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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    Exclude is almost the best counterspell at common. The only reason why I pick Mana Leak over it, is that strong 2 cmc counterspells are at a premium, and I can always find card advantage somewhere else. Drawing a card on a 3 mana counterspell is bonkers. If you're looking for turn 2 plays, some of the cheap black removal on turn 2 followed by holding mana on turn 3 for Exclude is a hard to beat play. The single blue mana means you can splash blue for Exclude so you don't even have to be committed to the counterspell life style. Exclude is bonkers and there is no way my mind is changing on this. When you reach Turn 5 and your opponent still hasn't managed to stick a creature, you know it's going to be a fun match.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    Quote from Marl Karx »
    I don't think REB and BEB are Cube cards personally

    Hence the honourable mention. They are strong pieces of countermagic.

    I forgot Dispel and Spell Pierce. They are strong, but a bit too narrow for a limited environment. Maybe Spell Pierce is in the league of Faerie Trickery and Syncopate, and dispel's at the bottom with Confound and Logic Knot (without synergies), where it could be strong, but mostly will sit in your hand while your opponent plays creatures.

    I really like Faerie Trickery because it feels like the extra 1 mana I'm paying over something the 2 mana alternatives is for a no questions asked, no nonsense kind of deal. If I counter a card with this, I don't to see it come back and haunt me. The Faerie clause has never been relevant (neither the tribal type).
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    Quote from Al_Z_Heimer »
    I've decided not to run the Welkin Terns and for now also decided against Flicker combo and instead went with simply more goodstuff and more counterspells, because I felt like I had too few. While doing this I wondered, how do you rank the counterspells?

    Auto-includes power level-wise are:
    Daze, Counterspell, Mana Leak, Miscalculation, Exclude and Condescend

    How do you rank the following:
    -XU Counters (Power Sink/Syncopate/Broken Ambitions): The additional effects can mostly be ignored, IMO. They can counter everything on curve for 1U, but can be become quite mana intense later and outright bad if you are mana screwed or play against green with a lot of acceleration.
    -Confound: A pet card of mine. It's mostly a weaker Shelter, but still pretty solid.
    -Deprive: Unconditional cmc 2 Counter with tempo drawback. Bad early, doesn't matter later.
    -Disdainful Stroke: I've only recently realised that this card might be really good as it hits pretty much all of the high impact cards, you actually want to counter. When it hits it's a guaranteed tempo gain.
    -Dissolve: The best [card]Cancel/card].
    -Creature Counter (Essence Scatter/False Summoning/Remove Soul): Narrow, but still creature removal for cmc 2.
    -Force Spike: Good early, often useless later.
    -Logic Knot: Bad early, good late.
    -Memory Lapse: It feels more like a bounce spell than a Counter, but it technically is one. It's not really a permanent out, but instead buys you time to find one.
    -Negate: Interesting in combination with the creature Counters.
    -Prohibit: By far not as good as it is in constructed, but still not unplayable. It can't be better than going even or even in the negative tempo-wise.

    Tier 0
    Mana Leak

    Tier 0.5 (Honourable mentions)
    Red Elemental Blast
    Blue Elemental Blast

    Tier 1
    Mana Tithe

    Tier 2
    Dissolve (I'm personally not running downshifted cards right now.)
    Arcane Denial (More of a tempo card than a control card.)

    Tier 3
    Force Spike
    Memory Lapse (similar to Arcane Denial)
    Essence Scatter and functional reprints
    Logic Knot (With Preordain, Thought Scour or something turn 1.)

    Tier 4
    Faerie Trickery (This is one of my pet cards.)
    Broken Ambitions (The clash is a functional scry 1, but the downsides are your opponent gets to scry 1 or fuel graveyard.)
    Power Sink

    Tier 6
    Prohibit (Never tried this one out.)
    Disdainful Stroke
    Memory Drain

    Tier 7
    Logic Knot (Without synergies)
    Confound (I ran this for a while but, it was a dead card more often than not. Although I was often more concerned with interacting with my opponent's stuff than my own.)

    Tier 8
    Traumatic Visions
    Negate (I'm learning to appreciate Negate, but most of the time I want a Remove Soul instead, or even Cancel.)
    Bone to Ash
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    Quote from Humphrey01 »
    more like tl;dr. If I dedicate my whole cube, I can push Terns into borderline category.

    yeah if you run terns, because you need them dead in the grave, fine.
    Al isnt running any of the zombies though.
    if you run them in a controllish deck, you will just lose the race, cuz they cant block.

