where a 1/3 is going to do next to nothing. In saying that, Sea Gate Oracle has seen a lot of play and has the same sized body.

    Swift Response - Strong non-enchantment based removal. There are plenty of cases where your opponent Withdraws
    leaving you Pacifism in the dust and this gets around that. Not so great for the rush white decks (which there are a lot of), but seems fine in more defensive builds. Strictly better than Take Vengeance.

    Valorous Steed - A fine 5cmc creature. Synergies with Ghostly Flicker and provides bodies. I'm not that excited by this, although I'll include it. I'm not sure if I prefer this or Supply-Line Cranes. In any case, Valorous Steed is more at the Supply-Line Cranes level of power than the Custodi Squire end of things.

    Warded Battlements - Not as good as Basilica Guards which is the premier 3cmc defender. 3 toughness isn't going to stop much. My evaluation could be quite off considering I haven't really played any anthem effect in common, so I'll have to keep my eyes open of this one.

    That's White done for now.
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  • posted a message on Jumpstart Spoilers
    Lightning Visionary - Finally a non-unset Target Minotaur. Red doesn't tend to have that much difficulty triggering prowess. I've been playing Mage-Ring Bully to some success. Apart from the fact that Mage-Ring Bully occasionally goes into combat where it's going to die, I would expect it to be about the same strength as Lightning Visionary negating for Visionary having less toughness.

    Lightning-Core Excavator - A 1 mana artifact creature 0/3 which converts into an expensive Lightning Bolt. I think activated ability is a bit too expensive for us. Most colours have access to some kind of cheap removal. And Green and Blue have strong things do with their mana at every point in the game. It is a disposable artifact for Trusty Retriever, as well as being a cheap artifact for metalcraft's threshold. Cubes with Court Homunculus would want this.
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