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  • posted a message on Help with an old an Inquest Build
    Hi, I'm looking for help trying to find the deck list for an old dragon build I found in an Inquest (I think it was Inquest and I think it was issue 29) many years ago. I still have the deck but I know modified it so I would like to see what it was. Below is the build as I have it.

    Dragon Whelp x2
    Shivan Dragon x2
    Shivan Hellkite x1
    Rathi Dragon x1
    Lightning Dragon x1
    Yavimaya Wurm x1
    Volcanic Dragon x1
    Canopy Dragon x1
    Dirtcowl Wurm x1
    Rootbreaker Wurm x1
    Winding Wurm x1
    Endless Wurm x1
    Spined Wurm x1
    Covetous Dragon x1
    Argothian Wurm x1

    Lightning Bolt x4
    Stream of Life x2
    Fertile Ground x3
    Broken Fall x2
    Sylvan Library x1
    Defense of the Heart x1
    Sneak Attack x1
    Rancor x1
    Rolling Thunder x1

    Spellbook x1
    Quicksilver Amulet x1
    Fellwar Stone x2

    Reflecting Pool x 2
    Mogg Hallows x3
    Forest x9
    Mountain x9
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