    I think over the past 8 years or so, I tried and cut them as often as Al reintroduced them to his cube. Theyre just horrible.
    Again. Desert turns them all into bad category. I can only imagine its underrated by Als playgroup.

    Also autolosing to red isnt the best option. Your green evaluation was on point. how to win the swiss and beat burn. Now you just fold to red?

    Sideboarding in cubedrafts is widely accepted as nothing to aim for.

    I strongly believe in the sideboard. It feels more like a strategy game than roulette.

    There's no need to bad mouth design decisions.

    I just had a look at your cube list. I don't remember seeing Burn Trail before. 6 damage seems gross. You're red spells are so stacked. Maybe you could try Artillerize as well for another big overkill spell. Interesting that you're not running Faithless Looting for the filter. I guess it doesn't contribute to the burn as much as possible as quickly as possible plan. I like the card filter when I durdle. The red one drops are also extremely light. Maybe Foundry Street Denizen and Intimidator Initiate? Giantbaiting is another convoke card, although it might not make it through the sea of tokens you've got going. The 8 damage in nice in theory. It can come of nowhere so it's more of a trick (than a combat trick). I'm not sure if you play with sideboards. Giantbaiting would be in and out depending on what I thought the likelihood of it connecting would be in a given game.

    A pet card which turned out to be a monster is Basilica Guards. It started going first pick it was that good. As a blocker it soaks damage in the relevant aggro matchups. You can negate its weakness to big creatures by being in removal colours and Gods Willing colour(s) to deal with your opponent's answers. The extort is crazy with lots of 2 for 1 cards and cheap spells. It's a big part of what makes the tithe archetype work.
    Quote from Night_Hydra »
    From my talk with Al, Imthink I am turning Ephemerate -> Sentinel's Eyes.

    Did anyone else notice Thirst for Meaning is an Instant? Does that mean it replaces Compulsive Research or Rain of Revelation?

    Sentinel's Eyes seems good. Kind of a White Rancor — sort of. Obviously it represents less damage, but we haven't had enough vigilance cards in white outside of the odd Razor Golem. The 2 cards for escape is affordable, but means you don't want to run Eyes with much of the delve and Raise Dead effects.

    Ehh on running Thirst for Meaning. I don't think most people will have enough enchantments for the discard. All the draw 3 and discard 1 of a card types have been strong. I'm looking forward to holding three mana in constructed... Compulsive Research, although sorcery, is the strongest for Pauper Cube as every deck has lots of lands and they are the type of cards you want to discard; lands are Dead Weights in your hand in multiples.

    I don't think Rain of Revelation is very good. I prefer Hieroglyphic Illumination if I'm instant speed drawing netting a card for 4 mana. Cycling for 1 blue mana is very strong. You can trade in your card much sooner for one off the top, or in a game where you're not going to find the spare 4 mana you might be able to spare 1 Force Spike of mana somewhere. Hieroglyphic Illumination was one of the more expensive common foils I've picked up recently. I'm not sure if it's because the art in foil is amazing or because it's a strong cycling card. I could be underestimating the power of clearing a dead card from my hand with Rain of Revelation, but I think I would try to avoid dead cards in hand in the first place and Rain might just be one of those cards.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    Sure if you're opponent is playing red, but it was never a strong card to play anyway against red. I'd be more afraid of Lava Dart. A magical thing exists in magic called sideboards. There are plenty of cards that are bad against red and plenty of cards that are great against red. All the 1 damage Fireslingers don't push that well for damage making them pretty susceptible to a standard curve of 2 drop, 3 drop, 4 drop. The repeatability of them means that we won't be seeing any more at common, so that's all there is. Dauthi Horror also dies to them and you don't see people saying that it's a weak card. Sure it's in black and you can streamline your aggro deck a lot there. The same could be said for blue if people supported aggro there. Eldrazi Skyspawner is a great 3 drop for the deck. 3 points of power and 2 of it is on the a flier and the rest is an Eldrazi Spawn is a great deal. Or Stitched Drake.

    Headless Skaab takes a little bit to stand upright, but is massive. You really, really need 2 drops to make this deck work and preferably on colour so you don't end up making the mana base shaky. Merfolk Looter is pretty decent with the blue zombies. And Vapor Snag works wonders, sure it's pretty all in but you can recuperate your losses with Treasure Cruise. Ghoulcaller's Chant is an under appreciated card. Getting back 1 creature for 1 mana is an alright deal, but often in deck building you could just cut it for a decent creature and save 1 mana in the process. But getting a 2-for-1 with zombies is bonkers for 1 mana. And there is not exactly what you'd call a shortage of zombies. Gray Merchant of Asphodel, Gurmag Angler and Twisted Abomination are all ridiculous cards to recur. Sultai Emissary and Deranged Assistant gel the deck together. None of these cards are weak on their own either. Silver Myr and Leaden Myr are fine cards, but fall a little under the bar for most Pauper cubes; the artifact synergies are either parasitic or the artifacts themselves don't do enough. (Hopes for more good artifacts.) The self mill really sets the Assistant apart because there is so much to do with the cards in graveyard even if that's just to fuel delve.

    Welkin Tern is fine in slower more controlly decks as well. As it sets a clock while you do blue things with blue mana. You can play it on later turns such as turn 4 when you might want to hold Mana Leak. Lowering the overall CMC lets you play more cards per turn and typically 2 2-drops is greater than 1 4-drop in overall stats. As well the card draw in blue is plentiful and abundant.

    I was playing a friend's cube and I kept Primal Growthing tokens on turn 3. It seemed really strong, especially because I got the 2 lands into play untapped. It reminded me of Rushing River for the kind of value it generated.

    tl;dr curving is strong.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    My friends 3 person drafted my cube for a couple of multiplayer games. I managed a convincing win with G/W low to the ground curve. I forgoed 1's and 3's and mostly focused on laying out some of the stronger 2 drops to quickly establish a strong board presence, getting a 4 drop online as soon as either opponent started gumming up the board. On my off turns, I would want to get equipping or get tricking with my Shelter. I splashed black for a couple of gain 1 life lands, a Font of Return and Terror, as well as to enable a third colour for Opaline Bracers. I never wanted to run out of cards so I was doing cheeky things like running 16 lands because my curve never demanded me to reach big mana in order for the deck to function, and forgoing all mana elves as they are often dead cards in 3 player. Hobble was the mvp of the night, dealing with the serious Black threats and cantrapping so I never ran out of steam. Blastoderm was on guard duty until Mortuary Mire brought it back for one more go. All of my two drops were either able to become a threat or were able generate some sort of value. The only dead card I had was Kor Sanctifiers and that was held in hand incase something came along that had to be answered. I initially regretted keeping Sporecap Spider instead of running Wild Leotau, but the spider really held it's own and was an excellent target for equipment. Since the Sporecap was one of my only creatures at three, I was always able to get it down in a mana efficient manner.

    One opponent was running G/B threats. Trestle Troll was his main blocker. The rest of his deck was huge creatures and strong disruption. The deck eventually ran out of steam when the U/B player exhausted the G/B's resources and G/B hadn't found a way to recur anything. I suspect black was spread a bit thin with all three players running it. (I nabbed several double pips early in the draft.) The U/B deck was solid, however it's early game left something to be desired and had to spend all it's mana keeping things clear.

    On Auras: If the archetypes pretty strong when you assemble the cards, otherwise you end up with something halfbaked. The lifelink aura/Armadillo Cloak are but far the best ones to put on hexproofers. They also are fine plays anyways because if they go on anything with remotely decent stats and your opponent in tapped out you can get a huge life swing that has to be answered in the next few turns. It can really turn a race on it's head. The main problem here is not being able to finish the job after gaining a bunch of life. Hopeful Eidolon is a good piece of redundancy as a weaker third copy of Mark of the Vampire.

    Flying Hexproofers: Spectral Flight was always a well positioned blue beatdown card. Sort of a Blue Madcap Skills. Most of the good hexproofers are in green, so you'll need to be running G/U to pull this off. In this colour combination I like to Man-o'-War 4ever so I don't mind trading card advantage for tempo. That being said, one of the main features I like about the G/U archetype is not putting all your eggs into one basket. You sort of want to diversify your portfolio so you're not losing on any particular axis. A lot depends on the quality of your card advantage and the how you curve out. Also another variable is how the hexproofers perform without seeing any of their high synergy pieces. They are all pretty understated; sometimes they're a meatshield at best against decks without heaps on evasion. Also a hexproofer dies to Counterspell just like everything else. I've shifted White away from being a third removal colour to being well costed bodies and tricks to make those body's work. White decks tend to be combat focused, since from being a support colour that you picked up for Pacifism. Green hardly cares whether the opponent's creature has haxproof or not. Red and Black decks struggle a bit more although they can invalidate that plan by consistently winning while you durdle your thumbs trying to assemble Exodia.

    I'm not actively supporting Hexproof+Auras because I found the archetype to be parasitic, sort of in the same way that Infect was in a triple Scars of Mirrodin draft. Parasitic archetypes tend to make the support colours weaker by virtue of taking up card slots for effects which are not that playable outside of their specific archetypes. Some of the pieces stand alone, and certainly more do than something like metalcraft or infect.

    On Theros: Some interesting stuff is here. There's a few decent cards to begin rounding out some archetypes which have been a long time coming. I particularly like the look of the White 2/2 for 2 that gives your creatures +1/+0 when you target it with a spell.
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  • posted a message on [Pauper Cube Article]Cross-Pollination of Themes
    The limited card pool and the wildly varying strengths of cards is what stops niche themes from being explored on these threads. I was supporting Izzet Spells for a while, as well as G/W/x auras. Instants/flash are getting a healthy infusion with New Theros. Tribal themes tend to only have a few sets to work with, and most of those linear themes are balanced around cards at higher rarities, meaning we only get the dregs or something that had a very niche function. This is in contrast to more modular themes which don't require more of the same kind of card to be good (or even playable in some cases). Most Extort cards are playable, because they are aggressively costed and most decks can cast spells with leftover mana to spare. Also you have to find a group to play with and generally people are only just convinced to give Pauper a shot because you say 'these are the most busted commons in existence'. Also people's eyes light up when they realise how much better Blastoderm is compared to every other common. (Not quite, but it's going to be a few games before they lose to Vulshok Morningstar and Porcelain Legionnaire.)
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    With mana elves there is little point running much else in green's one as an Elf is better in most decks and there is a lot of redundancy there. I like Young Wolf as it provides the best turn one answer to (non-evasion) aggro. I also think Blisterpod is very strong for similar reasons to Young Wolf. Quirion Ranger is so elfy; I really like it. I guess green ones depend on how much elf you want to cube. Basking Rootwalla and Jungle Lion are invaluable aggro pieces. They provide just enough stats to be strong, especially if your drafters are familiar with them. I think I prefer the speed bumps of Wolf and Pod, but if you've built an environment where the Lizard and the Lion are good picks, then I wouldn't change a thing about green 1s. Hooting Mandrils: I don't think I've ever seen this on turn one.

    Cuts for Eldraine: Wildwood Tracker for something higher on curve, maybe a 5 or 6 drop? Tracker is a good turn 1 play in aggro and a low curve midrange. Everything in green activates the bonus. Tracker is weak to Lava Dart, but most green s are. Rosethorn Halberd, we'll get to in a minute.

    Terrain Elemental and Saproling Migration are the weakest cards in Green two. 2 toughness isn't much better than 1 and Elemental is clearly weaker than Mire Boa, which isn't being ran here. A green Dragon Fodder that scales ok into late game isn't really worth it without cards such as Lead by Example taking advantage of the multiple bodies. As a road bump, Migration is more versatile that the one-drops I mentioned, but I perfer Blisterpod for the Scion. And if you are playing with a sideboard, siding in one-drops into relevant matchups is strong. Overall I don't think Saproling Migration will be cut because it fills a role from main deck, but I would like to see more two-for-one support in green to make those cheap bodies work. Maybe White or Red is where you have most of your multi-creature buffs. I think Raise the Alarm is stronger. Terrain Elemental is well stated and fits the low to the ground archetype you've got going, and nothing in Eldraine twos are worth it. There is nothing to do with food from Curious Pair other than eat it.

    Snapping Gnarlid with the extra land ramp gives it the edge here, but it suffers from consistency. Darkthicket Wolf is a much stronger 2-drop version of Basking Rootwalla. Werebear has been discussed extensively. The gist of it is it's turn 2 mana that turns into good damage. The downside is you don't want this kind of card when red comes along to blitz you, and it will if you are looking for the coveted 1st in a Swiss bracket. Sauroform Hybrid which you are not running fills the duel purpose 2-drop into late game monster. The 2/2 for 2 is standard in most match ups, where it blocks aggro ok and attacks until your opponent lands a meatsheild. The adapt is a big one and at instant speed, you can get tricking. Admittedly Green at common is not well known for it's strong flash spells, but paired up with blue, well... Dawntreader Elk: another 2/2 for 2, but this one trades in for a land! Green can really use the cheap, well stated bodies to work to help with aggro match-ups, especially the duel purpose ones when a slower mid-rangey deck comes along and finds a way to invalidate all your early plays. In addition all the 2/2 provide the same clock as their evasion counterparts. Viridian Emissary one of the best road bumps you can against red, although Emissary can be left in the cold against evasion and often just sits on the battlefield neglected. However Emissary is one of the better creatures to buff and it's dying trigger turns a typically bad 2-for-1 into a somewhat favourable 1-for-1, and that's if you opponent has the removal. The risk factor generally doesn't make it worth to try the trick in the first place, but being able to aggressively trick into open mana is strong because your opponent could be bluffing or missing drops and a small guy eating removal and putting you up a land is strong. Thornweld Archer and Mire Boa are the strongest 2 drops your not running. I especially like Thornweld Archer it's a 2/1 with a keyword soup before those effects got properly balanced.

    A lot can be said about Green 2-drops and I'm getting distracted looking at my list, not at your's.

    Boarderland Ranger and Civic Wayfinder provide redundancy for Green's midrange plan. I really worry about Green's match up against a Red blitz. As the 2/2 body on turn 3 too weak. Coming off a turn 1 elf is fine, but you still haven't gained tempo, just card advantage. Losing to a tier-1 deck basically guarantees that you won't get first place in a Swiss. I like these cards, but I would only want one in a deck and the quality of Green three has improved. Jungleborn Pioneer is a better than either of these, 3/3 is still a respectable play and on the other hand getting a land into play is all gravy. Simian Grunts: these monkeys mean business. Hungry Spriggan and Thriving Rhino both are chunky attack mode 3 drops. Spriggan is the best stated 3 drop at attacking which makes it difficult to ever consider cutting, there is no defence mode. It provides a nice Trail of Crumbs for a dedicated aggro-drafter or tempo-player. Thriving Rhino is above curve as soon as you get the first attack off, however it's weak if you ever lose tempo in the early game, which seems to be a theme in Green 3. It feels like you're relying too much on mana elves to carry, but what happens when you don't get enough or don't draw them? Between 3 matches of best of threes which (typically) increase in difficulty, I think green is lacking the consistency to go the distance without a second colour there to carry.

    Tishana's Wayfinder and Scion Summoner, both body makers without the appropriate synergy. Nest Invader makes the Summoner look bad, but that doen't necassarily mean that Scion Summoner is weak, just that Nest Invader is very strong. 3 power divided into to bodies is weaker than a 3/3 in most cases. The extra ability on the 1/1 needs to be made advantage of just justify the irrelevance of the body. Tricking with the hexproofer is super cute, and strong when pulled off, but that requires playing tricks outside the odd Giant Growth. And the downsides on combat tricks are well understood and pretty terrible when they fail. More on tricks when I get to that part. Ramping off the Scion seems decent. 3/3 of stats added up also helps when you pass turn into aggro, and then you wait you see how much you've got to work with for turn 4. Trusted Forcemage brings the stats so a good fit for most Green archetypes (aggro, tempo, midrange), but is weak to disruption. Not really much of a downside (creature dies to creature removal), it just means you don't want to Miscalculate and end up 2-for-1ing yourself.

    Crocanura blocks, grows and eats fliers. One of the most well rounded 3 drops in my opinion. Grazing Gladehart: serious anti-aggro tech. Hooded Brawler smashes when needed. Yavamiya Elder is still one of the best three drops.

    I might make room for Sporecap Spider as it mitigates the main downside of losing and lives thoroughly outside burn range. It might end-up living in sideboards, but seems like an all-star in relevant match-ups. Seasonal Ritual is colourfixing when you need it. Rosethorn Acolyte is weak as far mana-creatures are concerned, especially with mana elves available. It isn't worth the slot as nice as Seasonal Ritual sounds, being a sorcery means you can't use it to get the blue for Mana Leak, and not being able to do that pretty much puts out of consideration. Fixing for the Fireball you picked up sounds alright again, but that kind of fixing is made strong for the soonness of it's availability and there isn't much that green wants from other colours in the first few turns.

    The four drops are the beginning of Green's payload. Peema Outrider seems like an easy cut for Fierce Witchstalker, or you could run both as they are very well rounded. Wild Leotau is the biggest 4 drop you're missing, although it hampers curving into 5 or 6, it is still one of the biggest turn 4s.

    I'm getting tired I might edit some stuff in later. Some 5 drops could be cut for extra 4's. Likewise which a couple of 6's and 7's. Pretty much, you don't need to draft redundant late drops. Those could free up slots for a better selection of cheaper creatures so you green deck can actually have the right fit and the right spot on curve. This also helps alleviate the dependence on mana elves for casting cards. In spells, green has many cheap spells, but when you goal is always to cast the big thing in hand, these tricks don't add to that game plan. When you are tricking you want your cheap cards to go the distance and hopeful eat the spells right out of your opponent's hand before they can disrupt your big plays. Also cheap cards all synergise with each other because you can play multiple of them in a turn. There aren't many cards in common which punish laying out your hand. The trail of crumbs for green aggro or even tempo seemed a bit thin in 1 and 2, even at 3. I really enjoy playing Nessian Courser. There are no frills, it just trades — almost never downwards.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    To get the ball rolling.

    Naiad of the Hidden Coves: A 2/3 3-drop with a decent ability is pretty baseline. My initial thoughts are would I ever play this over a Man-o'-War, Sea Gate Oracle or Eldrazi Skyspawner? I think I would, but I would be needing to pick quite a bit of support to justify it. One mana Mana Leaks are definitely tempting, but most lists are not running Anicipate-like effects which seem to be this kind of cards bread and butter. Mostly because Anticipate is rather outclassed by Preordain and Gitaxian Probe. I would want to know what people's latent Naiad of the Hidden Coves already synergies are? In addition, I would be very hesitant to pick a card like this if I didn't know the contents of the cube, or I might feel betrayed for following a false lead if there wasn't the support for it and I spent an early pick on this thinking that I would consistently get the mana discount. Turn 4 Naiad into holding an instant seems decent. And it helps set up Capsize from turn 5 onwards. I have found Capsize to be a bit weak of late due to the much better early boards. Getting the repeated discount throughout the game is what will turn Naiad from being mediocre to a strong playable. I suspect Naiad will draw early removal, making the card seem better, until it is common knowledge how much value you actually end up accruing.

    Vexing Gull: Falls below curve, but is a decent play after holding mana to counter or remove a big threat, especially on turn three. 2 toughness means that it won't make a strong flash blocker, unless you intend to trade.

    I think the Gull is the stronger of the two 3-drops in cube, not by much mind you. All the flash creatures have been decent in cube despite their weaker stats. They mostly depend on how strong your other instant speed effects are, which tend to be very strong in blue. In Constructed you can get a lot more mileage out of the cost reduction. That being said, both 3 drops synergies very strongly with each other and they both support the same archetype, so you might want to include them with a couple of extra instant/flash cards to support the flash archetype. (No Brinewater Cutthroat, which would be the dream.) (edited more on Gull)

    Admittedly my counterspell package is significantly slimmer than most at 2 mana and same with my instant-speed removal at 2 and 3 mana. But I would like people to start playing around with combat tricks (mostly so they can learn to play them) before ramping up the efficacy of cheap removal.

    wall of text on playing blue:
    After some thinking, some lists will be running Impulse. I cut Impulse after I realised how strong it is, but I might reinclude it now since I've had a play 'round with blue spells. Basically what I established is all the 1 mana blue draw spells are very good with Preordain and Gitaxian Probe being the best in this format. Paying 2 life for probe is so good that even non-blue decks want to do this, although when they do, Probe is relegated to the sideboard as aggro is such an important matchup that you don't want any cards sabotaging you from main deck.

    3 mana on a counter can be worth it for the exile and so forth (Faerie Trickery). But most blue want dig over countermagic as countermagic is redundant whereas the pool of cheap dig is much more shallow and thus much less redundant. Countercontrol is normally what snaps up all the extra countermagic, but I'm not sure that heavily supporting this archetype makes your cube as strong as it can be on all fronts. All these blue spells create an amass the components type situation. You make up for your lack of good cheap bodies by seeing more and having the ability to run a few much narrower, high impact cards while mitigating the potential downside of holding a dead card. All those blue spells take up space in the 40 line up which make the opening turns a touch weaker, say compared to Green which tends to have gassy, mana efficient creatures from the word go. But because blue has multimodal creatures (Man-o'-War: it's a creature and a bouncespell!) forgoing the full spells package for a much slimmer, more streamlined one and pairing up with another colour with good value for creature effects can be a winning strategy as you go toe for toe against strong openings and you are still doing spell-like things to hold tempo. Some black creatures (Gravedigger) are great attrition cards. Slamming a Death Denied is often game if you are out of burn range.

    I've been running almost no mana rocks, almost no duels and much less evasion. Blue still has heaps of flyers, but there are less Sulfuric Vortexs to deal with. I wanted to make blocking orientated creatures more viable. I didn't want fest mana and fixing in yet because until people understand the balancing of costs those kinds of effects create confusion and lead to many suboptimal decks. The multicoloured section is one card per combination at about the strength of Auger Spree. All these cuts allow for room to expand the monocoloured sections. You reap the benefits of sticking with an open colour much sooner.

    On cube design decisions:
    I am excluding all supplementary sets such as Modern Masters and their respective downshifting. I am including only a few of the draft bombs. I have already mentioned that I slimmed down cheap removal, cheap counters, elves and premium burn (to make room for Lash Out and Arrow Storm, and to make Titanic Strength playable). I tend to favour resource management cards and try to avoid raw stats. All Phyrexian mana (save the junk souleaters) is in and so are Planar Chaos cards when applicable (Mana Tithe > Force Spike). Only some of the weaker equipment stayed in. I try to stick with a modern colour pie distribution. The only tribe with any support is Zombies because there are so many in black and they are all playable cards even without any conscious support. Colourless mana is in, snows are out. Raw card advantage is monitored. With blue getting Treasure Cruises, black getting recursion, red getting the occasional x-for-1 and card filter, Green getting the odd engine and generally trading upwards. White gets the most virtual card advantage, typically this is in the form of cutting a land. Multicreature buffs and abilities such as first strike with a smattering of cheap tricks to trade upwards in mana efficiency and the odd cantrap there round out white's card advantage. There is also a Man-o'-War watch because I kept consistently beating my friends with them. The jellyfish and Mist Raven are still because in my opinion they are iconic cards, but all their friends aren't (Repluse being cut for Vapor Snag so you have to work work work to get that bounce lock).

    On White:
    White was by far the most difficult colour to work out. As fortune would have it, many well costed cheap white cards get printed and there is enough lifegain here to keep a well built white deck out of the red zone. When tweaking white I tried to make sure I accidentally didn't make White-Black unbeatable. Seriously, when their creatures start going late and you pick up the odd Liliana's Specter here and Seraph of Dawn there, backed with all the removal and 2-for-1's and extorty lifegain you can muster and before you know it you are unkillable by aggro, too disruptive for tempo, outtrade midrange, and are too taxing for control.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    Quote from Humphrey01 »
    i just cruised by to inform you guys my main account was banned for insane reasons. leaving mtgs is long overdue, so i wont start posting with this one.
    maybe its better to move to the salvation replacement what ever its name was? idk edit:mtgnexus

    also my cube got moved to cubecobra, since its only a matter of time until ct is gone. recommend to do the same
    it was a good time with you, despite some differences. i learned a lot and AL was right about evaluations pretty often lol
    hope paupercube never dies and we meet again in some other corner of the net.

    Hahaha, same. I think it was because of the transition to Twitch for this site's logon. Never mind that. I was 5oul Crusher, but I'll assume this Dimir identity.

    I've been rereading some of my old reviews. Some of them are pretty cringe, but I was learning the ropes in card evaluation. And I suspect my cube got played significantly less than others on here.

    https://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/the-game/the-cube-forum/cube-lists/806004-360-pauper-in-search-of-lost-commons was the last recorded iteration of my cube. I went through a phase of noob-friendlying some aspects, so people wouldn't just be stomped because they didn't know what Guardian of the Guildpact was. I think I also got tired of balancing everything around good removal and lightning fast aggro decks.
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